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Investment Opportunity In Bicycle And Cycle Rickshaw Manufacturing Industry

Investment Opportunity in Bicycle and Cycle Rickshaw Manufacturing Industry. Best Industry for Starting a Business. Bicycles are one of the world's most popular modes of transportation, with some 800 million bicycles outnumbering cars by two to one. Bicycles are also the most energy-efficient vehicle—a cyclist burns about 35 calories per mile (22 calories per km), while an automobile burns 1,860 calories per mile (1,156 calories per km). Bicycles are used not only for transportation, but for fitness, competition, and touring as well. They come in myriad shapes and styles, including racing bikes, all-terrain bikes, and stationary bicycles, as well as unicycles, tricycles, and tandems. Bicycles are widely used for transportation, recreation, and sport. Throughout the world, bicycles are essential to moving people and goods in areas where there are few automobiles. Intensifying traffic congestion issue and elevating fuel prices are foreseen to remain the key factors driving the need for cycling, and raising the demand for bicycles thereby. Growing health concerns among consumers, in addition to surging acceptance of green transportation in an effort to reduce carbon footprint, will play a pivotal role in the growth of global bicycle market in next eight years. Moreover, increasing government support encouraging adoption of bicycles and rapid development of dedicated cycling infrastructure in developed as well as developing economies will reportedly push the sales of bicycles in upcoming years. A growing application base of bicycles in trekking and recreational activities, coupled with a soaring number of cycling events will specifically uplift the demand for sports bicycles in near future. A bicycle is a common mode of transport for people in rural areas particularly within low income societies, but is continuously gaining traction in urban areas as well especially among successful and affluent people. The Indian bicycle market comprises of mainly roadsters, fancy, kids and other types of bicycles. Other bicycles include cycles meant for different purposes like mountain bikes, sports bike, hybrid bike, touring bike, etc. The categorization of bicycle market can be done based on end user viz. retail sector and institutional sector. Retail sector encompasses residents or people who buy bicycles for their personal use or for their near and dear ones from retail outlets. Whereas institutional sales are usually done in bulk and the prospective customers include Central or State Governments or societies or clubs at times. The bicycle market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 11%, during 2016-2021, on account of growing population base, increasing discretionary spending and rising health consciousness among people. In India, cycling is being swiftly adopted as a means to stay fit and as a popular recreational activity. Further, many of state governments have started construction of dedicated bicycle lanes in major cities to encourage cycling, as an environment friendly means of transportation. Large share of the country’s total population is based in rural areas, where roadster bicycle is an important mode of transportation. With constant increase in volume demand for roadster bicycles in India, the segment is anticipated to continue dominating India bicycle market. Due to unavailability of efficient transportation facilities and appropriate road network in rural part of India, roadster bicycles are extensively used for transportation. Moreover, many state governments have also distributed bicycles to school children India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is witnessing high demand for sports bicycle. Growing focus on fitness and health, and increasing trend of using cycles to commute to work is projected drive sales of sports bicycles in the country during the coming years. On the back of growing demand for sports bicycles in the country, many international players have introduced their products in India bicycle market. Although, India has emerged as one of the major manufacturers of bicycles in the world, the country imports considerable number of high-end or premium bicycles from other countries to address domestic demand for high end bicycles. As sharing and rental services are currently gaining higher traction in the global bicycle market, stakeholders are increasingly striving to adapt to this trend. Moreover, a large number of corporate embracing cycling as a sustainable alternative to commute will be a significant factor impacting the sales of bicycles in next few years. At a moderate CAGR of 4.2%, the global market for bicycle will attain the revenue approaching US$ 80 Bn during 2018-2026. The market was valued at around US$ 55 Bn in 2017 and holds optimistic growth prospects over the assessment period. The global bicycle market is expected to grow moderately over the next few years. Adoption of a healthy lifestyle among people has given rise to fitness consciousness. Increasing popularity of mountain biking as a sport has propelled the sales of marketing bikes. Additionally, rising fuel costs, increased congestion on roads, lack of parking space, etc., are some of the drivers expected to spur bicycle market growth. Another key factor that is expected to drive this market is the increased focus on eco-friendly means of transportation in order to curb pollution. Bicycles are emerging as alternatives for shorter distance transportation that cause no pollution. Moreover, regulatory initiatives to promote cycling in order to reduce harmful carbon emissions and noise pollution are expected to be favorable for industry growth. In most of the developed countries, there has been a strong cycling facilities construction and bicycle facilities have received good support from the Governments. High energy efficiency along with perception of cycling as a fitness activity has contributed to increase in demand. Increasing costs of raw materials and growing demand and popularity of fuel driven bikes or motor bikes may hamper market growth in the coming years. The absence of cycling tracks in most parts of developing countries like India due to saturation of road width and inability of further road expansion can be a hindrance to the growth of this market. The Cycle Rickshaw is a small-scale local means of transport; it is also known by a variety of other names such as bike taxi, velotaxi, pedicab, bikecab, cyclo, beca, becak, trisikad, or trishaw. A Cycle Rickshaw is often hailed as environment-friendly and an inexpensive mode of transportation. Since it is considered as Indian traditional ride they are almost used in each and every part of India which includes villages, small towns, metros, heritage sites etc. In metros these are used inside institutional areas, market places and also in narrow and crowded lanes where there is accessibility problem for vehicles. Cycle Rickshaw - Doorstep service. - Convenient for Local Shopping. - Important Source of livelihood for the Poor. - Cost Efficient. - Poor Man’s Taxi. - Safe Transport for Local Schools. - Use for Garbage Collection. - Inexpensive and convenient mode of carrying goods over short distances. - A Tourist Attraction. - A Home and Rest Place Away from Home. - They do not require petroleum fuel and are thus inherently non-polluting. There are guesstimates that close to 1 million cycle rickshaws ply on the Indian roads carrying about 3-4 billion passengers-km/year. In some cities they are the major means of transport. They provide employment to about 700,000 rickshaw pullers, are very maneuverable and are completely non-polluting and hence environmentally friendly means of transport. It is very unfortunate that deliberate policies in most of the urban towns have been made by the concerned authorities to phase out these rickshaws. Hence these nonpolluting vehicles are being replaced by polluting (both air and noise wise) petrol and diesel powered 3wheelers. One of the reasons for authorities to phase out these rickshaws is because they are considered humanly degrading. An electric cycle rickshaw can take care of this issue besides providing extra income to a rickshaw puller. Cycle rickshaws also play a crucial role in employment and poverty alleviation in many countries in Asia. In most developing countries, the rickshaw pullers are migrant workers from rural areas looking for employment in urban areas. Rickshaws are one of the most important contributors to the Bangladeshi economy; nearly 6 % of Bangladesh’s GDP is contributed by rickshaw pullers. Around 20 % of the Bangladeshi population relies directly or indirectly on rickshaw pulling. Tags Bicycle Manufacturing Process Pdf, Bicycle Manufacturing Project Report, How are Bicycles made? 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