Opening a Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Opening a Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Paper cups are dispensable cups made out of paper and stable with wax or plastic to keep liquid from wetting the paper. Paper cups are made using food grade paper, which is clean and fit for putting away both hot or cold fluid for long times. With the rising activities and quickly developing ways of life, the interest for paper cups has expanded immensely year on year. In this article, we take a glimpse at the way toward beginning a paper cup manufacturing business in detail.

The Market for Paper Cup in India

Paper cups are turning out to be progressively more well-known over the globe as an approach to turn out to be more eco-friendly and decrease the outline of foodborne diseases. Paper cups request is significantly starting from IT organizations, educational establishments, food bottles, mechanical bottles, cafés, espresso or coffee bars, cheap food, grocery stores, fitness centers, and event coordinators.

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As paper cups are a result of day by day consumption and have mass use basics, selling paper cups in the market won’t be an issue. With settled interest and kindly powers, the costs of paper cups in the market can be handily found out and sold in mass to brokers or end customers through a variety of channels.

Paper Cup Manufacturing Process

There are mostly three phases in producing a paper cup. In the primary stage, the paper cup’s sidewall paper is formed and shaped. In the following stage, the paper cups base paper is formed and developed together with the molded sidewall. In this third and last stage, the paper cup is pre-warmed and base/edge twisting is done to finish the paper cup making.

Production Process Flow Chart:

PE Coated Paper roll → Cut to Board size → Single/Multi-Color Printing → Ups creation (die to cut) → Bottom reel → Paper cup wall forming → Cup Bottom Shaping → Paper Cup Knurling and Curling → Inspection and Finishing → Testing Random Sample → Packing and Delivery.

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Licenses and Registrations Required

To set up a paper cut assembling unit, a particular project is required for buying the necessary equipment and raw materials

Since the business would achieve a turnover in surplus o, it is ideal to combine an organization. With the business being registered as a private guarded association, it would be simple for the Entrepreneur to obtain bank credit, scale-up quickly, and be able to welcome on assistants. Anyhow organization enrollment, the business would likewise require GST recruitment for selling paper cups.

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Bank Loan for Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Banks give loans to paper cup manufacturing business under different plans. The credit can be acquired under the MUDRA loan plan wherein development of up to Rs.10 lakhs is given by different banks and money related administrations with no insurance.

Land and Structure

For a paper cup producing business, it requires a land of around 500 square meters with a power link.


The next step is buying the machinery and installation. Automatic types of equipment for paper cup assembling can be bought from different merchants.

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It is better to craft a ground plan earlier. You will need to provide specific space for manufacturing operation, packaging, and storage. In paper cup making, a semi-automatic unit is most operational for small-scale operations.

Papermaking machine list includes:

  1. Die-cutting machine
  2. Paper cup forming machine
  3. Printing machine
  4. Counting machine
  5. Packing machines

Labor Requirement

The necessary requirement for setting up of paper cup production is small. It requires just around 3 people. It is suggested that there be

  • 1 Sale cum Creation Manager
  • 1 Skilled and
  • 1 Unskilled laborer.

Raw Materials Requirement

Basic material as printed PE paper, base cylinder, and pressing material would be required for the paper cup business.

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Improve Marketing strategies and tactics to Find Customers:

It is better to know about probable customers before beginning the business. Take agreements from them on a yearly or monthly basis and start manufacturing based on the same.

Tips in Paper Cup Business

In any product-based business, you must consider establishing a deep distribution channel. Additionally, you must explore the official market also. Therefore, you must have an effective sales team for promoting your products.

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