Manufacturing of Surgical and Examination Latex Rubber Gloves

Startup Opportunities in Surgical and Examination Latex Rubber Gloves

Manufacturing of Surgical and Examination Latex Rubber Gloves.  Most Profitable Business Ideas with Huge Demand.

Examination gloves are worn by a health care provider throughout patient examination and protect the healthcare provider from contracting various blood borne and transmissible diseases. Examination gloves are an important component of personal protection equipment of a care provider. many diseases is transmitted via open wounds, fresh cuts, blood, secretions, body fluids and touching non-intact skin. Such hazard is omnipresent in the medical business therefore investment in good examination gloves is imperative to ensure health of the health care provider. Gloves are important for health care workers and associated staff for protection from contamination hazards, biochemical hazards and transmissible diseases. Whereas selecting an examination glove it’s important to think about the type of practice and examinations to be performed, the glove material most suitable for the examination procedure and the right fit.

There are two main types of medical gloves: examination and surgical. Surgical gloves have a lot of precise sizing with a better precision and sensitivity and are made to a higher normal. Examination gloves are on the market as either sterile or non-sterile, while surgical gloves are usually sterile

Typical sizing ranges from 5.5 to 9.0 at an increment of 0.5. Some brands may also offer size 5.0 which is particularly relevant to women practitioners. First-time users of surgical gloves may take some time to find the right size and brand that suit their hand geometry the most. People with a thicker palm may need a size larger than the measurement and vice versa.

Advantages and Uses

Comfort and dexterity

Easy to put on, greater flexibility

Polymer coating replaces corn starch powders

Best fit, comfort, and flexibility

Effective barrier against biological contaminants

Sets the standard for great fit and comfort

Flexible- available for use in exam and sterile surgical applications

High level of sensitivity

Durable / high strength

Mid-level barrier protection

Not suitable for those with latex allergies

Can cause the development of latex allergy when used often

Start a Surgical/Medical Glove Manufacturing Business

Latex Surgical Gloves are extremely flexible and comfortable to wear. Over the years, the demand for our Latex Surgical Gloves has increased systematically within the national market. Latex surgical gloves are made from natural rubber latex which provide excellent tactile sensitivity and comfort. Latex material is known to have very high elasticity which means the gloves will stretch well to permit simple donning.

Although surgical gloves are currently on the market in new material like polyisoprene, latex continue to be the material of choice for surgical gloves by surgeons. Today, there are several latex glove options on the market because of improved technology. For instance, surgical gloves with polymer inner coating are available to provide ease of donning gloves even if hands are damp or dry. Other improvements include beneath glove indicators that are used whereas double-gloving to warn surgeons of glove punctures that will occur. The rising customary of living together with the increasing importance of controlling cross contamination and infections in hospitals and clinics have led to increased demand for latex surgical gloves in markets similar to China and India.

Technology and Production Process

The equipments are: pot mills with jars, a paddle mixer, dipping vats, coagulating tanks, a hot air oven, a micrometer, a hardness tester, a weighing balance and moulds. The raw materials are: natural rubber latex, anti-oxides, sulphur, accelerators, and zinc oxide and packaging materials. In manufacturing surgical gloves, the ammonia content of the latex is first reduced to about 0.1% by blowing air and by treating with formaldehyde. Then dispersion of various additives is made and added in the latex compound. Later, a coagulant solution is prepared with the mould of aluminum, wood, glass or porcelain, dipped in the coagulant solution and then into the latex compound. After withdrawal, the mould is rotated to assure even distribution of latex film deposits. The next operations are leaching, drying and preliminary finishing operations such as beading. Finally, the gloves are cured in hot air or stream, packed and marketed.

Special Features

Latex-free, odour-free and powder-free

Can Withstand IPA washing (ISO Propyl Alcohol).

Can be used in food industry

Ideal for doctors with latex allergy

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Market Outlook

Latex gloves are being used in medical industry, automobile industry and manufacturing industry including food processing. The major purpose of using these rubber gloves are to protect the hand and fingers from heat, abrasion, electric shocks, chemical attack, contamination through direct contact as in the case of medical examination gloves etc. Rubber gloves manufacturing process is not complex and the main raw material is rubber latex.

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Indian surgical glove market is growing at 15% while the demand for examination gloves has been rising by 20%per annum. St Mary’s is the largest supplier of centrifugal latex under the brand Centex, a crucial raw material for manufacturing rubber dipped goods like gloves, balloons, condoms and rubber bands Indian surgical glove market is growing at 15 per cent while the demand for examination gloves.

The global medical gloves market is growing at a healthy rate. The growth can be attributed to the growing demand for safety and hygiene standards to prevent the risk of contamination and infections in healthcare settings during medical and treatment measures. The growth in surgical procedures for several diseases and potential risk reduction for surgical site infection (SSI) is likely to fuel the market growth.

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Health care professionals will continue to demand the latest medical gloves to treat acute and chronic diseases, which will promote safe and effective treatment outcomes. The emergence of new pandemic challenges such as COVID-19 will drive the future growth of the market. A strong preference for non-powdered medical gloves is also likely to drive future market growth.

The global medical gloves market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.24% from a market size of USD7, 435.65 million in 2019 to a market size of USD13, 053.249 million by 2025. Medical Gloves are utilized as a routine measure in a healthcare environment for infection prevention and prevention against disease transmission at the time of testing, examination, or performing a medical procedure. The growing need for gloves for prevention against germ transmission is the major factor driving the market growth in the forecast period. The prevalence of infectious diseases is further driving the market growth.

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The outbreak of Novel coronavirus disease (now named COVID-19) was initially noticed from a seafood market in Wuhan city in Hubei Province of China in mid-December, 2019, has spread to over 185 countries/territories worldwide as well as india. The causative agent for COVID-19, earlier termed provisionally as novel Coronavirus has been officially named as SARS-CoV-2.

Mode of Transmission

There is clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of SARS-CoV-2. It’s thought to be transmitted mainly through respiratory droplets that get generated once people cough, sneeze, or exhale. SARS-CoV-2 also gets transmitted by touching, by direct touch and through contaminated surfaces or objects and so touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. Health care associated infection by SARS-CoV-2 virus has been documented among healthcare workers in many countries.

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Key players

Accent Industries Ltd.

Acknit Industries Ltd.

Asian Latex Ltd.

Casil Health Products Ltd.

Casil Health Products Ltd.

J K Ansell Pvt. Ltd.

London Rubber India Ltd.

Mega Meditex Ltd.

Sri Kannapiran Mills Ltd.

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