What is the Manufacturing Process for Prestressed Concrete Sleepers?

What Is The Manufacturing Process For Prestressed Concrete Sleepers?

It can be of two types pre-tensioned or post tensioned. In pre-tensioned sleepers the force is transferred to the concrete by the bonds or by the combination of bonds and positive anchors. Bond transmission length and losses in prestressed vitally affect to the design and determine the quality of production. And in the post tensioned, type of sleeper the force is transferred only by the positive anchors.

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This concrete sleepers are basically manufactured by the long line method. In the met5hgod of long line at a time 30-40 moulds for casting concrete sleepers are kept in about 100-120 m long casting beds, high tensile steel wires with diameter of 5 mm are anchored at the end of block between tension tower and moulds and scratched by a specially designed tensioning method. The wire are cut and the line is released. The sleepers are further cured with the submerging them into a water tank for a period of 14 days.

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Another method applied sometime for the manufacture of prestressed mono-block concrete sleepers is the short line method. It involves the use of short stress benches that accommodate 4-5 sleeper. The ends of the benches serve as anchor plates and comprise an iron frame to bear the starting Prestressing force. The benches are on wheels and are phones. Prestressing is done as in the case of the long line method. The concrete, and vibrating done at a fixed place, the stress benches being moved into position one after another. It leads to better quality managed in concreting mixing and compacting. Basically after casting the benches are taken into steam chambers for curing with an overall turnaround time of about 24 hour and a steam curing cycle of about 16 hours. The method of manufacturing gives qualitatively better results and has been adopted by M/S Daya engineering works Pvt., Ltd. Gaya and construction Co., Chennai. Mono block concrete sleeper can also be manufacture by the individual mould method.

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The process of, manufacturing of two block concrete sleepers is simple and same to that of any other ordinary precast RCC unit. These are manufactured in a mould in that the necessary reinforcement and tube bar are placed i9n position. Design of concrete mix is then poured into the mould and vibrated. The mould is removed after the concrete sleeper is set and the blocks are cured in water for the period of 14 days.


It is a type of concrete sleepers were earlier manufactured in the concrete sleepers plant at Allahabad as per the design giving by D&W of Germany, that was approved by the railway board. Special of this patent design of D&W lies in the use of high tensile steel rods bent into the U shape known as hair pins, slits and nuts. It is also involves the instantaneous de molding of the product. The technology of post tensions concrete sleeper has become outdated over the time. The sleeper manufactured in the concrete sleeper plant at Allahabad have been quite uneconomical and their no selection rate has also been quite high. The manufacture of concrete sleeper by the post tension method has been stopped in the CSP at Allahabad since July 1995.


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