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Non-formaldehyde Dye Fixing Agent Production For Reactive Dye

Non-Formaldehyde Dye Fixing Agent Production for Reactive Dye. Business Opportunities in Textile Auxiliaries for Startup A dye Fixing Agent includes good capability with cross linking agents without promoting dye bleeding. It is generally used after completing the dyeing or in printing paste. At present, color fixing agent can be divided into cationic fixing agent, resin type fixing agent (containing formaldehyde resin type fixing agent containing polyamine resin type fixing agent) and cross linking reaction type fixing agent. The dye-fixing agent is applied to the dyed or printed substrate by an exhaust process or by alternative methods, such as padding, spraying, dipping, etc., Application of the dye-fixing agent to the substrate to be finished, may take place either, after the dyed substrate has been removed from the dye bath and has been rinsed, or after the dyed and rinsed substrate has undergone an intermediate drying step. Dye Fixing Agent find wide application as fixing agents for direct as well as reactive dyestuffs on cellulose fiber. Further, these are also used for bringing necessary improvements in rubbing fastness of direct colors to light and washing. Dye fixing agents are of considerable interest in the art of textile coloring, and numerous dye fixing agents have been used and/or proposed in the past. One class of well known dye fixing agents employs formaldehyde as a starting material. List of Dye Fixing Agent Manufacturers in India: • L. N. Chemical Industries • Rung International, Mumbai • ArihantDyechem • Pacific Texchem Private Limited • Americos Industries Inc. • AbhBiochem Private Limited • Snow Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd • VexentDyeaux India Pvt. Ltd. • SiddhivinayakDyechem Pvt. Ltd. • Sigma Chemical Industries Market Outlook Global Dye Fixing Agents market size will increase to Million US$ by 2025, from Million US$ in 2017, at a CAGR of during the forecast period. Textile Chemicals Market Textile chemicals are significantly used in home furnishings in the building & construction industry. Rise in expenditure on home furnishings is anticipated to propel the textile chemicals market during the forecast period. Demand for home furnishings is rising in Asia Pacific owing to a rapidly increasing middle class and a booming housing market. Moreover, fashion sensitivity toward household furnishing has improved in countries in the region. Global textile chemical market is expected to reach $27,560 million by 2022 from $21,770 million in 2015, and, growing at a CAGR of 3.4% from 2016 to 2022. The report encompasses textile chemicals market analysis in terms of product type and applications. The significant impacting factors in the textile chemicals industry include development of apparel industries due to increase in demand for consumers and growth in population. Along with these factors, the market is influenced by the increase in demand for home furnishing products, evolution of environmental friendly chemicals required by textiles industries, and development of packaging industries, which require large textile chemicals. The textile chemicals market growth is decreasing considerably. The market, which is in its mature stage; however, its contribution to the global market would increase significantly within the next few years. Adverse effects of chemicals on environment and stringent regulations imposed on the chemicals are the major limitations for utilizing textile chemicals. However, recent innovations, which embed introduction of innovative ideas of anti-microbial, luxurious, and stain-resistant fabrics, thus allowing chemicals to reach a wider segment of audiences. Numerous players are stepping in the textile chemicals market with innovative products. Emerging technology such as establishment of sterilized textiles is expected to increase the competition in the years to come. In future, the textile chemicals industry in the world will turn concentrated. The world textile chemicals consuming market will still has a certain amount of growth. Global competition is likely to turn to the relationship of competition and cooperation. With the development of economy, textile chemicals have huge market potential in the future. Owing to the increasing of demand in textile chemicals products, the world textile chemicals capacity will continue to expand. Asia Pacific is leading market for textile chemicals industry by revenue which accounted over half of the gross revenue in the world over the past couple of years. Increasing government initiatives in countries like India to retain healthy growth in textile industry is one of the driving factors of this market. The fast growing markets like China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Malaysia in textile industry are triggering the demand for textile chemicals market. Textile Chemicals Market in India Textile chemicals market in India is projected to cross US$ 2.5 billion by 2021. Rising global as well as domestic demand for high quality textile products, growing textile production, favorable government policies and increasing garments sourcing from India by international brands are boosting demand for textile chemicals in the country. Textile chemicals are used during the processing of textiles, and are broadly classified as auxiliaries and colorants. By 2018, auxiliaries are expected to hold a major market share of the Indian textile chemicals market because of the growing domestic and international demand for quality textiles and technical textiles. The market for auxiliaries will also grow with the rising textile exports to markets such as the US and Western Europe which demand high quality products. Textile chemicals application segments are classified into apparels, home furnishings/textiles and industrial textiles. Of these, the apparel segment is projected to account for the largest market share by 2018. This can be attributed to the increasing demand for fashionable and eco-compatible products. Apart from this, rising disposable income and increasing living standards are expected to significantly augment demand for textile chemicals in India over the next five years. On the basis of product type, India textile chemicals market has been segmented into two categories, namely, colorants and auxiliaries. In addition, increasing investments by the industry players for the development of eco-friendly chemicals will also contribute to the growth of the India textile chemicals market. However, there are certain factors which have the potential to refrain the growth in demand for textile chemicals in India. Lack of differentiation in textile chemicals produced by multinational companies &domestic manufacturers and high fragmentation in the industry which is lowering the bargaining power of the suppliers are the factors posing a challenge to growth in demand for textile chemicals in the market. 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