How to Start Jute Bag Manufacturing Business?

How to Start Jute Bag Manufacturing Business?


Jute is soft, shiny vegetable fiber that is also popular as “golden fiber”. All of natural fibers that are available in this world jute is one of the strongest fiber. And jute is reusable and biodegradable product also.

If you want to start jute bag manufacturing business, in this article we will give you sample jute bag making a business plan with the manufacturing process, raw material for jute bag making, cost, and machinery.

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Types of Jute Bag:

There are different types of jute bag in the market.

  • Designer jute bags:

The big demand for this type of bags triggered the emergence of jute bags suppliers in the market. These are great gift items and ideal for the occasions.

  • Jute sling bag:

The jute sling bags are very attractive, stylish and also eye catching. These are perfect choice for the eco friendly peoples.

  • Printed jute bags:

Based on your requirements, designer suggest a few options, customized floral printed jute bag, printed jute bag, promotional jute bag.

Process of the Jute Bag Manufacturing Business:

  • Firstly you have to identify what is the demand for jute bags and what types of jute bags in demand. Plus you have to check their retail price, marketing policies. This identification of demand and price will help you to making the business plan.
  • Then, you have to do a business planning that will help you in this business manufacturing. And the planning of this business must consist of a financial analysis of marketing plan and cost for the startup of the business, and the most important thing is you have to must offer the right product to the right public and at the right price.
  • Then, you have to register you business with the proper form. According to your business size and model, you can go with LLP or INC companies and partnership. You have to check the federal laws before starting the business. Basically, the jute bag business does not demand any license from the government authorities, but you will have to check the tax liabilities too.
  • Then, if you are initiating a small scale business, then you can start with your own fun otherwise, you also can apply for bank loan. Basically, the startup cost for the machinery, raw materials and manpower.
  • Then, basically with 600 Sq Ft of an area, you can set a small scale jute bag making business. and also you must have set some things like- electricity connection for operating the machinery and space must have a wide entrance, craft a floor plan, storage and admin area, space for office work and money receipts.

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Requirements of Machinery:

  • The screen of different design
  • Dye paste stirrer
  • Lock stitch machine
  • Cottage steamer
  • Water drum
  • Wooden printing table
  • Rubber wiper
  • Scissors, measuring tape
  • Cutting table
  • Electric fittings
  • Tubes, steel spoons, mugs, ropers, clip, and buckets.

Raw materials for the jute bag manufacturing business:

According to demand for Jute bags there are major required jute materials:

  • Printed and decorated jute fabric
  • Dyestuff printing gum
  • Chemicals and auxiliaries
  • PVC buckle and bamboo sticks
  • Sewing thread
  • Packing materials
  • Lables

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Scope of Jute Bag Manufacturing Business in India:

Bags are the most essential commodity for the human, the demand for the jute bag is growing day by day. The highly demand for decorated jute bags and shopping bags in domestic and international markets. With the growing population, the scope of trade and industry is also growing. People are interested to use the decorated jute bags. So, it is confirm that there is a good scope for starting of this type of industry with huge export potential.

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