Banana Powder Manufacturing Business

Banana Powder Manufacturing Business

Banana Powder Manufacturing Business. Value Added Products from Banana. Banana Fruit Processing Industry

Banana is one of the most widely consumed fruits and is grown across various countries. The majority of the bananas produced worldwide are consumed directly, while a small part is processed into banana powder, which helps in expanding its shelf-life. Banana powder is mainly used for producing milkshakes, protein powder, baby food, etc. Further, it finds applications in various food products such as cakes, instant foods, beverages, seasonings, etc.

Banana powder has taken consumers by storm, in light of its status quo of being gluten-free and a cheaper alternative to wheat powder. Greater solubility remains a key selling proposition of banana powder, as food and beverage manufacturers move past banana flakes and puree for the preparation of baby food products and breakfast cereals.

Banana powder is made from processed bananas by using a colloid mill. Processing of bananas into powder increases their shelf life and reduces the transportation cost for export and import purposes. Banana is the primary source of various nutrients such as vitamin C, magnesium, antioxidants and carbohydrates. Owing to this, banana powder finds applications in diverse sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and animal feed. As it also helps babies to gain weight, banana powder is extensively used in the production of baby foods.

It can be used in the treatment of intestinal disorders, indigestion, depression, and helps in strengthening bones, vision improvement, regulating blood pressure, etc. Further, banana powder has moisturizing properties, thus it is used in the production of cosmetic products.

The food Industry currently represents the biggest consumer of banana powder where it is widely used in infant food, puffed food, seasonings, solid beverages, cakes, cold food, instant food, etc. The food industry is followed by the feed industry where its consumption is growing in cattle feed and pet foods.

In the pharmaceutical industry, banana powder has been found to be effective in the treatment of colon diseases, sprue and other forms of carbohydrate intolerance in children. It is also effective in treating various intestinal disorders in adults. The popularity of banana powder in the cosmetics industry is also increasing worldwide.

Market Outlook

Banana powder market is segmented based on applications as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal feed. The food application can be further sub-segmented as infant food, seasonings, puffed food and others (bakery products, confectioneries, etc.). Food is anticipated to attain higher share among others in the product market.

This healthy banana powder helps in weight gain in babies and used as an essential component for production of baby foods. It is also used in baking industry for the preparation of fillings for cakes and biscuits. Health attributes of banana powder include stimulation of intestinal bacteria growth-producing digestive enzymes, treatment of ulcers, acidity reduction and more. It has found wide use in cosmetics industry for its moisturizing properties such as nourishment of skin and relieving skin from itching and irritation. In animal studies, banana powder was found to protect the lining of the stomach from acid. The shelf life of banana is prolonged on processing it into banana powder. Later the powder could be stored for up to a year commercially, which eases its transportation. Based on the distribution channel, the market is divided into supermarkets, convenience stores and online stores.

Global Banana Powder Market is likely to grow at a high CAGR by 2024. Numerous health benefits associated with banana powder will propel the market growth. Owing to the increasing awareness regarding the health benefits of banana powder, the market has bright growth prospects in near future.

Banana Powder Market Share (%), By Process Type, 2018

Applications of banana powder are tracing a diversified trajectory.  Banana powder sales have surged in the feed industry, with the aim of improving the gut health of pets and cattle. Cosmetics industry contributes moderately to the banana powder market, however, the value share of the segment speaks highly of the sustained future opportunities for banana powder market. Applications of banana powder are significant in absorbing the excess oil present on the skin and improving the skin texture with flattering yellow or golden color. Widening application scope of banana powder will continue to bode well for growth of the banana powder market in the foreseeable future.

Consumers have been preferring more of natural food ingredients to support a healthy life style. Other factors intensifying the demand for banana powder include the increasing research & development activities by food technologists and companies, continuous new product developments and improved distribution channel.

The several health benefits associated with banana powder stimulate its demand across the globe. Banana powder strengthens bones, enables quicker digestion and nutrition absorption, improves vision, prevents dehydration, regulates blood pressure, treats depression and relaxes muscles.

Banana has been the fifth largest agricultural commodity in the world. The major advantage of the fruit is its availability round the year. With immense demand and applications, the product market bears high growth aspects. Some significant players in the market are Banatone Industries, Mevive International, Santosh Food Products, Chiquita Brands International, Inc., Naturalin Bio-Resources Co. Ltd, Vinayak Ingredients Pvt. Ltd, Aarkay Food Products Ltd, National Food N Spices, Safety Foods Pvt Ltd, Perennial Lifesciences Private Limited, Saipro, etc.

The Indian banana processing industry has reported a significant growth in recent years, and is presenting ample opportunities to the industry players. With cold storage, infrastructure enhancement and rising awareness about packaged processed banana products, the Indian banana processing market is poised to scale newer acmes. Moreover, change in taste and preference of the consumer, increasing demand for healthy and nutritional food and government initiatives are set to further boost the market’s growth.

The processed Banana market in India is at a very nascent stage. About 90% of banana produced in India is consumed domestically as fresh fruit. Merely 10% is consumed in processed form. The primary product of banana in market is “fried chips” which constitute around 38%, followed by banana powder (30%), banana jam/Puree (15%) and others (17%). Processed Banana products have created immense room for major players with significant growth opportunities. The production of Bananas which stood at 29.12 Million Metric Tonnes in FY 2016 has potential to report a significant growth in future. India has an excellent opportunity for the development of several value added products like juice, biscuit, banana powder etc.


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