Selected Formulary Book on Inks, Paints, Lacquers, Varnishes and Enamels

Selected Formulary Book on Inks, Paints, Lacquers, Varnishes and Enamels

Author: NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788190439855
Code: NI192
Pages: 568
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Published: 2007
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A formula is an entity constructed using the symbols and formation rules of a given logical language. In science, a specific formula is a concise way of expressing information symbolically as in a mathematical or chemical formula. Formulation is a key process in the overall life cycle so that products are delivered that is of the right quality, at a competitive cost, and is made available within the specified time scale. The chemical formula identifies each constituent element by its chemical symbol and indicates the number of atoms of each element found in each discrete molecule of that compound. If a molecule contains more than one atom of a particular element, this quantity is indicated using a subscript after the chemical symbol and also can be combined by more chemical elements. It is all in the formula, whose implications also remain undiscovered by modern economists. It plays a major role in every process whether it is manufacturing process or preservation. There is a big importance of formula in our life because formulas and equations deal with everyday things like shapes, investments, mixing things, movement, lighting, travel and a host of other things they provide information you can use in planning activities.
This book basically deals with inks and marking inks, inks for stamp pads, inks for hand stamps, color stamps for rough paper, indelible hand stamp ink, white stamping ink for embroidery, stencil inks, blue stencil inks, indelible stencil inks, sympathetic inks, typewriter ribbon inks,
coloring agents, writing inks, how to decorate furniture, novelties, furniture lacquer enamels, white lacquer enamel, egg shell white enamel, high gloss while enamel, colors for furniture spraying, furniture lacquer formulas., enamels and industrial varnishes, general purposes varnish, spar and boat varnish, exterior varnish, varnish for outside work, spar and yacht varnish, quick drying interior varnish, crystal varnish (indoor), hard varnish for floors, colored linseed oil floor dressing, wrinkle finish varnish, brewers pitch and keg varnishes, undercoat varnish, quick drying varnish mastic varnish etc.
This book present several hundred advanced product formulations for household, industrial and other applications. This book will be of help to development chemists looking for leads in the formulation of a wide range of products.

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Newspaper Picture Transfer Fluid
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Lithographic Plate Resist
Moistening Fluid For Mimeograph Rolls
“Make-ready” For Relief Printing
Mercury Printing Plate Treatment
Printers’ “Make-ready” Composition
Printers’ Roller Composition
Printers’ Rollers
Recovery of Glycerin From Printers’ Rollers
Rejuvenating Typewriter Rollers
Multigraph Inks
Ink For Hectographs
Heliograph Printing Ink
Kymograph Ink
Dispersing Oil For Pigment Inks
Ink For Line-drawing Machines
Watermark Mixture
Carbon Duplicating Papers (Black)
Copying Paper
Impregnation or Coatings For Carbon Papers, Typewriter Ribbons, Etc
Typewriter Ribbon Ink
Typewriter Ribbon, Reviving
Color For “Blue Transfers”
Stencil Sheets
Duplicator Stencil Moistening Fluid
Duplicating Machine Stencils
Tracing Cloth
Ink For Tattooing Chickens
Temperature Indicating Inks
Hectograph Composition
Indelible Copying Leads
Non-offset Compound
Ink: Copying and Record
Ink: Writing
Writing Ink
Duplicating Ink
Stencil Ink
Typewriter Ribbon Ink
Stamp Pad Ink
White India Ink
Water Soluble Aniline Ink
Quick-drying, Non-penetrating Inks
Multigraph Inks
Photomechanical Inks
Autographic Transfer Ink
Benday Ink
Developing Inks
Photolitho Transfer Ink
Etching Inks
Hard Etching Ink
Soft Etching Ink
Finishing Ink
Rolling Up Ink
Photogravure Inks
Red Intaglio Printing Ink
Brown Intaglio Printing Ink
Textile Priting Ink
Fabric Marking Ink
Finger Print Ink
Ink For Printing on Wet Lumber
Celluloid Ink
Ink For Cellulose Acetate
Permanent Glass Marking Ink
Glass Etching Ink
Matt Etching Powder For Glass
Ink For Porcelain
Invisible Ink
Burnishing Ink
Ink Eraser
Removing Ink Spots
Leather, Skins, Furs
Detergent For Hide Hair
Persian Leather Chrome Liquors
Stripping Persian Leather
Writing Ink—Red
Writing Ink— Blue Black
Red Writing Ink
Blue Writing Ink
Jet Black Writing Ink
Concentrated Ink, Powder and Tablets
Ink: Red
Hectograph Ink
Stamp-pad Ink
Recording Inks
Indelible Marking Ink
Blue-print Ink
Ink For Brass
Printing Ink For Cellulose Acetate Film
Ink, Concentrated Writing
Ink, Gold Bronze,
Writing And Copying Ink
Ink For Glass and Procelain
Ink For Writing On Glass
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Ink, Graining
Hectograph Ink
Hectograph Mass
Ink, Indelible
Intaglio Ink
Printing Inks
Typographic Inks
News Inks
Lithographic Inks
Rotographic Inks
Printing Inks
Yellow Pigments
Chrome Yellows
Invisible Ink
Ink, Invisible
Laundry Marking Ink.
Indelible Laundry Ink
Marking Ink
Marking Ink, Waterproof
Acid Proof Marking For Quartz Thermometers
Marking Ink
Blue Marking Ink
Ink, Meat Branding
Meat Stamping Inks
Inks For Metals
Mimeograph Ink Base
Mimeograph Ink
Ink, Mimeograph
Outdoor Ink
Ink, Recording Instrument
Rubber Stamp Ink
Black Stencil Ink
Ink For Use on Metals
Typewriter Ribbon Ink
Stamp Pad Ink
Ink, Sheep Marking
Sausage Marking Ink
Stamping Ink
Ink, Stencil
Ink, Sympathetic
Ink, Invisible or Sympathetic
Transfer Ink
Waterproof Drawing Inks
Dye Toners For Printing Inks
Ink Eradicator For Tracing Cloth
Ink For Zinc
Blue Copying Pencil
Anilinle Blue (Water Soluble)
Colored Pencil Leads
Red Indelible Lead
Stencil Sheet
Stencil Sheet Coating
Stencil Paper
Preserving Vegetables And Fish
Preventing Mold On Stored Meats
Inks And Marking Compounds
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Lithographic Color Ink
Lithographic Ink for Reproductions
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Fine Lithographic Ink
Typographic Ink for Prints
Lithographic Inks with Oil-Varnishes Thickened by a Resin
Varnish for Lithographic Inks
Varnish for Artistic Prints Medium Strength
Medium Varnish (for Inks)
Evanescent (Invisible) Inks
Billiard Chalk
Cellulose Transfer Inks.
Emulsifiable Transfer Ink
Ink Remover
Non-inflammable Ink Remover
Printing Form Cleaner
Printing Roller Cleaner
General Printing Cleaner
Intaglio Printing Press Cleaner
Off-Set Printing Cleaner
Ink Remover
Ink Eradicator
Stencil Coating Paste
Calcium Oleate Solution
Ammonium Oleate Solution
While Stencil Paste
Black Stencil Paste
Red Stencil Paste
Sizing Walls for Kalsomine
Instructions For Making Lacquers
Brushing Lacquer Formulas
Clear Lacquer
Yellow Brushing Lacquer
White Lacquer Brushing
Black Brushing Lacquer
Red Brushing Lacquer
Blue Brushing Lacquer
Brown Brushing Lacquer
Green Brushing Lacquer

Thinner Formula For Brushing Lacquer
How to Decorate Furniture Novelties
Furniture Lacquer Enamels
White Lacquer Enamel
Egg Shell White Enamel
High Gloss While Enamel
Colors for Furniture Spraying
Furniture Lacquer Formulas.
Universal Thinners.
Cold Paints, Bronzing Liquids.
Lacquer Formulations
Involving the Use of Glyceryl
Phthalate Synthetic Resin
Chlorinated Diphenyl Lacquer
Phenolic Resin Solution Lacquer
Vinyl Compounds Lacquers
Dibutyl Phthalate (% of resin content)
Cellulose Acetate Lacquer
Baking Enamels
Polymerized Acrylic Compounds
Benzyl and Ethyl Cellulose
Lacquer Solvents
Lacquer Plasticizers
Ceramic Insulation Binder
Transparent Siliceous Materials
Acid Resisting Frit
Coating Incandescent Globes Green
Glazes Without Lead for Terra Cotta
Glazed Pottery, Tiles, Etc.
Ceramic Glaze Maturing Below ° C.
Refractory Articles
Modeling Clay
Refractory Paint for Firebrick
Dyes for Coloring Clay Slips or Glazes
Black Paint for Marking Refractories
Enameling Composition
Enameling or Glazing Metals
Production of Enameled Iron
Disinfectant “Paint”
Roof Paint
(Black) Roof Coating
“Silver” Roof Paint
Painting Over Dark-Stained Shingles
Painting Stained Shingles
Wood Preservation Paint Primer
Acid and Water Resistant Coating for Table Tops
Refinishing Damaged Table Top
Filler for Fine Cracks Before Painting
Painting Pine Log Cabin
Paints for Cedar, Cypress and Redwood
Barn Paint
Barrel Paints
Orange Vinsol Barrel Paint
Red Vinsol Barrel Paint
Black Vinsol Barrel Paint
Alcohol Resistant Bar Finishing
Coating for Butter Tubs
Glue Paints
Protective Paint for Stone Surfaces
Artificial Wall Stone Coating
Blackboard Slating Paint
Finishes for Slate
Imitation Marble
Aluminum Paint
Aluminum Printing for wood
Steel Paint
Metal Coating for Paper and Fabrics
Auto Top Dressing
Coating Inside of Latex Drums
Ink Resistant Fountain Pen Barrel
Dental Model Coating
Quick Drying Temporary Protective
Fireproof Paint
Fireproofing Coating
Non-inflammable Paint
Peelable Adhesive Protective Coating
Filler, Marking and Coating
Cellulose Acetate Cloth Coatings
Sound Insulating Coating
Electrical Insulating Tape Coating
Battery Terminal Coating Compound
Corrosion Proof Cable Coating
Ozone Resistant Cable Coating
Protecting Underground Pipes
Graphite Paints
Acid Resisting Paint
Paint for Chemical Laboratories
Matrix Coating Composition
Coating for Candles
Paint Drier
Stabilized Paint Drier
Cobalt Drier
Silk Screen Stencil Filler
Paint Filler
Furniture Filler
Clear Primer for Polished Surfaces
Zinc White-Paste for Paints
Chrome Green Pigment
Lead Chromate Pigment
Dispersible Carbon Black
Barium Carbonate from Heavy Spar
Lake Colors
Luminous Paints, Pigments
Light from an Argon Bulb
Water Varnish
Staining Gut Leaders for Fishing
Varnish for Flies, Etc.
Brick Coating Varnish
Varnishes For Paper
Poster Varnish
Cellulose Varnish
Transparent Paper Varnish
Paper Varnishes
Varnishing Wall Paper
Wall Primer Varnish
Varnish for Rubber
“Anchoring” Varnish to Rubber
Tar Oil Varnishes
Soybean Oil Varnishes
Medium Long Oil Varnish Without
China Wood Oil
Oiticica Stand Oils and Varnishes
Stand Oil
Pure Stand Oil
Stand Oil from Oiticica and Linseed Oils
Enamels and Industrial Varnishes
General Purposes Varnish
Spar and Boat Varnish
Exterior Varnish
Varnish for Outside Work
Spar and Yacht Varnish
Quick-Drying Interior Varnish
Crystal Varnish (Indoor)
Hard Varnish for Floors
Colored Linseed Oil Floor Dressing
Wrinkle Finish Varnish
Brewer’s Pitch and Keg Varnishes
Undercoat Varnish
Quick Drying Varnish
Mastic Varnish
Spirit Finish
“EL” Varnish
Glossy Machine Paints and Varnishes
Gasoline Pump Enamel Varnish
Vinsol Pump Enamel Varnish
Stove-Pipe Varnish
Tough Varnish
Furniture Dye (Stain)
Dark Smoky Brown
Shingle Stains
Flat Lacquer
Clear Lacquer
Clear Furniture Lacquer Base
Wood Lacquer
Lacquer for Wooden. Floors
Floor Polish (Lacquer)
Inside Gloss White Lacquer
Typical Cellulose (Nitro.) Lacquer
Oil Resisting Lacquer
Durable Brushing Lacquer
Ski Lacquer (to Use as Base for Waxes)
Ski Lacqeur
Wax “Lacquer”
“Lacquer” for Furniture, Shellac
Gelva Outside Lacquers
Luminous Outdoor Lacquer
Luminous Lacquer Coating
Crystallizing Lacquer
Clear Auto Lacquer Base
Black Automobile Lacquer
Aluminum Lacquer for Automobile Cylinders
Black Lacquer for Steering Wheels
Clear Metal Lacquer Base
Treatment for Adhering Lacquer to   Chromium Plate
Beer Can Lacquer
Stove Lacquer
Asphaltum Lacquer for Iron
Shellac Lacquers for Tin Foils
Metal Foil Lacquer
Insulating Cable Lacquer
Insulating Lacquer
Rubber Lacquer
Rubbing Clear Lacquer
Latex Dope
Rubber Lacquer
Gloss Rubber Coating Lacquer
Electric Cable Lacquer
Lacquer for Shoe Tips
Suede Finish Lacquer
Cloth Coating Lacquer
“Lacquer” for Glassine Paper
Gloss Paper Coating Lacquer
Bottle Lacquer
Lacquer for Putty
Stencil Correcting-Lacquer
Correcting Lacquer for Multigraph Stencil
Black-Board “Lacquer”
Sealing Lacquer
Black Lacquer
Cheap Black Lacquer
Bronze Lacquer
Bronzing Lacquer, Non-Gelling
Marbleizing Lacquer
Dull Finish Lacquer
Colored Master Batch for Lacquers
Colored Lacquer Chips
Lacquer Finish Rejuvenator
Undercoat for Lacquer
Dental Model Lacquer
Confectionery Lacquer (Glaze)
Lacquers for Chocolate (Glazes)
“Lacquer” for Washable Wall Papers
Lacquering Cardboard for Chair and Floor Coverings
Cumarone Base Lacquers
Cumarone Lacquer Base
Cellulose Acetate Coatings
Spraying” and-Dipping Lacquers
Leather Coating
Wire Coating
Cloth Coating
Hercose C Coatings
Clear Metal Lacquers
Clear Lacquer
Lacquers for Special Metals
Cork Tile Lacquers
Low Flammability
Bronzing Liquids
Sealer Between Coats
Textile and Paper Lacquers
Airplane Lacquer (Dope)
Airplane Fabric “Dopes”
Color Coat Lacquer
Lacquer Primer
Nitrocellulose Solvents
Solvent for Vinyl Lacquers
Thinners for Vinyl Acetate
Resins (Gelva)
For Spraying Lacquers
For Brushing Lacquers
Barrel Sealing Compound
Sealer for Asphalt Emulsion Coated Walls
Seal for Gasoline, Oil and Water Pipes
Quick Seal for Radiators (External)
Sanding Sealer
Hat Stiffeners, Water Soluble
Hat Sizings or Stiffeners
Low Priced Waterproof Hat Stiffener
Cheap Dope Hat Sizings
Hat Finishing
Wall Glaze
Stone Sizing Material
Size for Lettering on Galvanized Iron
Gold Size
Applying Gold Leaf on Molding
Liquid Varnish Remover
Varnish and Lacquer Remover
Rubber, Oil Paints
Paint Remover
Paint and Lacquer Removers Non-inflammable
Removers for Cellulose and “Spirit” Lacquers
Removers for Chlorinated Rubber
Oil Cellulose and “Spirit”
Lacquers and Paints
Removers for Lacquers and Paints
Paint Removers (for Oil Paints)
Removers for Oil, Rubber, Cellulose Lacquers or Paints
Miscellaneous Paint Removers
Paint and Varnish Remover
Care of Brushes
Cleaning Paint Brushes
Paint Brush Cleaner
Paint Deodorizer
Rust Preventing Mixture
Waterproofing Composition
Waterproofing Compound
Waterproofing Adhesive Composition
Transparent, Flexible, Moisture-Proofing
Waterproofing for Casein Finish
Fireproof and Waterproof Coating Composition
Insoluble Albumen Coatings
Moisture Proof Coating for “Cellophane”
Moisture Proofing for “Cellophane”
Waterproof Casein Coating
Waterproof Gelatin Coating
Making a Surface Non-Wettable by Mineral Oil
Waterproof Insulation for Textiles, Paper, Etc.
Translucent Waterproofing for Paper and Leather
Resurfacing and Waterproofing for Roofs
Moisture Proof Coating for Wood
Waterproofing Brick Walls with Paint
Paints, Enamels, Varnishes Lacquers
White Traffic Paint
Yellow Traffic Paint
Light Yellow Traffic Paint
Medium Yellow Traffic Paint
Orange Traffic Paint
Asbestos Shingle Paint
Priming Coat
Second Coat
Third Coat—Flat Finish
Third Coat—Gloss Finish
How to Paint Asbestos Shingle
Water-Paint Binder
Distemper Paint From Oil Seed Waste
Waterproof Floor Coating
Water Resistant Zein Composition
Bituminous Coating for Road Rock
Black Tire Finish
Finish for Synthetic Rubber
Water Shellac, Concentrated Fluid
Shellac, Water Soluble
Improving Gloss of Shellac Films
Soluble Rosin
Fire Retardant Paint
Heat Resistant Metallic Paint
Non-Inflammable Airplane Paint
Waterproof Paint
Wash Proof Paint
Washable Wall Coating
Sound Insulating Paint
Paint for Bituminous Articles
Anti-Corrosive Ship Bottom Paint
Stove Paint
Dulling Gloss of Painted Walls
Re-Polishing Gloss Paint
Gasoline Storage Tank Paints Primers
Oil Paints
Two-Coat Exterior Paint System
Waterproof Window Lettering Paint
Weather Resisting Paint
Window Glass Paint
Air-Raid Black Out
Aluminum Paint
Non-Gelling Aluminum Paint
Chlorinated Rubber Paint
Superior Acid and Alkali Resisting Paint (N.B.)
Starch Wall Paint (Protective)
Fluorescent Paints
Tungstate Fluorescent Salts
Phosphorescent Zinc Sulphide
Luminous Paints
Luminous Pigment Paints
Luminous Moldings
Luminous Stones
Luminous Pigment Paints
Plasticizers for Luminous Paints
Vehicles for Luminous Paints
Luminescent Coating for Mercury Vapor Lamps
Conductive Coating for Electron Discharge Devices
Fluorescent Liquids
Phosphorescent Material
Fluorescent Material
Fluorescent Screen
X-Ray Shielding Compound
High Gloss Dammar-Alkyd Architectural White Enamels
Low-Cost White Enamels
Bobbin Enamel
Quick Drying Red Oxide Enamel   Chlorinated Rubber
Alkali Resisting Black Enamel
Enamelling of Iron
Porcelain Enamel Patching
Use and Care of Paint Brushes
Bakelite-Linseed Oil
Bakelite-Soybean Oil
Ester Gum-Linseed Oil
Ester Gum-Soybean Oil
Bakelite-Soybean Oil
Bakelite-Linseed Oil
Ester Gum-Tung Oil
Ester Gum-Soybean Oil
Staining Wood for Piano Keys
Fumed Wood Finish
Marbelizing Wood
Wood Primer
Non-Grain Raising Wood Stain
Wood Preservative & Stain
Light Fast Pigment Stain
White Pickled Finish on Birch Wood
Black Stain for Wood Laboratory Desk Tops
Fluorescent Lamp Coating
Fluorescent X-Ray Screen
Ethyl Cellulose Lacquer
Ethyl Cellulose Solvent
Jet Block Lacquer
Medium Jet Black Lacquer
Second Black Lacquer
Lacquer for Sheet Metal Objects
Wood Lacquer Easy Rubbing
Lacquer for Zinc
Wood Lacquer-Check Resisting
Durable, Polished Metal Lacquer
Coating Lacquer-Slow Burning
Hot Melt Paper Lacquer
Lacquer, Esterified Copal
Sanding Sealer Lacquer
Nitrocellulose Lacquer Emulsion
Lacquers for Hot Application
Hot Lacquer Formula Base
Hot Lacquer Thinners
Clear Lacquer, Outside
Automobile Enamel Lacquer
Perspiration Resistant Lacquer
Transparent Waterproof Coating
Lacquer for Glass Fabric
Anti-Shattering Lacquer for Glass Windows
Moisture-Vapor-Proof Lacquers for Paper
Book cover Coating
Straw Hat Coating
Ski Coating
Flexible, Flame-Proof Electrical Insulation
Oilproof Material
Window Shade Filling
Non-Offset Printing Spray
Lacquer Thinner Blends
Non-Chalking Pigments
Mineral Violet Pigment
Molybdenum Orange Pigment
Luminous Pigments
Alkaline Earth Sulphide Type
Luminous Pigments
Technical Batches
Luminous Pigments From Zinc Sulphide
Precipitation of Zinc Sulphide
Zinc Sulphide Pigment
Technical Procedure for Zinc Sulphide
Mixture of Flux and Activating Metal Salt
Lacquers, Paints, Varnishes, Stains
Cotton Solution
Clear Lacquers
Wood Lacquers
Flat Lacquer
Rubbing or Polishing Lacquer
Alcohol Proof Lacquers
Wood Enamels (Pyroxylin)
Metal Lacquers
Automobile Lacquers
Leather Lacquers
Bronzing Lacquer
Specialty Lacquers
Nail Polish Lacquer (Clear)
Olive Green Dipping Enamel
Anti-fouling Lacquer
Lacquer Black Coating
Lacquer Coating, Non-inflammable
Non-Blushing Lacquers
Pearl Wood Lacquer
White Lacquer Enamels
Nitrocellulose Lacquers
Lacquer, Shellac Ester
Lacquer Thinners
Undercoat, Lacquer
Imitation Chinese Lacquer
Non-Gelling Lacquers
Non-Gelling Metallic Lacquers
Artificial Flower Pearl Lacquer
Pearl Dipping Solution
Pearl Enamels
Non-Chalking Lacquer Coating
Lacquer Pigment Base
Pyroxylin and Rubber Lacquer
Lacquer, Quick Drying
Paper Lacquer
“Pearl” Lacquer
Bronze Lacquer, Non-Thickening
Crackle Lacquer Base
Crystallizing Lacquer
Tinting Lacquers, Shellacs, Etc.
Air-Plane Wing Dope
Addition of Pigments
Airship Fabric Dope
Air Plane Dope
Anti-fouling Composition
Paste Paints
Zinc Oxide
Red Lead
White Lead
Interior Paints
Wall Wash for Neutralizing Free Lime on Fresh Walls
Quick Drying Enamels
Gloss Oil
50 gal. Rosin Varnish
25 gal. Rosin. Varnish
50 Gal. ester Varnish
Ester Cut
4 Hour Varnish (Partial Phenol-formaldehyde)
Type of Resin
40 gal. Phenol-formaldehyde Type of Gum
25 Gal Ester Varnish
Dammar Cut
Interior Enamel
Interior Flat Paint
Interior Gloss Paint
Exterior House Paint
Black Stoving Enamels or Baking Japans
Air Drying Black Enamels and Varnishes
Wood Paints
Flat Lacquer Paste
Clear Gloss Lacquer
Priming Coat
Second Coat (New Outside Wood)
Third Coat (New Outside Wood)
First Coat (Repainting Outside Wood)
Second Coat (Repainting Outside Wood)
Priming Coat (Soft Wood Floors)
Priming Coat (Hard Wood Floors)
Second Coat (Wood Floors)
Third Coat (Wood Floors)
Underside Porch Floors
Fairly Permanent
Interior Wall Paints
Interior Wood Painting
Priming Coat (Interior Plaster)
Second Coat (Interior Plaster)
Third Coat, Flat, Finish (Interior Plaster
Third Coat, Eggshell Finish (Interior Plaster)
Third Coat, Oil Gloss Finish (Interior Plaster)
Plastic Paint
Priming Coat (New Inside Wood)
Second Coat (New Inside Wood)
Third Coat, Flat Finish (New Inside Wood)
Third Coat, Eggshell Finish
Third Coat, Oil Gloss Finish
First Coat Over Shellac
Interior Wood Stains
Stain Formulas
Painting Stucco, Concrete, Brick Etc.
Priming Coat (Stucco, Concrete, Brick, Stone)
Second Coat (Stucco, Concrete, Brick, Stone)
Third Coat, Gloss Finish (Stucco, Concrete, Brick, Stone)
Third Coat, Flat Finish (Stucco, Concrete, Brick, Stone)
Second Coat (Concrete Floors)
Third Coat (Concrete Floors)
Metal Painting
Priming Coat (Exterior and Interior Metal)
Second Coat (Light Brown) (Exterior and Interior Metal)
Third Coat (Dark Brown) (Exterior and Interior Metal)
Third Coat (Light Green) (Exterior and Interior Metal)
Third Coat (Dark Green) (Exterior and Interior Metal)
Third Coat (Black) (Exterior and Interior Metal)
Second Coat (Exterior Metal)
Third Coat (Exterior Metal)
Third Coat (Light Gray) (Exterior Metal)
Priming Coat (Interior Metal)
Second Coat (Interior Metal)
Third Coat, Flat Finish (Interior Metal)
Third, Eggshell Gloss. Finish (Interior Metal)
Priming Coat (Galvanized Iron)
Second Coat (Galvanized Iron)
Third Coat (Galvanized Iron)
Boat Painting
Priming Coat (Boat Exterior)
Second Coat (Boat Exterior)
Finishing Coat (Boat Exterior)
Gloss Finishing Coat (Boat Exterior)
Priming Coat (Boat Interior)
Second Coat (Boat Interior)
Finishing Coat, Eggshell Gloss (Boat Interior)
Metal Work on Boats
Row Boats—Exterior and Interior
White Enamel Paint, Outdoor
Decorators' Varnish
Long Oil Outdoor Varnish
Flatting Varnish
White Tin-printing Enamel
White Enamel Paint Indoor
White Enamel Paint, Tin Printing
Decorator’s Varnish
Quick-drying Outdoor Varnish by the American Method
Water Paints
Silicate Water Paint
Fireproof Paint
Water Paint
Water Soluble Shellac Solution
Matt Finish Distemper
Oil-bound Distemper
Water Paint
Paint, Oil Emulsion
Railroad Water Tank Paint
Paint for Interior Plaster
Black Walnut Stain
Ebony Stain
Clear Shingle Stain
Colored Shingle Stain (Red)
Grind and add
Mahogany Stain
Traffic or Road Marking Paint
Vehicle for Ready Mixed Aluminum Paint
Vehicles for Aluminum and Bronzing Liquids
Vehicle for Outside Aluminum Paints
Vehicle for Interio-Aluminum Paints
Wall Sealers
Glazing Composition
Candy Glaze
Acid Resistant Paint
Antifouling Paint
Paint, Automobile Top
Auto Top Dressing
Blackboard Paint
Bridge Paint
Paint, Cement
Cement Water Paint
Cold Water Paint, Outside
Enamel Paint Remover
Enamel Paint (Outdoor)
Flexible Paint for Marking or Stencil Work
Freight Car Paint
Galvanized Iron, Treatment before Painting
Paint Grinding
Heat Resisting Paint
High Light Reflecting Paint
Priming Coat
Second Coat
Third Coat
Paint, Hydrocarbon Resistant
Paint, Iron Protective
Latex Paints
Heat Sensitive Paints
Luminous Paints
Marine Paint
Marine Paint
Paint, Oil Emulsion
Olive Drab Paint
Outside White Paint Base
Paint, Outside
Outside White Paint
Cheap Outside White Paint
Fresh Plaster, Painting On
Paint, Cold Water
New Plaster Wall Size
Varnish Formula No. LV-112
Rubbing Varnish
Varnish Formula No. LV-89
Varnish Formula No. LV-93
Varnish Formula No. LV-107
Varnish Formula No. LV-111
Ester Gum Mixing Varnish (L.V.-151)
LV-150 Oil
White Enamel
White Enamel
White Enamel
Varnish Formula No. LV-66
Four Hour Varnish
Medium Oil Varnish
Cobalt Drier
Manganese Drier
Short Oil Varnish
Medium Oil Varnish
Four Hour Varnish
Concrete Silos, Varnish for Interior of
Alkali Resisting Varnish
Varnish, Medium Oil-China Wood Oil
Long Oil—China Wood—Linseed—Rosin Type
Long Oil—China Wood Oil—Cumar Spar Type with Litharge
Long Oil—China Wood—Spar with Rosin and Litharge (Regular 34 gallon type)
Long Oil—China Wood Oil—Spar with a Resinate (25 gallon Quick Drying)
Short Oil—China Wood Oil Alone
Short Oil—China Wood Oil with a Holding Agent
Medium Oil—China Wood—Linseed Oil (Low Cooking Temperature)
75-Gallon Rosin Varnish Formula
25-Gallon Ester Gum Varnish Formula
50-Gallon Ester Gum Varnish Formula
75-Gallon Ester Gum Varnish Formula
25-Gallon Amberol F-7 Varnish Formula
50-Gallon Amberol F-7 Varnish Formula
75-Gallon Amberol F-7 Varnish Formula
25-Gallon Amberol 226 Varnish Formula
50-Gallon Amberol 226 Varnish Formula
75-Gallon Amberol 226 Varnish Formula
25-Gallon XR-254 Bakelite Varnish Formula
50-Gallon XR-254 Bakelite Varnish Formula
75-Gallon XR-224 Bakelite Varnish Formula
XK-944 Lead Manganese Drier
Varnish Formula
Baking Varnish for Wrinkle-Finish on Metal
Light Fast Colored Varnish
Bookbinder’s Varnish
Anti-Rust Varnish
Varnish, Anti-Skinning Agent for
Amberol Varnish
Bakelite Varnish
Bottle Varnish
Bakelite Type Varnish
Bakelite-Nevindene-Ester Gum
Bakelite-Nevindene Varnish for Maximum Adhesion
Bakelite-Nevindene Floor Varnish
Typical Blended Oil Esterified Rosin Mixing Varnish
Typical Example of an Enamel Varnish, Using Modified Phenol   Formaldehyde Resin
Crystallizing Varnish
Varnish, Electrical Conducting
Varnish Emulsion
Varnish, Flat
Hard Cold Made Varnish
Varnish, Insulating
Insulating Varnish
Orange Shellac Varnish
Quick Drying Rubbing Varnish
Liquid Drier
Quick Drying Floor or Interior Varnish
Quick Drying Spar Varnish
Heavy-Bodied Oil
Typical Resinate Varnish
Rubber Shoe Varnish
Short Oil Varnish (Wood Oil)
Short Oil Varnish (Linseed Oil)
Medium Oil Varnish
Long Oil Varnish (Linseed)
Spar Varnish
Straw Hat Varnish
Transfer Varnish
Violin Varnish
Water Shellac Varnish
Varnish, Water Resistant
Whitewash (Without Glue)
Plastic Paint
Paint, “Raised Surface”
Caking of Crystals, Prevention of
Roof Paint
Paint, Rust Proofing
Structural Steel Paint
Shellac Paint, Metallic
Ship Paint
Paints, Phosphorescent
Paint, Plastic
Paint Base for Textiles
Water Paint
Water Paint for Stucco
Cheap White Paint
Liquid Paint Drier
Wood Paint Primer
25-Gallon Rosin Varnish Formula
50-Gallon Rosin Varnish Formula
Paint and Varnish Remover
Wood Bleaches
Wood, Plastic
Wood Filler Powder
Acid Proof Wood Stain
Wood Stains, Non-Grain Raising
Preparing Zinc for Painting
Oil Soluble Stain
Synthetic Resin Finishes
Fused Manganese Resinate
Limed Rosin
Phthalic Anhydride Varnish Resin
Waterproof Shellac
Water Solution of Shellac
Laboratory Table Finish
Acid Proof Coating
Bituminous Coating
Butter Tubs, Coating for
Cellulose Coatings
Concrete Coating
Corrosion Resistant Coating
Pipe Coating
Pipe Line, Coating for Petroleum
Protecting Coating for Wax Finishes
Rubber Pyroxylin Coatings
Wall Coating
Wrinkled Finish Coating
Filler for Cast Iron
Filler for Automobile-Body Work
Crack Filler
Milk Bottle Caps
Dispersions of Casein and Shellac
Treating Concrete Oil Tanks
Precipitated Cobalt Linoleate (Drier)
Lead Drier
Nitrocellulose Emulsion
Urea Resin Stoving Finishes
Paint Remover
Varnish for Wax Coated Surface
Wood-Oil Stand-Oil (Thickened Wood-Oil)
Medium Long-Oil Varnish for Inside and Outside Use
Enamel Varnish
Long-Oil Boat Varnish (Yacht Varnish, Marine or Submersible Varnish, Non-Spotting Outside

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