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Company Profile

NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES (NPCS), an ISO 9001:2015 company is one of the leading reliable names in industrial world for providing one of the most comprehensive suites of technical consulting services. We at NPCS are dedicated with passion and enthusiasm for helping young entrepreneurs is a real encouragement to proceed with a business start-up right from providing basic information to technology evaluation, sourcing and assimilation of detailed project reports, market survey studies and research through our advanced Industrial, Business and Commercial Databases.

NPCS is a well known technical consultancy providing focused servicesand we have been following stringent system and procedure to ensure only top quality strictly in conformity withdelivering the needs of our clients in this rapidly growing & changing market. We have a full fledge of highly qualified Technical Consultants, Engineers, Economist and Technologists specialized in various disciplines and we take great pride in working as a team, and share the common goal of exceeding excellence. Our team is behind the success of many clients in their investment. Over the years, NPCS has become a well known name in the industrial world for delivering a wealth of technical services and solutions to clients, both large and small. We provide the services through comprehensive knowledge of equipment and practices through our excellent team at a very economical price.

We at NPCS want to grow with you by providing solutions scale to suit your new operations and help you reduce risk and give a high return on application investments. A large number of our Indian and NRI Clients have appreciated our expertise for excellence which speaks volumes about our commitment and dedication to every client’s success. Our systematic and integrated approach leverages existing systems to make the right information accessible at the right time and enable better decision making. We have undertaken extensive work in identifying new project opportunities, sourcing technology and industrial know-how from European, South Asian plus USA etc and keeping in step with changing industrial scene and growing needs of entrepreneurs and business houses in India and Abroad.

At NPCS, we adopt a systematic approach to provide the strong fundamental support needed for the effective delivery of our services to our Clients’ in India & Abroad.

Our systematic approach includes

  • Thorough analysis of the project
  • Requirement collection
  • Plan all logistical requirement and resources& details on capital and operational costs
  • Economic feasibility study of the project
  • Profile analysis
  • Market survey/research
  • Funding analysis
  • Market potential study

Industries We Cater To

Our wide expertise in different industries allows us to cater our services to our esteemed clients both domestic & global.  We workwith professionalism, transparency, commitment & dedication to offer services that fulfill client’s expectations.  The reports cover a wide domain some of the sectors to which our services catered to includes the following:

·         Ayurvedic And Herbal Medicines, Herbal Cosmetics

·         Alcoholic And Non Alcoholic Beverages, Drinks

·         Adhesives, Industrial Adhesive, Sealants, Glues, Gum & Resin 

·         Activated Carbon & Activated Charcoal

·         Aluminium And Aluminium Extrusion Profiles & Sections,

·         Biofertilizers  And Biotechnology

·         Breakfast Snacks And Cereal Food

·         Bicycle Tyres & Tubes, Bicycle Parts, Bicycle Assembling,

·         Bamboo And Cane Based Projects

·         Building Materials And Construction Projects

·         Biodegradable & Bioplastic Based Projects

·         Chemicals (Organic And Inorganic)

·         Confectionery, Bakery/Baking And Other Food

·         Cereal Processing

·         Coconut And Coconut Based Products

·         Cold Storage For Fruits & Vegetables

·         Coal & Coal Byproducts

·         Copper & Copper Based Projects

·         Dairy/Milk Processing

·         Disinfectants, Pesticides, Insecticides, Mosquito Repellents,

·         Electrical, Electronic And Computer based Projects

·         Essential Oils, Oils & Fats And Allied

·         Engineering Goods

·         Fibre Glass & Float Glass

·         Fast Moving Consumer Goods

·         Food, Bakery, Agro Processing

·         Fruits & Vegetables Processing

·         Ferro Alloys Based Projects

·         Fertilizers & Biofertilizers

·         Ginger & Ginger Based Projects

·         Herbs And Medicinal Cultivation And Jatropha (Biofuel)

·         Hotel & Hospitability Projects

·         Hospital Based Projects

·         Herbal Based Projects

·         Inks, Stationery And Export Industries

·         Infrastructure Projects

·         Jute & Jute Based Products

·         Leather And Leather Based Projects

·         Leisure & Entertainment Based Projects

·         Livestock Farming Of Birds & Animals

·         Minerals And Minerals

·         Maize Processing(Wet Milling) & Maize Based Projects

·         Medical Plastics, Disposables Plastic Syringe, Blood Bags

·         Organic Farming, Neem Products Etc.

·         Paints, Pigments, Varnish & Lacquer

·         Paper And Paper Board, Paper Recycling Projects

·         Printing Inks

·         Packaging Based Projects

·         Perfumes, Cosmetics And Flavours

·         Power Generation Based Projects & Renewable Energy Based Projects

·         Pharmaceuticals And Drugs

·         Plantations, Farming And Cultivations

·         Plastic Film, Plastic Waste And Plastic Compounds

·         Plastic, PVC, PET, HDPE, LDPE Etc.

·         Potato And Potato Based Projects

·         Printing And Packaging

·         Real Estate, Leisure And Hospitality

·         Rubber And Rubber Products

·         Soaps And Detergents

·         Stationary Products

·         Spices And Snacks Food

·         Steel & Steel Products

·         Textile Auxiliary And Chemicals

·         Township & Residential Complex

·         Textiles And Readymade Garments

·         Waste Management & Recycling

·         Wood & Wood Products

·         Water Industry(Packaged Drinking Water & Mineral Water)

·         Wire & Cables


We have prepared more than 16000 detailed project reports in these areas for our satisfied clients whose projects ranged from capital outlay of Rs.100 lac to Rs.400 crores.


Our Pre feasibility report comprises the following:

·        Market review

·        Current and future potential

·        Details on capital and operational costs and first level break-downs of these costs

·        Details on the possible technologies and the availability of these technologies in India and abroad

·        Additional feasibility details such as land requirements, and raw material/energy resource availability

·        Bottlenecks and barriers


Our Specialized Services

We are engaged in providing wide range of services to the leading Indian as well as overseas organizations. Our provided services are:

·    Project Identification

·    Detailed Project Reports/Pre-feasibility Reports

·    Detailed Project Reports/Pre-feasibility Reports on CD -ROM

·    Market Survey Studies/Reports/Research

·    Technology Books and Directory

·    Databases on CD-ROM

·    Laboratory Facility

·    Turnkey Project Consultancy/Solutions

·    Entrepreneur India (An Industrial Monthly Journal)

Detailed Project Report

We at NPCS provide detailed project report with extensive and reliable update database which are cost effective and custom-quoted containing technology and market information. Our reports are very economical and are available with latest data on demand. Our report provides assessing market potential, Negotiating with Collaboration Investment, Decision Making, Corporate Diversification, Planning etc. Over the years, NPCS is determined to maintain its authenticity as single source of critical project information in all major industries, accessible instantaneously and economically.

Major Contents of Project Reports are

Beginning: Project Introduction, Brief History of the Product, Properties, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) Specifications & Requirements, Uses & Applications.

Manufacturing Techniques: Formulae, Detailed Process of Manufacture, Flow Sheet Diagram.

Market Survey: Present Market Position, Expected Future Demand, Statistics of Imports & Exports,  Names and Addresses of Existing Units (Present Manufacturers).

Personnel Requirements: Requirement of Staff & Labour, Personnel Management, Skilled & Unskilled Labour.

Plant & Machinery: List of Plant & Machineries, Miscellaneous Items and Accessories, Instruments, Laboratory Equipment's and Accessories,  Electrification, Electric Load and Water, Maintenance, Suppliers / Manufacturers of Plant and Machineries.

Land & Building: Requirement of Land Area, Rates of the Land, Built up Area, Construction Schedule, Plant Layout.

Raw Material: List of Raw Materials,  Availability of Raw Materials,  Cost / Rates of Raw Materials.


Financial Aspects: 

Project At A Glance

1.   Summary of Capital Cost of Project

2.   Land & Side Development Exp.

3.   Buildings

4.   Plant & Machineries

5.   Misc. Fixed Assets

6.   Technical Know how Fees & Exp.

7.   Preliminary & Capital Issue Expenses

8.   Pre-operative Expenses

9.   Provision for Contingencies

below mentioned financial statements (Annexure)   for 5 to 10 Years

     Annexure I           ::          Cost of Project and Means of Finance

      Annexure I-C       ::         Shareholding Pattern and Stake Status Report

      Annexure II        ::         Output, Profitability and Net Cash Accruals

      Annexure III        ::         Assessment of Working Capital requirements

      Annexure IV        ::         Sources and Disposition of Funds

      Annexure V         ::         Balance Sheets

      Annexure VI        ::         DSCR, Debt-Equity, EPS, CEPS, etc

      Annexure VII       ::         Break-Even Analysis and P/V Ratio etc.

      Annexure VIII      ::         Pre/Post-Tax IRR, Pay Back, Indexed IRR etc.

      Annexure IX       ::         Sensitivity Analysis-Price/Volume

      Annexure X        ::         Quantitative Details-Output/Sales/Stocks

      Annexure XI        ::         Sales Realisation       

      Annexure XIV     ::         Raw Material Cost      

      Annexure XV      ::         Other Raw Material Cost            

      Annexure XVI     ::         Packing Material Cost        

      Annexure XVII     ::         Consumables, Store etc.,                   

      Annexure XVIII               ::         Employees Expenses           

      Annexure XIX                ::         Fuel Expenses                

      Annexure XX                 ::         Power/Electricity Expenses   

      Annexure XXI                ::         Royalty & Other Charges    

      Annexure XXII               ::         Repairs & Maintenance Exp.   

      Annexure XXIII              ::         Other Mfg. Expenses          

      Annexure XXIV   ::         Administration Expenses      

      Annexure XXV               ::         Selling Expenses             

      Annexure XXVI              ::         Depreciation Charges - Profitability

      Annexure XXVII ::         Depreciation Charges - As per IT Act

      Annexure XXVIII            ::   Interest and Repayment - Term Loans

      Annexure XXXII             ::   Tax on Profit

      Annexure XXXIII            ::   Notes - Assumptions for Profitability workings

      Annexure XXXIV            ::   Notes - Assessment of Working Capital


Market Survey Reports / Studies / Research

Market survey provides information to explore market potentials for products and services for expansion of any enterprise/business. Market research and analysis helps extensively to formulate their policies and Promotional Programme, Regional Development and Project Financing, Market Strategy, Impact of Globalization and Product Specification. We have prepared approx 2000 Market Surveys on various subjects which are prepared by our expert panels, researchers, analyzers and consultant engineers based on professional research and analysis on global and regional market for small and medium enterprises all the reports are based on in-depth market study and feasibility study.

Through our network of professional consultants we undertake the project report that elucidates the present market potential as well as future scope of the product. Market research helps Industrial Development Institute, Trade Promotional Agencies, Planning Bodies, Banks, Financial Corporations, Small Medium Entrepreneurs Public Sector Under takings, and Government Agencies. They all need to rely on market research /Reports to provide them with present Market Positions, Expected Future Demand to formulate their policies and programme. We also provide statistics of Imports & Exports, Exports Prospects, and Final Decision on Project Financing, Names and Addresses of Existing Units and many more details. All the market surveys are highly focused and extensive in nature.


Major Content of Report is:

1.    Introduction

2.    Dealers Network

3.    Industrial structure

4.    Apparent Consumption

5.    Performance of industries

6.    Supply

7.    Installed capacity

8.    Demand & Supply Gap

9.    Present manufacturers

10.  Trend in the increase of Demand

11.  Present consumers

12.  Expected increase over five years

13.  Assessment of demand

14.  Seasonal effect in market if any location

We at 'NPCS' not only serves our clients in India but also International clients/Non resident Indians (NRI) who wish to set up their business in India, Market Research helps them to formulate the policies and programmes, to identify profitable business opportunities. All the market survey reports are extensively providing tailor made and customized reports according to the requirements, keeping in steps with the ever changing Industrial Trends and growing needs of the entrepreneurs. All the Market Survey and analysis is provided by our excellent team of highly qualified Consultant Engineers at a very nominal, reasonable price.

Process Technology Books

We have published wide range of books covering a varied range of subjects which are helpful for Entrepreneurs, Technical Consultants, Libraries, Researchers, Planning Bodies, Financial Corporation, Students and for all those who want to venture into the field of manufacturing. All the books are prepared by our team of dedicated qualified and experienced writers and Consultant Engineers.

Technology Upgradation Studies for Manufacturing Units

Modernization/ Expansion /Diversification of Industrial Plant

1.    In-situ study for existing facilities

2.    Status of existing plant & equipment

3.    Man power deployment for various processes.

4.    Material handling system and work flow.

5.    Need for modernization/ expansion/diversification. 


Capacity utilization /Productivity Improvement

                                             i.            Present average equipment utilization.

                                           ii.            Constraints in optimum utilization of equipment.

                                         iii.            Need for up gradation of equipment & processes.

                                         iv.            Need for additional facilities for optimum utilization of resources.



                                             i.            Analysis of existing production processes and workflow.

                                           ii.            Identification of bottle - necks during various stages of manufacture.

                                         iii.            Need for replacement or provision for additional equipment and balancing facilities.

                                         iv.            Analysis of existing cost of production.

                                           v.            Need for re layout and improvement of material flow.

                                         vi.            Rationalization of existing product mix.


Other Services 

Inspection, Expediting of Equipment


                                             i.            Stage inspection during manufacturing  

                                           ii.            Final inspection  before despatch

                                         iii.            Expediting  of supplies


Valuation of Plant & Equipment

 Vendor Development

                                                      i.            Visit to vendors works for analysis of

                                                    ii.            Vendors capacity.

                                                  iii.            Quality system.

                                                  iv.            Vendor ratings.


Management of Maintenance and Repair Services

                                                         i.            Study of existing set up of maintenance services 

                                                       ii.            System for preventive and breakdown maintenance.

                                                     iii.            Maintenance organization and man power deployment.

                                                     iv.            Spare parts procurement system.

                                                       v.            Preparation of proposed organization structure and its implementation.

Man power studies

                                   i.            Analysis of existing organization structure

                                 ii.            Analysis of category wise development of man power in various sections.

                               iii.            Job requirements and skills needed for various operations

                               iv.            Span of control for supervisory/ managerial personnel

                                 v.            Need for development of organization structure and man power deployment

Establishment of Quality System

          Quality is the key to success of any activity. Even in a seller market situation, quality provides the competitive edge through higher productivity and lower cost of production.

          In the liberalized environment, when competitions and survival of the fittest is the order of the day. Quality assumes significant importance in the industrial management philosophy.


Services offered for quality system

Comprehensive package of services are offered for establishment of Quality system in designs, development, production, installation and servicing comprising of following phases;

Phase I : Pilot study/Gap analysis-

-         To determine status of existing Quality system and hold extensive discussion with key personnel.

-         To select appropriate structure for development of documented Quality system.

-         To prepare actions plan for establishment of Quality system.

Phase II : Initiation Phase

-         To generate awareness of personnel for introduction of Quality system

-        Formulation of Draft Quality policy.

         Phase III : System Development

-         System development format

-         Preparation of documents for Quality system including;

-         Quality Manual

-         Quality Procedures

-         Quality Plans

-         Company Standards

-         Work Instructions etc.

Phase IV : Implementation Phase

-         Release of Quality Documents to designated personnel.

-         Monitoring of Implementation of Quality system.

-         Periodic Internal Quality Audits  



Our Mentor

The spirit of NPCS is Mr. Ajay Kr. Gupta, CEO, whose 17 years of expertise works like a backbone to the organization. His matchless knowledge and sincere efforts has helped us to carve a niche not only in the domestic but also in the international markets.


Team of Professional

Our team, as our imperative asset, works with great zeal and helps us in offering excellent consultancy services that are required to set up profitable projects. Our team is made of professionals including Technical Consultants, Engineers, Economist and Technologists specialized in various disciplines and other staff members.


Each member in our team is selected on the basis of their domain knowledge in respective fields. It helps us to be paralleled in the fast changing market scenario. Our team members are highly efficient and understand the needs of clients as precisely as possible to effectively deliver quality solutions.


Our Bankers

Axis Bank Ltd, Canara Bank and HDFC Bank.