Jute Industry – Rising Business Due To Its Eco Friendly Nature


Jute, an organic crop, is extracted from the bark of trees and used for varied purposes worldwide. It is also known as the golden fiber due to its multiple usages of jute build goods, the world over. Providing work to millions of farmers, landless laborers, and industrial workers, it is even cheaper and one of the important fibers. India, being the largest producer and manufacturer of Jute goods, is successfully meeting the international demands of popular needed goods currently such as jute bags for the replacements of plastic bags and polythenes for shopping vegetables, fruits and clothes. With increasing awareness of saving the environment and eliminating the usage of plastic goods, jute bags are gaining popularity due to their holding capacity and naturally extracted products.

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According to NPCS, the Jute Industry is expected to see hikes in the coming future with increasing time. With the help of modernized machinery, agriculture, design development, and other equipment, Jute goods are boon to the global environment and Indian economical revenue. India produces a huge amount of jute made goods such as bags, garments, stationary, decorative products, footwear, brushes.

Opportunities in Production and Business of Jute Bags, Worldwide

Since the government amends to set a law against usage of harmful and non recyclable polythenes for day to day life shopping, there is a noticeable growth in the world of Jute industry. The practice is immensely accepted by the whole world as a support to mother earth. One of the goods often used by the masses is a jute bag. Some of the opportunities of jute bag business are as follows:

  • In order to save the environment, the whole world is initiating the practice of avoiding plastic bags and using jute bags instead. The demand for Jute bags is increasing and so as the production and business globally.
  • The trend of even carrying designer and handmade jute bags in all classes and religions is increasing due to the cause for a healthy and smoke free environment.
  • There is a sale of millions of bags annually and is even expected to rise in future, as besides being cheaper, it is natural and eco friendly. In addition to this, It not only is a boon to the entrepreneurs with loads of profits involved but also re usable, recyclable, non toxic, and biodegradable by nature.
  • It is used for multiple purposes, giving an opportunity to business holders for various productions of saleable jute goods. To cite an example, Women Stylish Handbags, School/College bags, Travel Bags, Gift Wraps, and Lunch Carriers.
  • Being the largest producer and manufacturer of Jute Goods, India is one of the biggest exporters and major shareholders of Jute bags.

Growth Rate in Jute Business

Jute supports around 50 lakh families, majorly industrialized in West Bengal, successfully employs 2.5 lakh industrial workers. Jute export industry ranges from 1000 to 1200 crores annually. The jute industry is entitled to own 10,000 crores by lending its production to sugar mills and FCI in the market, where FCI is expected to get around 30 to 40 percent of jute production annually. With the rising awareness of the environment, the government declares the usage of jute packaging in ration supplies specifically for sugar and food grains, which involves 60 percent of sugar ration and around 10 percent of food grains.

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