The Growing Industry of Cold Storage


The Growing Industry of Cold Storage

 Cold storage is one of the widely practiced methods for bulk handling of the perishables between the production and marketing process. The finest storage temperature should be continuously maintained to get the full benefit of cold storage. Cold storage is one method of preserving perishable commodities in a fresh and wholesome state for a longer period of controlling temperature and humidity in the storage system. Keeping adequately low temperature is important as it might cause damage to the process. The relative humidity of the storeroom should be kept as high as 85-90% for most of the perishables. Most of the fruits and vegetables have a limited life after harvest if kept at ambient harvesting temperature. Post-harvest cooling speedily removes the field heat, allowing longer storage periods.

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The Cold Storage Business Plan

The business of cold storage is a one-time investment business. Although the business demands initially high investment in comparison to other businesses. In the business, the constant return is ensured on a long-term basis. Cold storage is known as one of the highly profitable businesses in all the countries whether developed or developing countries. There is a demand for 2 types of cold storage as per the storage facility- the first model is used for specific products and the other is for multipurpose. More profitability and good returns are expected from multi-purpose cold storage.

Based on the purpose, the present-day cold stores are classified into the following groups:

  1. Majorly the storage for a single commodity that mostly operates on a seasonal basis, for example, storage of potatoes, chilies, and apples for these the bulk storage cold stores are used.
  2. Multi-purpose cold stores are designed for the storage of a variety of commodities that operate practically throughout the year.
  3. For fresh fruit and vegetables and majorly for export-oriented items such as grapes small cold stores are used.
  4. The other cold storage is frozen food stores that are designed for with or without processing and freezing facilities for fish, meat, poultry, dairy products, and processed fruits and vegetables.
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Machinery and Equipment for Cold Storage Business

The two important components in cold storage equipment are machinery and insulation panels. The machinery includes compressors, evaporative condensers, and motors. The cold storage walls should be fabricated with insulation panels that are made up of polyurethane. To set up a cold storage machinery supplier has to be contacted that takes a contract to set up the machinery, to do civil works and provide insulation.

Market Outlook of the Industry



The industry of the Indian cold chain market reached a value of INR 1,288 Billion in 2019. Cold chains impart the storage and distribution services for products that have to be maintained at a given temperature. India is presently known as the world’s largest producer of milk, and second-biggest producer of fruits and vegetables, and also has a substantial production of marine meat and poultry products. Most of these products are temperature sensitive and need specific temperature ranges to be stored and transported. This has been the result of a big cold chain infrastructure in the country.

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