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Production Of Banana, Onion, Orange And Tomato Powder

Production of Banana, Onion, Orange and Tomato Powder. Profitable Business Ideas in Fruit and Vegetable Powder Industry Banana is one of the most widely consumed fruits and is grown across various countries. The majority of the bananas produced worldwide are consumed directly, while a small part is processed into banana powder, which helps in expanding its shelf-life. Banana powder is mainly used for producing milkshakes, protein powder, baby food, etc. Banana Powder is obtained by processing of bananas. Banana powder having high essence of banana, is one of the major source of carbohydrate and calories. It is also beneficial in treating indigestion, preventing dehydration, improving absorption of nutrients, and preventing ageing effects. Banana powder helps in stimulating the growth of intestinal bacteria and produce digestive enzymes. Processing of banana into banana powder prolongs its shelf life. Banana powder has found wide use in cosmetic application owing to its moisturizing properties. It also relieve skin itching and irritation. Owing to the high health consciousness among consumers with increasing awareness regarding the health benefits of banana powder, it is expected that its market will grow at a rapid pace during the forecast period. The several health benefits associated with banana powder stimulate its demand across the globe. Banana powder strengthens bones, enables quicker digestion and nutrition absorption, improves vision, prevents dehydration, regulates blood pressure, treats depression and relaxes muscles. Banana powder finds numerous applications in the food as well as non-food industries. Moreover, it is employed in the skincare and cosmetic sector, owing to its several skin benefits; and in the feed industry, for feeding animals such as pig, fish, shrimp, etc. Some of the other factors that proliferate the demand for banana powder include its longer shelf-life, convenience and portability. Moreover, increasing global population and inflating income levels are proactive in maintaining the growth of the market. However, there are several factors that hamper the market growth. Bananas are endowed with extra calories that may gradually lead to unwanted weight gain. Apart from this, fluctuations in the prices of the raw material acts as another major deterrent. Consumers have been preferring more of natural food ingredients to support a healthy life style. Other factors intensifying the demand for banana powder include the increasing research & development activities by food technologists and companies, continuous new product developments and improved distribution channel. The product is a foremost source of calories & carbohydrates and is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and magnesium. The other nutrients in banana are vitamin B6, protein, dietary riboflavin, fiber, iron, niacin, etc. It is beneficial in preventing dehydration, ageing effects; it improves nutrients absorption and cures indigestion (dyspepsia). It protects against the blood pressure fluctuations due to the potassium content in it. It also helps in treating depression as magnesium helps in relaxation of muscles. Other benefits of banana consumption include strengthening of bones, improvement of digestion, vision improvement, etc. Global Banana Powder Market size is likely to grow at a high CAGR by 2024. Numerous health benefits associated with banana powder will propel the market growth. Owing to the increasing awareness regarding the health benefits of banana powder, the market has bright growth prospects in near future. Based on end-use, the food industry currently represents the largest end-use segment of banana powder. It is majorly used in the production of cakes, instant food products, solid beverages, etc. Food industry is followed by feed industry, wherein it is used in pet food and cattle feed. Banana powder market is segmented based on applications as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal feed. The food application can be further sub-segmented as infant food, seasonings, puffed food and others (bakery products, confectioneries, etc.). Food is anticipated to attain higher share among others in the product market. This healthy banana powder helps in weight gain in babies and used as an essential component for production of baby foods. It is also used in baking industry for the preparation of fillings for cakes and biscuits. Health attributes of banana powder include stimulation of intestinal bacteria growth-producing digestive enzymes, treatment of ulcers, acidity reduction and more. It has found wide use in cosmetics industry for its moisturizing properties such as nourishment of skin and relieving skin from itching and irritation. In animal studies, banana powder was found to protect the lining of the stomach from acid. The shelf life of banana is prolonged on processing it into banana powder. Later the powder could be stored for up to a year commercially, which eases its transportation. Based on the distribution channel, the market is divided into supermarkets, convenience stores and online stores. Banana powder market is expected to witness high growth owing to its high medicinal and nutritional characteristics. Development of ingredients with high health and wellness functionality is one of positive trend supporting the growth of banana powder market. Rapid urbanization along with the changing lifestyle and dietary habits plays a significant role in increasing the demand for banana powder. Consumers are becoming highly health conscious, hence prefer more of natural food ingredients to support a healthy life style. Other factors escalating the demand for banana powder includes continuous new product developments and improved distribution channel that supports the wide availability of banana powder in the market. Food technologist and companies in the banana powder market also carry out research & development activities to increase the utility of banana powder in various application. Onion powder is a processed form of dehydrated onion that can add the same flavor as fresh onions in a convenient manner. As a flavoring agent, onion powder is currently being used in a number of food and non-food products like- snacks, sauces, salads, soups, gravies, appetizers, seafood, meats, etc. Although, it is slightly less pungent than fresh onions, even its little amount can replace the chopping of a whole medium-sized onion. Thus, it is quite easier to handle compared to fresh onions and saves a lot of time while cooking as no chopping is required. Onion powder is also easier to pack and unlike fresh onions does not require refrigerated storage. The demand for onion powder has increased owing to several factors. The primary factor that helped in establishing a wide consumer-base for onion powder is its long shelf-life up to 8-12 months which makes it available in the market all year round, even in the absence of raw onions. Apart from this, the transportation of onion powder is more economical than raw onions as onion powder carries less weigh and is not vulnerable to spoilage. In the urban regions, the demand for onion powder is also increasing because it can directly be used in the preparation of various dishes without indulging in difficult cooking procedures. The consumption volume is expected to reach around 68 Thousand Tons by 2022.Onion powder is considered to offer enhanced taste and better texture owing to which it has become an essential ingredient in a number of applications in the food industry. It is used in seasonings, condiments, dry rubs, marinades, etc. to prepare several dishes such as soups, gravies, appetizers, seafood, meats, instant noodles, and sauces. Another factor which has accelerated the consumption of onion powder in the food industry is the increasing demand for ready-to-eat snack foods, particularly in the urban regions. Consequently, the market is further expected to reach a volume of around 68 Thousand Tons by 2022. Tomato powder is obtained by dehydrating tomato and creating a fine powder. It is one of the most widely used ingredient in food and beverage industry. It has a rich flavor, usually sweet and sour in taste and is used widely in seasonings and savories, soup mixes, snack foods, curries and gravies, baby foods and many more. Due to higher shelf life of tomato powder the demand for the product has accelerated manifold in recent years. Tomato powder has also found application in cosmetic industry for its high nutrient and anti-oxidant properties which is adding fuel to the growth of tomato powder market. Tomato powder has a wide range of application in food and beverage industry owing to its rich flavoring attribute. Tomato also contain several health promoting phytochemicals as well as it is rich in anti-oxidant properties which helps to keep skin cells healthy, this factor is one of the major driving factor for the uses of the product in cosmetic as well as health supplements industry. Furthermore, changing lifestyle and growing number of working population has escalated the demand for processed foods, consequently impacting tomato powder market positively. Additionally, focus on R&D will contribute in the growth of tomato powder market. Tomato powder has diverse application in various food product lines including seasonings and savories, soup mixes, snack foods, curries and gravies, baby foods and many more which is driving the growth of the market. It is rich in flavor and used as a flavoring agent. Additionally, tomatoes hold health beneficial attributes which includes reduced risk of heart diseases and cancer, reduced blood pressure, improved eyesight and improved skin quality which is escalating the usage of tomatoes. However, storage of fresh tomatoes is a rising concern among consumers which has opened doors for tomato powder market as a substitute of fresh tomatoes. Moreover, changing consumer lifestyle and increasing consumption of processed food is adding fuel to the growth of tomato powder market owing to its high shelf life. However, lycopene present in tomato causes allergy to some consumers which may hamper the market growth of tomato powder. 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