Manufacturing of Sodium Percarbonate (Sodium Carbonate Peroxide)

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Manufacturing of Sodium Percarbonate (Sodium Carbonate Peroxide). Opportunities for Entrepreneurs to Start Own Business in Chemical Industry.


Sodium Percarbonate is a chemical substance with formula Na 2H 3CO 6. It is an adduct of sodium carbonate (“soda ash” or “washing soda”) and hydrogen peroxide (that is, a per hydrate) whose formula is more properly written as 2 Na

2CO 3 · 3 H 2O 2. It is a colorless, crystalline, hygroscopic and water-soluble solid.



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Sodium Percarbonate is traditionally made in a crystallization process from aqueous hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate with recycle of mother liquor in the presence of a substantial concentration of a salting out agent, conventionally sodium chloride.

Benefits and Uses for Sodium Percarbonate.

Pre-soaker to heavily stained laundry.

De-stainer of coffee and teacups.

General cleaning of kitchen surfaces and utensils.


Sterilizing of bottles and other utensils such as hairdresser’s tools.

Carpet and fabric cleaning and stain removal.

Tile, grout and general floor cleaning.

Sterilization of pet areas and bedding.

Deck cleaning.

Moss killing.

Killing algae in water features.

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Market Outlook

Sodium Percarbonate is adduct of hydrogen peroxide and Sodium Carbonate in the form of a highly concentrated crystalline powder, mainly used for the cleaning purpose. It is a colorless, hygroscopic, and water soluble solid with chemical formula (2Na2CO3 · 3 H2O2). It is available in coated, uncoated, and tablet form. As it possess characteristics of hydrogen peroxide and Sodium Carbonate, it finds wide application scope as a detergent, cleaning agent, bleaching agent, and is also used in water treatment in numerous end use industries such as household cleaning, laundry, industrial cleaning, textile industry, papermaking industry, and food industry among others.

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Sodium carbonate or soda ash is a naturally occurring chemical that finds application in industries such as food and beverages, pulp and papers, and glass. However, the soap and detergent industry including the surfactants market are few of the most lucrative market verticals for sodium carbonate. As per the International Trade Centre, the global soaps and detergents trade value was observed to be $62.62m in 2018. Sodium carbonate is an essential ingredient employed in the detergents and surfactants industry, and this is propelling growth in the sodium carbonate market.

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The sodium Percarbonate market has shown moderate growth in recent years, and is expected to experience a lower growth trend over the forecast period through 2030. In terms of supply, the market has shown fluctuations during the past half-decade. However, demand for sodium percarbonate has been gradually increasing during the same period. This rift has led to increasing prices of raw materials as well as sodium percarbonate in recent times.

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Market Segmentation

The market is segmented on the basis of type, application and end user. Based on type the market is segmented into Coated, Uncoated and Tablet. Based on application the market is segmented into Cleaning Agent, Detergent Agent, Water Treatment, Bleaching Agent and Others. On the basis of end user the market is segmented into Papermaking Industry, Laundry, Industrial Cleaning, Textile Industry, Chemical Industry, Household Cleaning, Food Industry and Others.

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Sodium Percarbonate Market Drivers

Use of sodium Percarbonate for laundry has been constant, and is expected to increase during the forecast period. Demand for bleaching agents in textile and laundry industries is expected to gain significant traction during the forecast period. Growing need for wastewater treatment is expected to boost demand for sodium Percarbonate. Scarcity of clean water is expected to further increase over the coming years. As sodium Percarbonate is permissible for usage in conventional and organic aquaculture, demand in fish farming is expected to be moderate over the coming years.

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Demand for the uncoated type accounts for a higher share in the sodium percarbonate market, but need for long-term storage in multiple end-use industries has been driving demand for coated sodium percarbonate. Demand for coated sodium percarbonate is expected to see significant traction from textile and laundry industries.


Key players:-

  • Solvay AG
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • OCI Peroxygens LLC
  • Kemira
  • Khimprom
  • JINKE Company Limited.
  • Jiangxi Boholy Chemical Coltd
  • Wuxi wanma chemical co.
  • ltd
  • Hodogaya Chemical Co. ltd among others.

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