An Upcoming Business Boon- Biofertilizers

An Upcoming Business Boon- Biofertilizers

Biofertilizers are an important source of alternative technology nowadays. As we all are aware of the adverse impact of chemical fertilizers on crops, they are less preferred now. Biofertilizers do not contribute to pollution and cause no ecological imbalance, it has got global acceptance due to its eco-friendly nature. We see that demand for biofertilizers is increasing amongst farmers ultimately leading to the growth in bio fertilizer manufacturing industries. From ancient times, organic farming has been practiced in India and has proved highly advantageous. When we switch to organic farming, we not only promote pollution-free farming but also save the life of soil by providing organic wastes to them. It can include various biodegradable substances like crop waste, animal waste, and even aquatic waste.

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Apart from the immense growth of biofertilizers production and manufacturing, the global market for biofertilizers is projected to reach US$3.3 billion by 2025, driven by the focus of governments worldwide to reduce agriculture’s growing carbon footprint and make it more sustainable. You see the upcoming jump in the field of biofertilizers. That is why we suggest you buy this amazing book “Biofertilizers and organic farming’’ from the NPCS board. This book is flagged with facts and reports and will give you a clear idea of how the whole system works.

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Why Switch To Biofertilizers Business?


  • The field of organic fertilizers i.e. biofertilizers research is attaining new significance, driving clear research priorities aimed at harnessing crops. The United States of America and Europe form one of the largest markets worldwide with a combined share of 55.7% of the market. U.S stands as the fastest developing market with a CAGR of 12.1% investments toward promoting agricultural innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation.
  • The global agricultural industry is a fast-moving sector that avails dynamic changes on different levels across all economies of the world. This is the key barrier to small agricultural entrepreneurs and medium-scale farmers to enter in the global competitive environment.
  • It can increase yield up to 30% due to the addition of phosphorus and nitrogen in the soil.
  • It reduces the dependency on petroleum sources of chemical fertilizers. It will restore the fertility of the soil and make it biologically alive.
  • The significant growth rate of approx 13% is attributed to the rising demand for healthy and organic food across the globe. The global biofertilizers market was valued at USD 1326.6 million in 2018.

How Can This Business Be An Asset To You?

Choosing organic can have your way towards ease of business. Organic will bring you to the basics again and keep you away from the chaos and havoc caused to health and the environment by chemicals. This business introduces you to the immense potential of biofertilizers as a supplementary source of nutrients and opens up tremendous opportunities towards profit in the market.

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The use of organic fertilizers is adopted extensively to decrease the use of chemically induced food supply. If you are looking forward to starting your bio fertilizer business, we suggest you have this book by your side as it verifies all the major aspects of this business field.

This business can benefit all the associated people in the agriculture sector irrespective of their position and authority. Consultants, researchers, libraries, entrepreneurs, and even manufacturers can have good benefits. This book summarizes the reports of the progress of companies in the last few years, in biofertilizers manufacturing companies. The major contents of this book tell about crop response to these fertilizers, about nitrogen fixation, evaluation and application techniques, and many more.

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