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Production Of Tissue Paper From Recycled Paper

Production of Tissue Paper from Recycled Paper. Recycling of Waste Paper to Tissue Paper Tissue paper is soft, feathery, lightweight, highly absorbent, tear resistant, disposable and relatively strong paper products. The tissue paper name originates from the French word “tissue”, which meaning cloth. Because of the tissue paper is as soft as cloth. It has become an important part in our daily life. Uses of this type of paper are increasing rapidly in worldwide. Overall, a person who lives in a developing country uses some kilograms of tissue paper per year. Tissue can be made both from virgin and recycled paper pulp. Applications Hygienic tissue paper Hygienic tissue paper is commonly used for facial tissue (paper handkerchiefs), napkins, bathroom tissue and household towels. Paper has been used for hygiene purposes for centuries, but tissue paper as we know it today was not produced in USA before the mid-1940s. In Western Europe large scale industrial production started in the beginning of 1960s. Facial tissues Facial tissue (paper handkerchiefs) refers to a class of soft, absorbent, disposable paper that is suitable for use on the face. The term is commonly used to refer to the type of facial tissue, usually sold in boxes, that is designed to facilitate the expulsion of nasal mucus from the nose although it may refer to other types of facial tissues including napkins and wipes. The importance of the paper tissue on minimizing the spread of an infection has been highlighted in light of fears over a swine flu epidemic. In the UK, for example, the Government ran a campaign called "Catch it, bin it, kill it", which encouraged people to cover their mouth with a paper tissue when coughing or sneezing. Paper towels Paper towels are the second largest application for tissue paper in the consumer sector. This type of paper has usually a basis weight of 20 to 24 g/m2. Normally such paper towels are two-ply. This kind of tissue can be made from 100% chemical pulp to 100% recycled fiber or a combination of the two. Normally, some long fiber chemical pulp is included to improve strength. Toilet Tissue Rolls of toilet paper have been available since the end of the 19th century. Today, more than 20 billion rolls of toilet tissue are used each year in Western Europe. Table napkins Table napkins can be made of tissue paper. These are made from one up to four plies and in a variety of qualities, sizes, folds, colors and patterns depending on intended use and prevailing fashions. The composition of raw materials varies a lot from deinked to chemical pulp depending on quality. The production of tissue paper is done by a paper machine which is fitted to a single large steam heated drying cylinder with hot air hood on it. The raw material used is generally paper pulp, though, owing to the technological advancement and innovation in the manufacturing of tissue paper, paper pulp is now used in less quantity. The paper contains the high amount of northern bleached softwood kraft pulp and chemi-thermo mechanical pulps which improve the water holding capacity making them further applicable for various purposes. The key factors driving the growth of the tissue paper industry include changing lifestyles, rising healthcare expenditures, increasing population apart from steady rise in global GDP. However, the growth of tissue paper industry is hindered by increasing demand of hand dryers by various organizations and other environmental factors which impacts it negatively. India tissue and wipes products market is one of the growing categories in hygiene industry of the country. Tissue paper market is segmented mainly into paper napkins, toilet papers, facial tissues and other tissue based products. Wipes market mainly comprises in two categories such as personal care wipes that includes baby wipes, facial wipes, cosmetic wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, feminine wipes, intimate wipes, etc. and household cleaning wipes that contains kitchen wipes, kitchen wipes, glass surface cleaning wipes, bathroom wipes, food service wipes, automotive care wipes. Personal hygiene is of prime importance to Indian consumers. In an age of increased awareness about hygiene and the range of products available, tissue and hygiene in India continues to post strong double-digit growth, with this performance also being supported by rising disposable incomes. Global Tissue Paper Market is expected to post a robust CAGR of over 6% by 2023, in value terms owing to the flourishing tourism and hospitality industry where paper towels and napkins are widely used. Moreover, the increasing population of working women globally coupled with the growing awareness among consumers related to health & hygiene is expected to drive the Global Tissue Paper Market by 2023. Based on the Product, the paper towel segment holds the largest market, owing to its cost-effectiveness and widespread use in the hospitality industries. Based on the distribution channel, the non-store retail segment is expected to lead the market by 2023, due to the convenience factor associated with online as well as teleshopping platforms. Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast year due to rising disposable incomes, improving standards of living and rapid industrialization and globalization in the emerging economies like China, Japan and India. Tissue paper primarily finds their application in commercial places, driving the growth of the commercial segment in the eco tissue paper market throughout the upcoming period. The growing demand by the consumers for tissue paper in commercial places drives the growth of this application segment in the tissue paper market. Global tissue paper market is expected to witness substantial growth over the forecast period on account of its multiple applications in the growing markets. The drivers of tissue paper industry for the forecast period are expected to be the changing lifestyle of consumers, rising healthcare expenditures, growing population and low penetration of substitutes for paper tissues. Furthermore, tissue paper industry is expected to dominate the market owing to the awareness amongst people for hygiene and cleanliness. Making Toilet / Tissue Paper from Recycled Materials • Waste paper is collected, sorted and brought to the paper plant mill, where it is mixed with water and chemicals, then pulped, filtered, refined and turned into pulp. • The treated pulp comes out of the paper mill on a jumbo roll, which is then transported to a converting tissue plant where it will be converted into the final product (i.e. toilet rolls / tissue paper). • The toilet / tissue paper is then embossed, perforated and transferred onto long toilet logs as per the correct sheet count. • The long toilet / tissue paper logs are then fed to the band saw which automatically cuts the toilet / tissue paper logs to the correct size, ready to be packed. • It is then fed into the various wrapping machines and shipped to the various retailers. 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