Handbook on Pig Farming and Pork Processing (Feeding Management, Breeding, Housing Management, Sausages, Bacon, Cooked Ham with Packaging)


Handbook on Pig Farming and Pork Processing (Feeding Management, Breeding, Housing Management, Sausages, Bacon, Cooked Ham with Packaging)

Author: NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789381039786
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Pages: 272
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Published: 2016
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Pig farming is the raising and breeding of pigs. Among the various livestock species, piggery is most potential source for meat production and pigs are more efficient feed converters after the broiler. Pig rearing has traditionally been in the main occupational axis of the socially backward down-trodden class of Indian population since time immemorial. But at present commercial pig farming has greatly changed social scenario of this business in India. Now everyone is conscious about the economic importance of pig farming.

Pig farming for meat production is one of the best and profitable business ideas for people. There are several highly meat producing pig breeds available and Initial requirements of small investment, quick returns and utilization of bristles and manure further increase the importance of this animal.

This handbook is designed for use by everyone engaged in the pork production. The book explains about how to raise and care for pigs, by choosing the right breed, how to house, feed and breed them, butchering process, manufacturing process of various pork products and sample plant layouts & process flow sheets with machinery details. Major contents of the book are behavior of pigs, feeding management, pig breeding, housing management, diseases, pork processing, sausages, bacon, cooked ham, chilling and freezing of meat, meat packaging.

It will be a standard reference book for professionals, food technologists, entrepreneurs, and others interested in startup of pig farming and pork production.

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1. Introduction
Advantages of Pig Farming in India
Physical Characteristics of Pigs
SWOT Analysis of Piggery Sector
Pig Breeds
(1) Large White Yorkshire
(2) Jangali Bandel/Wild Boar
(3) Pygmi Bandel
(4) Landrace
(5) Middle White Yorkshire
(6) Hurra
(7) Chwanche
(8) Banmpudke
(9) Hampshire
2. Behaviour of Pigs
Social Behaviour
Rooting Behaviour
Maternal Behaviour
Huddling Behaviour
Sexual Behaviour
3. Feeding Management
Types of Nutrition
Feeding of Boars
Feeding of Female
Feeding of Farrowing Sow and Litter
Feeding for Piglets
Feeding of Growing and Finishing Pigs
Orphan Pigs
4. Pig Breeding
Managing the Sows
Selection of Breeding Gilt
Recognising the Heat
Selecting the Boar
Managing the Boar
Feeding and Housing the Boar
Timing the Service
The Birth and Care of the New-Born Piglets
Preparation Measures
Care of the New Born Piglets
Problems Related to the Birth
Slow Delivery
Accidental Killing of the Piglets by the Sow
The Sow Becomes ill After Farrowing
5. Housing Management
Selection of Housing Location
Construction Plan for a Good Pig House/Shed
Housing and Equipment
• The Boar and Boar Pen
• The Sow and Sow Pen
• The Dry Sow and Dry Sow Housing
• Farrowing Pens
• Weaners and Weaner Housing
• Grower and Finishing Pens
Different Models/Types of Pig House/Sheds
6. Diseases
Internal Parasites
(1) Roundworm
• Symptoms
• Prevention
(2) Tapeworm
• Symptoms
• Prevention
External Parasites
(1) Mange
• Symptoms
• Prevention
• Treatment
(2) Lice
• Symptoms
• Prevention
• Treatment
(3) Myiasis
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(4) Anaphrodisias
• Symptoms
• Prevention
• Treatment
(5) Leptospirosis
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(6) Brucellosis
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(7) Uterine Prolapsed
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(8) Mastitis
• Symptoms
• Prevention
• Treatment
(9) Endometritis (Bacteria)
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
Diseases and Disorders of Digestive Tract
(1) Birth Diarrhoea
• Symptoms
• Prevention
• Treatment
(2) Red Diarrhoea or Clostridial Enteritis
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(3) Fat Diarrhea
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(4) Post Diarrhea
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(5) Salmonellosis
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(6) Swine Dysentery
• Symptoms
• Prevention
• Treatment
(7) Post Weaning Syndrome (Oedema Disease)
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
Diseases of the Respiratory Tract
(1) Influenza
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(2) Pleural Pneumonia
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(3) Atrophic Rhinitis (Inflammation of the Nose)
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(4) Pasteurellosis
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(5) Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome (PRRS)
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
Disease Causing Problems in Walking
(1) Arthritis
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(2) Streptococcal Infections
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
Nutritional Disorders
(1) Anaemia
• Symptoms
• Control and Treatment
Other Diseases
(1) Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
(2) Hog Cholera
• Symptoms
• Control
(3) African Swine Fever
• Symptoms
• Control
(4) Swine Influenza
• Symptoms
• Control
(5) Transmissible Gastroenteritis (TGE)
• Control
(6) Enteric Colibacillosis
• Symptoms
• Control
(7) Salmonellosis
• Symptoms
• Control
(8) Erysipelas
• Symptoms
• Control
(9) Anthrax
• Symptoms
• Prevention and Treatment
Vaccination Schedule for Pigs
7. Pork Processing
Stunning Methods
• Percussion Stunning
• Electrical Stunning
• Carbon Dioxide Gas Stunning
• Bleeding on a Rail
• Horizontal Bleeding
• Bleeding Without Stunning
Hair or Skin Removal
Skinning Method
Splitting and Head Removal
Chilling the Carcass
Carcass Cutting Equipment
Basic Equipment Needed for the Slaughtering Operation
Useful Additional Equipment
8. Sausages
Sausage Types
(1) Fresh Sausage
(2) Cooked Sausage
(3) Dry & Semi-Dry Sausages
(4) Luncheon Meats and Jellied Products
Sausage Ingredients
Sausage Recipes and Procedures
Fresh Pork Sausage
Italian Style Pork Sausage
Nurnberger Bratwurst
Polish Sausage
Smoked Kielbasa
Coarse Ground Bologna
Cooked Salami
Summer Sausage
Dry Beef Salami
Honey Loaf
Spiced Luncheon Loaf
Family Loaf
Main Types of Products Worldwide
(1) Frankfurters (Wieners)
(2) Grill Sausages
(3) Bratwurst
(4) Bologna
(5) Mortadella
(6) Mettwurst
(7) Breakfast Sausage
(8) Blood Sausage
(9) Weisswurst
(10)Liver Sausage
Processing Stages
(1) Ingredients and Additives
(2) Formulation
(3) Comminution
(4) Smoking/Cooking
Quality Aspects of the Finished Product
Safety Aspects
9. Bacon
Processing Stages
• Traditional Wiltshire Curing
• Injection of Pork Sides
• Immersion in a “Live Brine”
• Maturation
• Modern Wiltshire Cured Bacon
• Modern Bacon Production
• Pig Production and Slaughter
• Slaughter and Chilling
• Immersion Curing (Tank Curing)
• Bag Curing
• Dry Curing
• Smoking
• Tempering and High-Speed Slicing
• Packaging
• Storage Instructions
10. Cooked Ham
Types of Products
Raw Materials
Processing Technology
• Reception
• Brine Injection
• Massaging and/or Tumbling
• Cooking
• Cooling
• Final Product
Quality Aspects of the Finished Product
• Color
• Texture
• Flavor
Safety Aspects
11. Chilling and Freezing of Meat
Effects of Freezing
Microbiological Effects
Mould Growth
Fat Rancidity
Physical Effects
Ice Formation – Mechanical and Chemical Effects
Effects on Meat Properties
• Colour
• Drip Losses
• Cooking Losses
• Fatty Tissue
Storage Life
Management of the Cold Chain
Types of Freezers
12. Meat Packaging
Advantages of Packaging
Purpose of Packaging
Requirements for Packaging Materials
(1) Single-Layer Films
(2) Multi-Layer Films
Types of Packaging
(1) Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP)
(2) Vacuum-Packaging
(3) Masterpack
(4) Modified-Atmosphere Packaging
Packaging Guidelines for Meat and Meat Products
13. Sample Plant Layouts & Process Flow Sheets with Machinery Details

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