BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 FN:Lucy Wu ORG:Xiamen Hong Yin Printing TITLE:Foriegn Trade Assistant ADR;WORK:;;12f,no.392 Jiahe Road,xiamen,china ;Xiamen;Fujian Province;361009;China TEL;WORK:865922255105 TEL;FAX:865922255106 EMAIL;INTERNET:[email protected] URL;INTERNET: NOTE;Xiamen Hong Yin Printing Co. Ltd Specialise In Paper Products, Including Design, Production And Sales. Our Main Products Are Gift Boxes, Cosmetic Boxes, Jewellery Boxes, Calendars, Shopping Bags And We Also Take Customised Orders. High-grade Paper Machines Have Been Brought In To Professional Production With High Capacity. END:VCARD