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We can provide you detailed project reports on the following topics. Please select the projects of your interests.

Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of business, from analysing the market, confirming availability of various necessities such as plant & machinery, raw materials to forecasting the financial requirements. The scope of the report includes assessing market potential, negotiating with collaborators, investment decision making, corporate diversification planning etc. in a very planned manner by formulating detailed manufacturing techniques and forecasting financial aspects by estimating the cost of raw material, formulating the cash flow statement, projecting the balance sheet etc.

We also offer self-contained Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys and Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Identification and Selection of Plant and Machinery, Manufacturing Process and or Equipment required, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects on the following topics.

Many of the engineers, project consultant & industrial consultancy firms in India and worldwide use our project reports as one of the input in doing their analysis.

We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement.

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NameCapacityCost *Return %
Different Types of Fire Extinguisher75120 PCS/A3,237.3058.01
Drum Stick Powder-0.000.00
Decorative Laminated Sheet (sunmica)-0.000.00
Dehydrated Castor Oil-0.000.00
Distilled Water-0.000.00
Door Locks/ Pad locks-0.000.00
Drinking Straw From Propylene-0.000.00
Egg Trays300 Kgs/day165.8346.67
Extraction of Gold, Silver & Copper from the Alloy By Chemical Process-0.000.00
Extraction Of Lead From Lead Waste5 Ton/day193.6737.00
Emery Stone35,000 Sets of Triangle emery Stone/Year0.0055.00
Eucalyptus & Poplar Tree Plantation , Cultivation 0.000.00
Eucalyptus Plantation , Cultivation 0.000.00
F.R.P. Boat Building120 Boats/A 215.6247.10
Feldspar50 MT/A337.3637.85
Ferro Manganese (Medium Grade)-0.000.00
Fiber From Banana Plant & Manufacturing Of Bags Like Jute Bags1000 NOS/day19.3830.74
Five Star Hotel (Deluxe)150 Rooms10.1030.68
Fire Works-0.000.00
Fire Works Crackers, Flower Pots, Bombs & Sparklers20,000 Doz Bombs 20,000 Doz Sparkler 20,000 Doz Flower Pots 20,000 Doz Wire/Year0.0044.39
Fill Plug Compounds-0.000.00
Fish Net-0.000.00
Flush Doors, Chip Boards, Wood, Wool & Other Insulating Boards (On Boards Pannels)10000 m3/Year135.0035.70
Friction Dust From Cashew shell Liquid1 T.P.D.0.000.00
Fuel Bricks from Saw Dust-0.000.00
Galvanized Iron Sheet (Plain & Corrugated)15 MT/day361.4637.44
Gold Salt 500 Gm/day113.7062.65
Granite And Marble Polishing stone2000 Pcs/day211.5040.00
Gama Globulin30 MT/Year30.0025.50
Gas Mantle Cloth10 T.P.D.525.0060.00
Gaskets Slims90,000 Nos/Month30.0021.81
Gas Filling in LPG Cylinders2,50,000 Cylinders of 14.2 Kgs each/Year160.0042.00
Gibberellic acid-0.000.00
Glazed Ceramic Tiles5,000 Tons/Year63.0051.00
Games Parlour-0.000.00
Glass Bottles7 Tons of Glass Vials 8 Tons of Glass Bottles (20 ml) 10 Tons of Glass Bottles (750 ml)/Day118.0066.56
Glass-Sheets50 Tons/Day420.0036.50
Goat and Sheep Farming-0.000.00
Golden Coloured Picture Frame-0.000.00
Gober Dust Powder-0.000.00
Gober Gas Plant-0.000.00
Gold Plated Silver Jewellery and Coutery100 pes Plates/Day -4-1275.0055.00
Granite Monuments100 T.P.D.163.0059.00
Gunny bags & Sutali Manufacture-0.000.00
Gypsum Plaster Boards-0.000.00
Handicrafts (Cane & Bamboo)165 MT/day26.6249.18
Health Club & Beauty Parlour200 NOS/day37.7228.83
Heat And Water Proof Compound For Construction20 MT/day171.6738.61
Hologram Sticker - 3D-0.000.00
Hot Roll Steel Bar Mill500 MT/day0.000.00
H.D.P.E. Tarpaulins1000 sqm./day38.0040.00
Hair Pomade-0.000.00
Hard Board3000 Tons/Year50.0046.22
Hard Coke17,500 MT of Coke/Year278.0032.00
Honey Processing & Packaging-0.000.00
I.V. Bottle (F.F.S. Technology)-0.000.00
Incense Sticks-0.000.00
Immitation Jewellery Rolled Gold, Silver & StoneRolled gold-300 Ton Rolled Silver-300 Ton Rolled Stone -300 Tons/Year0.0055.00
Insulation Panels and Board Using Vegetable Wastes6,000 Tons/Year60.0046.48
Jute Tar Felt Plant50,000 Sq. M. of Jute for Felt/Month30.0032.84
L.P.G. Cylinder Testing Centre3 Ton/day106.9350.44
Lamp Shades & chandeliers -0.000.00
Low Carbon Ferro manganese-0.000.00
Low Ash Matallurgical Coke Plant1000 MT/day6,921.7446.95
Lamination & Coating on Paper5 T.P.D.94.0060.00
Lamp Cap Compound-0.000.00
Lead Salt for Electric Meters-0.000.00
Leather for Upholstery (Sofa)15,000 of Uphol-stery/Year30.0055.95
Leather Shoes-0.000.00
Liquid Shoe Polish-0.000.00
Low Ash Content Coal from Rewashing Coal12,000 Tons good Qlty.15,000 Tons for brick Cooking/Year67.0052.28
Mattresses/Bedding (Automatic Machine)-0.000.00
Medical College with Hospital-0.000.00
Medical College with Hospital & Research Institute 1,683.8852.42
Muffler & Silencer Pipes For Four Wheeler100 NOS/day85.1348.80
Municipal Garbase Treatment24 Tons/say118.4525.00
Coloured Joint Filler Used For Jointing Tiles10 MT/day166.3433.11
Magnesite From Magnesite Ore50000 MT/day937.1843.69
Market Complex26.6540.42
Metol2 MT/day202.7954.37
Multistoried Commercial Complex-0.000.00
M.G. Paper from Waste Paper10 T.P.D.0.000.00
M.G. Paper & Mill Board Unit20 T.P.D.0.000.00
Malachite Green750 Kgs/Day62.0032.65
Malt Packaging10,80,000 Bottle Containing 500 Gms. Content Each/Year35.0030.60
Match Box Plant-0.000.00
Match Boxes Making Plant-0.000.00
Measuring Tapes (Steel, Metallic-0.000.00
Metal Polishing and Buffing Bars6,00,000 of Polishing Bars/Year79.0048.00
Mica Paper for Electrical Insulation300 Tons of Mica Paper/Year0.000.00
Mineral Water300 Lakhs Bottles/Year225.0053.90
Mini Cement & H2SO4 Plant9,000 MT of Cement & 1,000 MT of H2SO4 /Annum175.0048.75
Mini Cement Plant30,000 MT/Year167.0024.65
Mini Flour Mill50 T.P.D.0.000.00
Mosaic Tiles10,000 Tiles/Day40.0057.77
Mosquito Coils-0.000.00
Mosquito Repellent Mats-0.000.00
Multiple lamination Industry1 Tons./Day30.0040.15
Multiwall Paper Bags1,20,00,000 Bags/Year147.0065.00
Mushroom Growing and Processing (by deep freezing method)3000 T.P.D.675.0060.00

  • Cost is in Indian Rupee INR '00,000 (hundred thousand/Lakhs)
  • T.C.I is Total Capital Investment
  • We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
  • Caution: The project's cost, capacity and return are subject to change without any notice. Future projects may have different values of project cost, capacity or return.

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NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES (NPCS) is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy services. NPCS is manned by engineers, planners, specialists, financial experts, economic analysts and design specialists with extensive experience in the related industries.

Our various services are: Detailed Project Report, Business Plan for Manufacturing Plant, Start-up Ideas, Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs, Start up Business Opportunities, entrepreneurship projects, Successful Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, project report, Cost and Revenue, Pre-feasibility study for Profitable Manufacturing Business, Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Market Study, Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities, Business Opportunities, Investment Opportunities for Most Profitable Business in India, Manufacturing Business Ideas, Preparation of Project Profile, Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Study, Market Research Study, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Report, Identification and Section of Plant, Process, Equipment, General Guidance, Startup Help, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial project and Most Profitable Small Scale Business.

NPCS also publishes varies process technology, technical, reference, self employment and startup books, directory, business and industry database, bankable detailed project report, market research report on various industries, small scale industry and profit making business. Besides being used by manufacturers, industrialists and entrepreneurs, our publications are also used by professionals including project engineers, information services bureau, consultants and project consultancy firms as one of the input in their research.

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