How to Start a Business of Glass Bottles for Beer. Growing Demand for Beverage Packaging.


 Glass bottles are the most preferred source of packaging for beer bottles everywhere. Most of the beer volume is sold in glass bottles whereas, the other substitute is plastic bottles. The main factors that drive the market of glass bottles are cost advantages and other properties of it. In India, the market is growing significantly, and the reason is great penetration level availability from the end-user perspective. Beer is ranked 3rd in the largest drink worldwide after water and tea.

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How to Start a Business of Glass Bottles for Beer


  • To start the business of glass bottles for beers is to search for the correct location. This should be near to the target market and sources of raw materials to lessen the transportation expenses. The sources of continuous supply of raw materials such as sand, soda ash, and limestones, the manufacturing of glass bottle fir beer need a lot of coolant in the form of water.
  • Knowing the status of the exciting industry which includes demand and supply analysis is very important. Before stepping into any business it’s important to know its potential. There are a few of the things which you need to know before starting the business such as Plant layout, possible customers, process flow, waste treatment system, machine requirements, cost estimates, energy and materials balance, staff requirements, general plant schedule, and financial analysis. The planning of the plant should be done with the professional working to put together all this information.

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  • Once the planning is done the next thing to do is to hunt for investors to finance the project. This is the point where a strong business plan counts a lot. The correct business plan should show every aspect of the project to the investors who are investing millions of money to support the project. The next step is to start the construction process Also, to meet the requirements of an environmental permit to proceed with actual construction. The owner needs to secure every customary permit for the erection and operation of a glass bottle manufacturing plant.
  • Once the construction is done the equipment used in construction such as the forming machine, the cold treatment system, inspection equipment, and miscellaneous packing machine should start coming in. Along with this should be a batch of workers who are needed to man the preparation and to hire the staff and workers for the full operation of the plant.

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The Future of Glass Bottles


Glass bottles are widely used in the Food industry. Glass faces tough competition in this sector though, from plastic, paper products, and metals. Glass plastic has a very competitive market place as plastic has made big headway into some of glass traditional markets majorly in food sectors instead of all this the glass bottles production is still increasing and growing.

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The reason glass bottles are used majorly in the beer industry is Consumers feel that glass gives a trues taste to beer by protecting the purity and quality of the drink better. The glass gives a barrier to the oxygen and moisture, protecting it longer and better than any other packaging material. It gives a premium image, taste, and quality.

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