5 Profitable Business Ideas

5 Profitable Business Ideas


A production corporation has always been a fascinating market around the world. For once, it demands a fair expenditure. But once it’s produced, it continues to earn you steady revenues. There are some business ideas for production that one can bet on. However, this article is for you if you are searching for any of the most viable medium scale market ideas for manufacturing.

Here are some of the top and best business ideas in India for medium-scale manufacturing.


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 Profitable Business Ideas in India


  1. Manufacturing Aluminium Doors And Windows

 Due to its light weight and functionality, the use of aluminium is very common in business parks, houses, auditoriums, theatres, etc. One of the most creative and successful business concepts is to produce various kinds of doors and windows.

During the projected time span, the commercial sector in the Indian door market is expected to experience steady growth of up to 6.5 percent. Among the main revenue generation materials in this category are uPVC, WPC, and aluminium. The general market for Indian doors would be driven by reliability and less maintenance requirements.


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  1. Ceramic Tiles Manufacturing Business

Tiles in kitchens, baths, and hospitals, etc., were an important commodity. Ceramic tiles with a white or coloured glaze coating are composed of a porous body. Thanks to their resistance to weather and contaminants, high resilience, and simple washing, they are in high demand.

It can be introduced to a lot of designs and diversity through creativity. Ceramic tiles production is one of India’s best Viable Medium Scale Manufacturing Market Ideas owing to heavy construction in major cities in India.

The Indian tile industry continues to develop at a steady 15 percent per annum, despite an overall economic slowdown. Investments have aggregated over Rs. 5000 crores in the last 5 years. The total size of the Indian ceramic tile market is around Rs 18,000 crore (FY12). During 2011-12, production stood at approx. 600 million metres square.


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  1. Grape Wine Making Business

In reality, wine ferments the grape juice in special conditions. Grape is the main raw material needed for this sector, so one must place this industry at a cheaper price where the raw material is available. This business is resource intensive and needs a proper plan for operations and promotion.

India is a major demand for wine from grapes. Moreover, the demand is rising quite rapidly. Consumers will purchase high quality wines from supermarkets and shopping malls nowadays. The wine industry as a whole, in general, is quite lucrative, as the growth rate of the wine industry shows. Wine is probably the most lucrative thing on the menu for restaurants and bars. And wine, to a large degree, drives the profitability of bars a lot.


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  1. Mineral Water Plant Business Idea

Because of its widespread usage in marriages, celebrations, hotels, bars, industrial as well as residential areas, etc., the market for mineral water will never go down. According to the market, different sizes of mineral water bottles may be selected. Mineral water plans can be initiated on a small basis and can be converted into medium-sized business in the near term.

Through incorporating successful marketing strategy and appealing packaging, the best mineral water firms in India are focused on growing their market share. In 2018, the demand reached Rs~160 billion and is projected to rise 20.75 percent annually by CAGR and hit Rs. 403.06 billion by 2023.


  1. Bentonite Clay Granules

Bentonite is a clay formed frequently by volcanic ash alteration, consisting primarily of minerals of smectite, typically montmorillonite. Hectorite, saponite, beidelite, and nontronite are other minerals of the smectite group. Bentonite has significant colloidal properties and, when in contact with water, its volume increases many times, producing a gelatinous and viscous fluid.

Bentonite’s unique properties (hydration, swelling, absorption of water, viscosity, and thixotropy) make it a valuable material for a wide variety of applications and uses.

In 2017, the scale of the bentonite clay market was over USD 1.1 billion and the industry expects consumption of more than 25 million tons by 2024. U.S. Sodium Bentonite Market Size, 2017 & 2024, by use (Kilo Tons). This promotes the production of emerging technology and assures a product of good quality.


Government Schemes for Business Start-Up

  1. MSME Business Loans in 59 Minutes
  2. MUDRA Loans
  3. Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises
  4. National Small Industries Corporation Subsidy

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