Book on Wax Polishes Manufacturing with Process and Formulae

Book on Wax Polishes Manufacturing with Process and Formulae

Book on Wax Polishes Manufacturing with Process and Formulae (Automobile Polish, Industrial Polish, Leather Polish, Furniture Polish, Floor Polish, Marine Polish, Metal Polish and Shoe Polish Polish)


Wax falls under the class of hydrocarbon fats that melts above 40°C, providing a viscosity liquid after melting. Wax is mainly used in industries, especially for coatings. Wax is also being used extensively as additives, and a base material to aid processing. Working as a corrosion inhibitor, the wax is being largely in the production of the metal products. Increasing trend of candles is resulting in the rise in the use of wax by the companies producing a variety of candles in a different size, color and shape.

Containing special properties such as malleability, hydrophobicity, and its ability of solubility in organic nonpolar solvents is resulting in the increased use of wax in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, textile, paints, coatings, packaging, etc.

Waxes discover their application crosswise over businesses, for example, materials, paints, bundling, hardware, electrical, inks and coatings, elastic, pharmaceuticals, sustenance, and beautifying agents. Along these lines, a development in these end client businesses likewise spells an elevated interest for wax. Since a greater part of the previously mentioned enterprises have been seeing a development in the ongoing years and this incorporates hardware, bundling, nourishment, makeup and pharmaceuticals, the market for wax is encountering a sound development.

The generation of paraffin wax has diminished throughout the years, however this is adjusted by the higher creation of manufactured and characteristic waxes, which is boosting the development of the market around the world.

Wax is utilized widely as added substances, base materials, and to help preparing. Since the significance of completed products such in metals, surface shine, and surface insurance in earthenware production is expanding, the utilization of wax will likewise build, driving the market. Wax likewise fills in as a consumption inhibitor in metal works, along these lines finding their application in assembling metal items. They repulse water and along these lines, discover their application in material businesses. In addition, they are utilized as protectors in hardware and electrical businesses.

Polish is a substance that put on the surface of an object in order to clean it, protect it, and make it shine.

Shoe polish is a chemical product either in the form of waxy paste, cream, or liquid and is used for polishing and shining leather shoes in order to improve appearance and extend the life of the footwear. Shoe polish provides a waxy coating and a shine to leather shoes and helps in protecting it from water, moisture, and from becoming hard. The foreign elements quickly aid in degrading the quality of leather, thus affecting the overall quality of shoes. The wax and oil based shoe polish provides a waterproof protection to keep stains, oil, dirt, and other substances from getting embedded into the leather in the shoes.


Market Outlook

The global wax market size was valued at USD 10.03 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.7% from 2019 to 2025. Increasing demand for wax and its derivatives owing to their superior properties, such as good water repellency, non-toxicity, and outstanding chemical resistance, is expected to steer the market growth over the forecast period.

U.S. Wax Market Size, By Product, 2014-2025 (Kiloton)

Cosmetics industry is another major growth driver for market over the next few years. It is widely used as base material in various cosmetic formulations; hence, important constituent of cosmetics. Cosmetics industry has been experiencing rising demand especially from Latin America and Asia Pacific since past decade. This surged demand has substantially contributed in cosmetics industry growth in these regions.

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly and renewable products. Manufacturers are focusing on developing bio-based wax, such as vegetable wax. Meanwhile, the cosmetic industry is also using wax as an active ingredient in skin care products, as it helps in decreasing dehydration and retains moisture for a long time. Synthetic wax is also being used on a large scale as a substitute to natural wax. Synthetic wax is gaining traction as it is more durable. It is also being largely used in the automotive sector as it requires less effort to apply. It stays for a long-time on a car, eliminating the need for frequent application. It also attracts less dust while adding shine and protection.

Global Wax Market

Increase in usage of waxes in the packaging industry significantly drives the growth of global wax market, as paraffin waxes used for packaging offer resistance towards heat. Moreover, rise in use of wax as a base ingredient in cosmetic products boosts the market growth. However, high prices of synthetic and natural waxes hamper the growth of the market. On the contrary, surge in adoption of natural cosmetics offers potential growth opportunity for the market expansion.

Some of the key players operating in the global wax market are The International Group, Inc. (IGI), Sasol Wax, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Exxon Mobil Corporation, Lukoil, Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA Inc., Sinopec Limited and Royal Dutch Shell plc, and Petróleos de Venezuela SA

The global shoe polish market can be categorized based on type, product, end user, location, and region. In the global shoe polish market, the type segment can be classified into cream polish, liquid polish, wax polish and others. On the basis of product segment, the market can be categorized into shoe shine oil, shoe leather nourishing cream, shoe leather softener, and others. In terms of end user segment, the global shoe polish market can be categorized into household, commercial, and others. The location based segment can further be classified into urban and rural areas. On the basis of geography, the global shoe polish market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.


Wax Polishes Manufacturing Handbook with Process and Formulae (Automobile, Industrial, Leather, Furniture, Floor, Marine, Metal and Shoe Polish)

About the Book:

Author:                NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers

Format:                Paperback

ISBN:                    9788193733936

Code:                    NI529

Pages:                   384

Indian Price:        1,675/-

US$:                     150-

Published:            2019

Publisher:            Niir Project Consultancy Services

Polishes typically contain a lot of abrasives, rinsing agents and organic solvents. Protectants typically contain neither abrasives nor rinsing agents, less organic solvents than the two other product types and a lot of protectant. Polishes are used to maintain a glossy finish on surfaces as well as to prolong the useful lives of

these surfaces. Polishes can be described in terms of their physical form, carrier system, ability to clean, and durability. Physical forms of polishes include pastes, pre-softened pastes (non-flowing emulsions), liquids, and gels. Polishes beautify and protect by coating or refinishing surfaces.

Waxes are used as finishes and coatings for wood products. Waxes are also used in shoe polishes, wood polishes, and automotive polishes, as mold release agents in mold making.

Furniture polish value sales are expected to reach US$ 13,101.3 mn by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 5.0%. Shoe polish protects the shoes from moisture, water, and becoming hard. It provides the shoes with a waxy coating and a shine. Shoe polish market is concentrated in the urban areas. The global shoe polish market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 2.75% over the forecast period of 2019-2025. The global metal polish products market has been registering rapid growth, owing to the use of different metal alloys in machinery, furniture and other metal products due to their cheaper cost and high efficiency. Globally, the metal polish market has been witnessing significant growth, owing to the rise in the demand for cleaning and polishing products.

The book contains formulations and manufacturing process of auto polish and wax products, furniture polish, marine polish, metal polish and shoe polish, their marketing strategies, BIS specification, directory section, plant layouts and photographs of machinery with supplier’s contact details.

A total guide to manufacturing and entrepreneurial success in one of today’s most wax and polish industry. This book is one-stop guide to one of the fastest growing sectors of the wax and polish industry, where opportunities abound for manufacturers, retailers, and entrepreneurs. This is the only complete handbook on the commercial production of wax and polish products. It serves up a feast of how-to information, from concept to purchasing equipment.

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