Opportunities in Wood Industry and Its Derivatives


Wood being used specially for the construction work, furniture’s, and fuel is an organic material and is being used for many purposes such as making houses, tools, furniture’s, artwork, and  paper require wooden material to be prepared. Humans have a unique relation with the wood as they both exist from the very beginning, making use of wood in every possible way for security, tools, and shelter. Its amazing physical properties such as tensile strength, bending strength, compassion strength, impact resistance, and hardness have made it possible to build shelters and other house areas for survival. Providing greater sustainability, it is even used for other purposes such as making furniture, buildings, bridges and various other chemicals used for betterment of society since years.  Undoubtedly Wood, being used for multiple purposes since years, has added a great value to our lives and businesses worldwide. NPCS suggests that business in the field of wood is a considerate step for various entrepreneurs globally.

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What Successful Ideas Can Be Implemented In A Wood Business?

  • Online Platform Publicity – Nowadays, almost everything is being viewed through social media platforms much earlier than it comes to the market, hence, people are being aware of the new launch in advance. It is a classy and trusting business. Many entrepreneurs also use social media as a platform to represent and sell their creative products to the larger masses sitting from their point of comfort.
  • Classic Furniture Making – Though classic but trending and non in demand approach of certain furniture such as chair, table, shoe rack, bookshelves candle stands can be taken into consideration, taking care of the clients demand. Even though new types of stationary are being introduced every now and then, wooden pencils are still in demand and popular among students during the primary sessions. Hence, these equipments are non replaceable and can be considered starting business with.
  • Wooden Decorative Items And Wall Art – Along with the Classic form of furniture, decorative wall art and items such as photo frames can be given as a piece of offerings on several occasions in the form of gifts. People even go for the wooden interior on their walls, representing a unique and classical form of decoration to their beautiful houses. These interiors along with the gift items have an immense impact on the market as a whole and works as a booster to the wood business.

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Wooden Market Growth in India

According to a research conducted by the Government of India, in 2018, Indian Plywood sector consisted of 2.5 Billion USD which is around 70 percent share in the market. Plywood is one of the popular furniture produced in India along with Bamboo material and Veneered panels respectively. The increased demands of plywood are due to the urbanization and awareness due to different social media platforms. The thrive to live a better standard is going to increase with time and it is also expected that the duration of change in the furniture’s for people is going to change from 10 to 5 years a while. The local market in collaboration with the foreign wooden industries has created modular furniture demands in the market which is beneficial for the wood industry currently and in the upcoming future where while designing the furniture, their main focus lies on design, functionality, look, and feel of a product.

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To conclude, the wooden market has had good scope of success globally. To have detailed and apt knowledge for initiating your business, kindly have a copy of a book by NPCS, The Complete technology Book On Wood And Its Derivatives. The book talks about wood structure and chemical composition, chemistry of weathering and protection, energy and chemicals from wood etc.

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