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Pickle Manufacturing Industry

Pickle Manufacturing Industry. Commercial Pickle Production. Opportunities in Food Processing Sector Production of Mango Pickle, Cabbage Pickle, Onion Pickle, Apple Pickle, Walnut Pickle, Turnip Pickle, Jack Fruit Pickle, Cauliflower Pickle, Lime Pickle (Sour), Lime Pickle (Sweet), Chilli Pickle and Mushroom Pickle Pickle is form of a relish that is made up of either vegetables or fruits that is preserved in brine or vinegar. Pickles are made my immersing the fruits or vegetables in the brine or vinegar solution and stored for a period of time during which the ingredients goes through the pickling process and acquire the desired taste. Pickles are usually sweet or sour in taste and are often spicy. They acquire the taste of the key ingredient which is the vegetable or fruit of which the pickle is made. Pickles are consumed both as savory items as well as accompaniments with main courses especially in the Indian cuisine. The global pickle market is segregated on the basis of type, distribution channel and region. Based on type, the global market for pickles is segmented into fruit and vegetables. Fruit pickles are further sub-divided into mango, cucumber, orange and others. Pickles are making inroads into Indian as well as foreign countries and overspread in last few years for their mouthwatering and sour taste. Pickles are smashing and delightful accompaniment to vegetarian and even non-vegetarian meal in each and every part of India by large population, which is now-a-days spicing up the dining over abroad. The demand of Indian pickles in foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, America, Australia, Europe, Russia and many other countries is on high. Day-by-day demand of pickles is acquiring thrust in every part of world because of its global quality standard. Pickle is the traditional food item in India. And there are several different types of pickles in the country. Additionally, pickle making is a very lucrative business opportunity for women entrepreneurs. However, there are some pickles that enjoy the popularity nationwide. On the other hand, there are some pickles that have a strong foothold in some specific regions. Pickles are a traditional food item in India, and heavily consumed in every household. Pickles become more helpful for a single person staying distant from family as pickles come in the range of varieties and tastes which can suit anyone. Pickle manufacturing is very simple and any individual with small start-up capital can start this business. With consideration of the availability of fruits and vegetables and the popularity of tastes and acceptance of certain varieties, the business can be very successful. Market Outlook Pickle Market in India: No Indian meal is complete without a smidgen of the pickle. Ready to eat pickle is very popular in almost every household. Apart from the domestic market, Indian pickles have very inspiring export demand. There are 1000 different types of pickle recipes in country. And all those have very strong regional footprints. However, pickling techniques and the finished product might vary vastly from region to region. In addition, this is an easily scalable business. Pickles can be packed in different weights ranges from few grams to 5 kg so that it becomes useful for one-time use to month’s consumption. There has to be the implementation of systems for following of food standards like FSSAI, ISI etc. which can establish a reputation in domestic as well as export market. The demand of Indian pickles in foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, America, Australia, Europe, Russia and many other countries is on high. Day-by-day demand of pickles is acquiring thrust in every part of world because of its global quality standard. On an average, an Indian family consumes around 2 kilograms of pickle per year. As life is becoming fast and hectic, people want readymade quality products that can provide them a homemade taste. Now, almost every segment of the society middle class, upper middle class and rich class are looking for readymade food options with good services. Based on type, the global pickles market has been segmented into fruit pickles, vegetable pickles, meat and seafood pickles, and others. The fruit pickles segment is expected to dominate the global pickles market during the forecast period. Unripe fruits are generally used for the preparation of pickles, which lends a distinctive taste. Therefore, the fruit pickles segment is expected to be the largest during the assessment period. The vegetable pickles segment is expected to be the fastest-growing during the forecast period owing to the various nutritional properties and health benefits of these pickles. The global pickles market has been divided, by packaging type, into jars, bottles, pouches, tubs, and others. The jars segment is expected to dominate the global pickles market during the assessment period since jars are easy to carry and store and are cost-effective. The pouches segment is projected to record the highest CAGR as pouches offer ease of storage and usage and can be used as refill packs. Furthermore, a longer shelf life can be achieved by using Tetra Pak pouches. Major drivers driving the global pickle market include health benefits that pickles offer. Apart from being a taste enhancer in everyday foods, pickles also have numerous health benefits which is triggering market growth globally. Pickles are proven antioxidants which prevents free radicals to attack the human body. They also help in digestion as they have probiotic properties in them. They are also a source of natural nutrients such as iron, vitamin, calcium, potassium and others. They are also proven to be reducing ulcers and provide protection. Therefore, they are driving the market positively. In addition, rising awareness about GMO products is also triggering market growth for organic pickles. The growing awareness about the harmful effects of GMO products is shifting the demand trends towards organic pickles which is in turn, triggering market growth. Lack of use of preservatives in organic pickles reduces their shelf-life due to which they cannot be stored for a longer period of time. This is acting as a major restraint to the global pickle market. Rising demand for pickles in countries of Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa will provide great opportunity to the global pickle market. The market is projected to cross US$ 12.3 Billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 3% during 2019-2024. Pickle and pickle products vary as per local taste and preferences and thus, many international, as well as regional players, are succeeding in this market. Large varieties, flavors, and major ingredients make this a huge market. The market is largely influenced by factors such as health benefits, taste enhancement and demand for food complimentary products. The price variation of raw materials is restricting the market. The rising popularity of non-GMO, organic pickles and the introduction of innovative products with better taste and targeting health concerns are exploitable opportunities. The market can be broadly classified into four major segments, viz., product, taste, distribution channels and geography. On the basis of product types, the market can be segmented into fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, relish etc. As per taste, the market is segmented into sweet, salty and sour pickles. On the basis of distribution channels, the market is divided into grocery retailers, hypermarket, supermarkets, food services, online retailers, etc. Major Players in Pickles and Pickle Product market are: • Gedney Foods Company • Pickle Juice • ATHITHI GRUHA FOODS • Yee-Haw Pickles • ADF Foods • NorthStar Pickle Company • Kaiser Pickles • Del Monte Foods • Gundelsheim • Maille • Patriot Pickle • Mt. Olive Pickle Company • Kraft Foods Inc. • Reitzel International • Pinnacle Foods, Inc. • Mitoku Company, Ltd. 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