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Calcium Propionate Manufacturing Industry

Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Calcium Propionate Manufacturing Industry. Production of Calcium Propanoate

The calcium propionate market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6%

Calcium propionate, also commonly known as calcium propanoate, is produced through fermentation of bacteria. It is a natural salt available in small quantities in many food items. Calcium propionate is added to food items, as it keeps them fresh by preventing the growth of bacteria and mold. Calcium propionate acts as an antimicrobial agent; it kills microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, viruses, and fungi. It is considered an ideal bakery preservative. Additionally, calcium propionate is utilized in feed supplement to prolong the shelf life of food products.

Calcium propionate is the calcium salt of propionic acid. It is formed by reacting calcium hydroxide and propionic acid. Calcium propionate is available in powder, liquid and compressed form. It is a source of calcium and energy for dairy transition cows. Calcium propionate is used as a mold inhibitor in various dairy products, animal feed as well as in agricultural applications. Calcium propionate also acts as a food preservative and hence finds a wide range of application in the dairy products. It is used to guarantee food safety of bakery and dairy products. Its use in the baked food application depends on variety of factors such as climatic conditions, type of products and many others.

In addition, calcium propionate is mostly preferred in rolls as it contributes to nutrition enhancement by adding calcium. Moreover, calcium propionate finds application in pesticides. The global calcium propionate market is anticipated to witness a moderate single digit growth in the forecast period.

Calcium propionate is used as a food preservative in breads and other baked goods because of its ability to inhibit the growth of molds and other microorganisms. It is not toxic to these organisms, but does prevent them from reproducing and posing a health risk to humans.


·         Calcium propionate is added with other ingredients in the dough. Potassium sorbate and sorbic acid cannot be used in dough since they damage the yeast and they can only be used by spraying on the surface of products after baked.

·         Calcium propionate is the most effective below pH 5.5. Below this pH, the active component, propionic acid, is undissociated and becomes active. The dough pH needs to be below 5.5 and well controlled to effectively control mold.

·         The recommended level of calcium propionate is 0.19-0.32% based on flour weight. At higher application levels, it imparts a distinct acid taste to bread.

·         Calcium propionate can help lower the sodium concentration in bread. When 0.3% calcium propionate is used without sodium chloride, bread was mold free for 12 days. When 0.3% is used with 1.2% sodium chloride, the bread was mold free for 13 days.


Market Outlook

Global calcium propionate market is expected to witness high growth over the forecast period on account of growing consumer preferences for fresh food products. Increasing health concerns coupled with changing consumer lifestyle has prompted the use of calcium propionate in recent past. It is majorly used as a preservative in bakery products including bread, processed meat, baked products and various dairy products. Calcium propionate also acts as antimicrobial agent for killing microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, viruses and fungi.

The calcium propionate market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6%, to reach a value of USD 363.3 million by 2023 from USD 277.1 million in 2018.

The growing food industry is expected to fuel the demand for calcium propionate in the forecast period. Moreover, the changing lifestyle is affecting the food consumption habits of people and hence is expected to boost the calcium propionate market. The increasing demand for food preservation is anticipated to be one of the major demand driver in the global calcium propionate market in the near future. Growing concerns among the customers regarding hygiene and fresh food would help grow the calcium propionate market. R&D investments and proper expansion in the growing markets can create better opportunities for the global calcium propionate market players.

The growing food industry in China and India is expected to boost the demand for calcium propionate in developing regions in the upcoming years. However, the stringent regulations pertaining to quality and food safety is projected to restrain the global calcium propionate market. Local regulations should be checked for allowed applications and dosage levels.

For example, calcium propionate is authorized for use in food and technology additives in Europe. However, the usage rates in Southeast Asia may be higher as compared to Europe as the conditions are more favorable for growth of spoilage organisms. Also, growing competition from other preservatives such as sodium propionate would be a threat for global calcium propionate market.

Some of the key market players identified in the global calcium propionate market are:

·         Niacet Corporation

·         ADDCON GmbH

·         M Food Chemical Co.,Ltd.

·         Kemira Oyj.

·         Fine Organics

·         Orthochem Pty Ltd

·         Perstorp Holding AB

·         Impextraco NV

Increasing adoption of calcium propionate by food industry is a major factor driving growth of the global calcium propionate market. In addition, increasing demand for ready-to-eat and packaged food products is another factor propelling growth of the target market.

A major factor hampering growth of the global calcium propionate market is stringent regulations for quality and safety of food products. In addition, availability of substitutes is another factor expected to restrain growth of the target market to a certain extent over the forecast period.

On the basis of application, the global market is segmented into bakery products, dairy & frozen desserts, meat, fish, and seafood products, animal feed, beverages, and others. The others segment includes pharmaceutical and agriculture.

It is a cost effective solution as compared to the other preservatives, which is a major factor that drives the market. Apart from being used as a preservative, it has a wide range of functions that drives the market, such as being used as an additive in cow feed. When it is used as an additive, it avoids the spread of milk fever disease among cows. Additionally, it can also be used as a pesticide for plants.   The increasing demand for ‘free-from’ food such as non-preservative food is the major restraint of the mentioned market. Moreover, the scarcity of raw materials and its rising prices are hindering production volumes. The product demand is increasing in the emerging markets such as Asia pacific and Latin American countries, which are almost unexplored. Therefore, proper expansion planning in these regions would be a great opportunity. In addition, manufactures are now focusing on various R&D and innovation investments to launch new products.

Rise in demand for preserved food is the major factor expected to drive the calcium propionate market during the forecast period. Increase in awareness about health in the food industry is also anticipated to boost the calcium propionate market. Calcium propionate offers various functional properties in different product lines. This coupled with the relatively lower cost of calcium propionate vis-à-vis other food preservatives is projected to propel the market in the near future. However, rise in demand for natural food preservatives is likely to hamper the market. Implementation of stringent government regulations on the production of synthetic food preservatives is also estimated to negatively impact the calcium propionate market. Nevertheless, untapped markets in emerging economies such as Asia Pacific, Latin America, and few regions of Africa offer immense opportunities to the calcium propionate market.

Based on region, the global calcium propionate market can be segregated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Europe accounted for prominent share of the global calcium propionate market in 2018. It was followed by North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East. However, Asia Pacific is expected to be a rapidly growing region of the market during the forecast period. Europe is anticipated to maintain its leading position during the forecast period.


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