Indian Industrial & Business Register (All India Industrial & Commercial Directory) Vol-1,Vol-2 & Vol-3

Indian Industrial & Business Register (All India Industrial & Commercial Directory) Vol-1,Vol-2 & Vol-3

Author: Ajay Kumar Gupta
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 8186623558
Code: NI137
Pages: 2720
Price: Rs. 2,500.00   US$ 350.00

Published: 2004
Publisher: National Institute of Industrial Research
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This is a unique directory (in 3 volumes) of its kind with most comprehensive and up-dated compilation of Companies with their addresses, product details, e-mail, websites, phone and fax nos. etc. Which have been tapped from diversified sources. The directory is verily a goldmine of useful information and an exhaustive compilation of industries in hundreds of categories. This directory is very useful for manufacturers, traders, corporate houses, consultants, libraries etc.

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Abrasives / Grinding Wheels
Accounting And Book Keeping Machines
Accounting Services
Accumulators And Batteries
Acid Proof Equipment And Materials
Acrylic Fibres / Sheets / Material
Acrylic Plastic And Sheets
Additives And Catalysts
Adhesive Glues And Gum Products
Adhesive, Glue And Gelatine
Advertising Agencies
Advertising Cable
Advertising Consultants
Advertising Film Producers
Advertising Graphics
Advertising Materials Eqpt
Advertising Outdoor
Advertising Photography
Advertising Press
Advocates / Attorney
Aluminium Foils
Aluminium Grills
Audio Equipments-Mfrs / Dealers
Audio Tapes / Cassettes Mfrs And Suppliers
Automobile Bulbs And Electrical Fittings
Automobile Dlrs - Indian And Imported
Automobile Paints
Automobile Parts
Ayurvedic Products
Baby Care Products
Badges And Emblems
Badges Emblems And Trophies
Bag Closing Machines
Bags Handbags
Bakelite And Bakelite Components And Moulder
Bakelite Components And Moulders
Bakeries And Confectionery Machinery
Bakeries Equipment And Supplies
Balancing Services
Ball And Roller Bearings Bushes
Ball Bearings And Related Components
Balls - Steel Bronze Ceramic Etc.
Bamboo And Cane Products
Banks And Financial Institutions
Banks - Co-Operate Banking
Banks / Atm
Banquet Halls / Community Hall
Marriage Halls / Party Plots
Bar Coded Stickers
Barrels Drums Cannisters
Barrels Drums Cannisters
Casks Vats Basket Mfrs And Supp
Base Metal
Bathroom Accessories / Fittings
Bathroom Fittings
Batteries Battery Material And Dry Cells
Batteries, Cells And
Other Charge Storage Devices
Battery Storage
Wholesalers And Manufacturers
Battery Suppliers Repairers And Rebuilders
Beauty Parlour Eqpts
Bending Machinery
Bellows And Expansion Joints
Beverages Manufacturers
Wholesalers And Dealers
Beverages, Spirit, Vinegar
Bicycle And Bicycle Part - Dlrs
Bicycle And Bicycle Parts Mfrs And Dealers
Bicycle Spares, Parts And Accessories
Bicycles - Manufacturers
And Dealers
Bicycles Parts
Binders Equipment And Supplies
Biscuit Making Machinery
Biological Products
Instruments Specimen Suppliers
Biscuit Manufacturers And Wholesale
Blades Industrial
Block Makers - Printing
Blasting Contractors
Blister Packaging
Blood Banks
Blow Moulding Machines
Blower And Blower Systems
Blowers Blower Systems And Indl Fans
Boiler Accessories
Boiler Cleaning
Boiler Manufacturer And Suppliers
Boiler Pumps Accessories And Steam Traps
Boiler Repairing And Cleaning Services
Boiler Tubes
Boiling And Evaporating Apparatus
Bolts Nuts And Fasteners
Book Agent And Suppliers
Book Binders
Book Binding Eqpt And Supplies
Book Publishers
Book Publishers / Dist And Shops
Book Shops
Bopp Films
Borewell Drilling Eqpt
Accessories And Contractors
Boring Equipment And Accessories
Bottle Cap Manufacturers
Bottle Caps And Seals
Bottle Manufacturers And Suppliers
Bottles And Jars
Bottling Plants And Eqpt
Box Manufacturing
Equipments And Supplies
Boxes - Corrugated / Metal /
Paper / Plastic / Wooden
Boxes Crates And Containers
Brake And Clutch Lining Mfrs And Distrs
Brakes And Clutch Linings
Brake And Clutch
Manufacturers And Distributors
Brass Components Spares
Sections Sheets And Coils
Brass Products
Brassware And Metal Handicraft
Brasswares And Distilleries
Brick Cutting Machinery
Brick Kilns
Brick Making Machine And Equipment
Bright Bars
Brokers And Commission Agents
Bronze Sections Sheets Coils
Brushes And Building Contractors
Brushes Industrial
Brushes Painting Domestic / Industrial
Bucket Wheels
Builders And Building Contractors
Builders And
Builders And Property Developers
Builders Hardware
Building Automation
Building Construction Consultants
Building Maintainance And Repairers
Building Material Supplier
Bulk Chemicals Organic And Inorganic
Bulk Drug Intermediates
Bulk Drugs
Burners Industrial
Bus Reservation
Business And Communication Centre
Business Consultants
Business Forms And Systems
Business Information Services
Business Service Centre
Buying Agents
Buttons And Hooks
C N C Machining
C.R. Bearing
Cable Jointing Kits
Cable Laying Contractors
Cable Manufacturers And Suppliers
Cable T V Operators And Satellite Prods
Cable Terminal Ends
Cable Terminals Lugs And Sockets
Cable Trays
Cable Trays And Pans
Cable Tv
Cable Winding Machinery And Equipment
Cable Wire Wraps
Cables And Conductors
Calculators Calculating Machines
And Cash Registers
Calendars Cards And Diary Mfrs
Calibration Eqpt
Camera Repair And Services
Cameras Photographic And
Cameras Supplies And Repairs
Camphor Products
Camping Equipments
Can Making Machinery
Can Manufacturers
Candles - Mfrs And Wholesale
Cane And Cane Products
Canned Foods
Canopies And Awnings
Caps And Hats
Capsule Making Machines
Suppliers And Mfrs
Capsules And Stoppers Plastic
Car And Bike Rentals And Leasing
Car Hire
Car Hire Leasing And Rentals
Car Radio And Stereo Systems
Carboards And Card Board Products
Carbon And Graphite Products
Carbon Brushes
Cardboard And Cardboard
Products Mfg Machines
Cargo Agents
Cargo Handling
Carnons - Industrial
Carpet And Rug Cleaners
Carpet Dlrs And Mfrs
Carpet Exporters
Carpets And Rugs
Carpets And Rugs Cleaners
Carpets And Rugs
Manufacturers / Dealers
Carpets - Hand Tufted
Carpets, Rugs And Durries
Cast Iron Pipes And Pipe Fittings
Cast Iron Products
Cast Iron - Raw Material
Cast Products / Equipments
Casting Ferrous And Non - Ferrous
Casting Ferrous
Castings - Non Ferrous
Castor Oil
Castor Wheels
Castor Wheels And Rollers
Castor Wheels / Trolley Wheels
Cat Scan Centres
Catalogues And Brochures
Caterer Services
Catering Equipment Suppliers
Cctv And Security Systems
Cellophane And Cellulose
Material And Products
Cellular Phone And Eqpt
Cellular Phone Services
Cellulose Acetate Sheets And Films
Cellulose Sponges
Cement Making Machinery And Eqpt
Cement Manufacturers And Suppliers
Cement Plant Machinery
Ceramic - Decorative
Ceramic - Industrial
Ceramic Manufacturing Machinery
Ceramic Products
Cereals Pulses And Grain
Dlrs And Distributors
Chain Link Fence Fittings
Chains And Sprockets
Chains Industrial
Chambers Of Commerce
Charitable Trusts / Voluntary
And Welfare Org.
Chartered Accountants
Chemical Aromatic
Chemical Coolants Engg Industry
Chemical Fertilizer
Chemical Fine
Chemical Food Processing
Chemical General
Chemical Industrial
Chemical Laboratory Eqpts -
Colleges And Schools
Chemical Laboratory Eqpts Indl
Chemical Manufacturers Suppliers
Chemical Plant And Machinery
Parts Mfrs And Supp
Chemical Plant Equipments And Machinery
Chemical Processing Plants
Chemical Traders
Chemical Projects And
Process Consultants
Chemicals Anti - Corrosive
Chemicals Culture Growth
Chemicals For Laboratories
Schools And Colleges
Chemicals For Plastic Industries
Chemicals For Sugar Mills
Chemicals Industrial
Chemicals Laboratories Indl
Chemicals Laboratory
Chemicals Leather
Chemicals Organic
Chemicals Solvents
Chemicals Textiles
Chemist And Druggist
Chemist - Hours
Chit Funds
Cigarettes And Tobacco Products
Cinema And Studio Equipments
Cinemas And Theatres
Cinematography Studio And Eqpt
Circuit Breakers
Civil And Structural
Engineering Consultants
Civil Contractors
Civil Engineers And Contractors
Claim Recovery Agents
Cleaners And Sanitizers
Cleaning Equipment -
Commercial And Industrial
Clearing And Forwarding Agents
Clearing House Sea And Air
Clinical And Hospital Eqpt And Products
Clinical Psychologist
Clips, Clamps
Clock And Watch Making
Machinery And Eqpt
Close Ciruit Television
Cloth Merchants
Clothes And Apparels
Clothing Industry Machines And Eqpt
Clothing Leather And Skin Supplies
Clubs And Cultural Associations
Coach Building
Coaching Classe - Academics
Coaching Classes - Dance / Music / Drama
Coaching Classes - General
Coaching Classes - Hobbies And Arts
Coaching Classes - Language
Coaching Classes - Private Tuitions
Coal And Coke Suppliers
Coal Merchants
Coating Industrial
Coconut Merchants
Coffee Mfrs. / Dealers / Retailers
Coffee Roasting Equipments
Coil Winding Machines
Coin Dealers - Numismatics
Coins And Stamps
Coir And Coir Products
Coir Machinery
Cold Storage - Retail Food Items
Cold Storages
Cold Storages Bulk
Colleges And Universities
Colour Labs
Colour Scanning Eqpt And Supplies
Colour Scanning Services
Colour Separation Offset
Colours And Pigments
Commission Agents
Community Halls
Compact Disc
Company Secretaries
Composite Packaging Materials
Compost-Organic Fertilizer
Compressors And Allied Equipments
Compressors - Air And Gas
Compressors - Air And Gas -
Parts And Supplies
Compressors - Air And Gas -
Rental And Repairs
Computer - Books Magazines And Journals
Computer - Hardware Spares
And Peripheral Devices
Computer Aided Design
And Drafting Services
Computer Aided Design/Manfg Services
Computer Consultancy
Computer Data Processing
Computer Data Processing Services
Computer Furniture
Computer Industries
Computer Leasing Companies
Computer Manufacturers/Dealers
Computer Media And Consumables
Computer Multimedia
Computer Multimedia Eqpt And Services
Computer Networking
Computer Printed Stationery
Computer Repairing Services
Computer Software And Services
Computer Software
Consultancy Agencies And Services
Computer Stationery
Computer Stationery Manufacturers
Computer Training Institutes
Computers - Accessories
Computers - Cad/Cam
Computers - Data Processing
Computers - Hardware
Computers - Hiring And Rental
Computers - Horoscopes
Computers - Maintenance Services
Computers - Peripherals
Computers - Software And Services
Computers - Training
Computers - Manufacturers/Dealers
Computers Media Stationery
And Related Items
Concrete And Concrete Products
Concrete / Cement Block Machines
Conduct And Conduct Fittings Electric
Conference Rooms
Connectors Electrical
Construction And Earthmoving
Machinery And Equipment
Construction Chemicals
Construction Companies
Construction Eqpt -
Manufacturers And Hirers
Construction Machinery
Consultants And Negotiators
Consultants - Accoustical
Consultants - Agriculture
Consultants - Computers
Consultants - Computers -
Consultants - Financial
Consultants - Engineering
Consultants - Education
(Foreign And Indian)
Consultants - Financial
Consultants - Foreign Trade
Consultants - General
Consultants - Imports And Export
Consultants - Industrial
Consultants - Iso /Tqm
Consultants - Management
Consultants - Marketing Services
Consultants - Mechanical Engineering
Consultants - Octroi
Consultants - Project
And Turnkey Projects
Consultants - Projects
Consultants - Public Relations
Consultants - Quality Iso- Tqm
Consultants - Recruitment And Training
Consultants - Recruitment Training - Consultants -General
Consultants - Taxes And Duties
Consultants - Technical
Consultants - Transportation
Consultants - Textiles
Container Service And Leasing
Contractors - General
Contractors Piling
Control Panel / Accessories
Control Systems And Regulators
Control Valves And Actuators
Conveyor And Conveyor Belts
Conveyor Belts
Conveyor Systems
Cookery Classes
Cooking Gas / Lpg Agencies
Cooking Stoves
Coolers Air And Deserts
Coolant Additives
Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers And Chilling Plants
Cooling Towers And Heat Exchangers
Cooperative Societies
Copper And Copper Compounds
Copper Products
Copying Machines
Copying Material Suppliers
Cordless Phones - Mfrs Sales And Services
Cork And Cork Products
Corporate Finance
Corrosion Resistant Materials
Chemicals And Powder Coating
Corrosion Treatment
Engg And Contractors
Corrugated Products
Cosmetics And Toiletries
Cosmetics Perfumes And Toiletries
Cost Accountants
Consumers Co-Operative Society
Cotton Buds
Cotton Fabrics
Cotton Fibres
Cotton Merchants
Cotton Threads And Yarns
Cotton Waste And Rags Dealers
Cotton, Canvas And
Jute Bags And Beddings
Cotton / Textiles Waste Dealers
Counsellors And Consultancy Services
Courier Services
Courier Services Cranes
Manufacturers And Distributors
Cranes - Rental And Services
Cranes Hoists And Gantries
Crates And Containers
Creches And Baby Sitting Services
Credit Cards
Credit Insurance
Credit Rating Agencies
Crockery And Cutlery
Crockery / Cutlery -
Decorating Contractor / Mandap
Crushing And Pulverising
Eqpt And Services
Curtains And Drapery
Material-Mfrs And Suppliers
Cushions Pillows And Mattress
Customs Agents Consultants
Customs Clearing Agent
Customs Notified Shops And Co-Op Stores
Cutting Tools
Cutting Tools - Metal
Cylinder Engine
Cylinder Re-Boring And Grinding
Cylinders Air And Hydraulic
Dairy Equipments
Dairy Equipment And Suplies
Dairy Machinery Eqpt And Suppliers
Dairy Products
Dal Mill Machinery Parts And Spares
Dance And Music Classes
Data Entery Operators
De-Humidifying Equipments
Debt Recovery
De-Addiction Clinics
Deburring Media
Decoiling And Annealing Machinery
Decorating Contractors /
Mandap Decorators
Decorating Materials Suppliers
Decorative Laminates
Deep Soldering Machinery
Demolition Contractors
Denim Wear
Dental Eqpt Suppliers And Laboratories
Dental Equipment And Supplies
Deodorants Disinfectants And Germicides
Departmental Store
Deposit Brokers
Descaling And Degreasing Machines
Descaling And Drafting Eqpt
Designing And Drafting Equipment
Desk Top Publishing Systems And Services
Desk Top Pulishers
Desk Top Pulishing Machine
Detectives And Investigators
Diagnostic Centres
Diagnostic Equipment And Supplies
Diamond Cutters Equipment And Supplies
Diamond Cutting Tools
Diamond Industry And Diamond Machinery
Diamond Jewellery (Ornaments)
Diamond Merchants
Diamond Tools
Diamonds Industrial
Diaries / Calendars
Die And Pattern Makers
Die And Punch For Plastic Industry
Die Castings
Die And Punch Metal Working
Die Castings Cuttings
Die Maker Equipments And Supplies
Dies And Moulds
Dies, Castings And Forgings
Dies, Jigs And Fixtures
Diesel Engine Services And Spares -
Mfrs And Dlrs
Diesel Engines And Spares
Diesel Engines - Mfrs And Dlrs
Diesel Fuel Injection Eqpt
Diesel Generators
Diesel Parts - Engine / Generator
Diesel Service
Digital Electronic Components
Dining Halls
Direct Marketing / Direct Mailing
Display Systems Designers And Producers
Disposable Consumables
Distillation Columns
Doctor - Acupuncture Accupressure
Magnetic Therapy
Doctor - Allergy
Doctor - Anaesthesiologist
Doctor - Anaesthetists
Doctor - Andrology
Doctor - Association
Doctor - Ayurvedic
Doctor - Ayurvedic Unani And Naturopaths
Doctor - Bronchologists
Doctor - Cancer
Doctor - Cardiologists
Doctor - Cardiologists - Doctor - Dentists
Doctor - Cardiothoraic
And Vascular Surgeon
Doctor - Consulting
Doctor - Consulting Physicians
Doctor - Cosmetic Surgeons
Doctor - Dental Surgeons / Dentists
Doctor - Dentist
Doctor - Dermatologists
Doctor - Diabetologist
Doctor - Ear Nose Throat (Ent)
Doctor - Endocrinologist
Doctor - Eye (Opthamologists)
Doctor - Gastro Enterologists
Doctor - General Practitioners
Doctor - Geneticists
Doctor - Gynaecologists
And Obstetricans
Doctor - Homeopathy
Doctor - Hypnotherapists
Doctor - Laproscopic Surgery
Doctor - Nephrologist (Kidney Specialists)
Doctor - Neurosurgeons Neurologists
Doctor - Oncology
Doctor - Orthodontist
Doctor - Orthopaedic
Doctor - Orthopaedics (Limbs)
Doctor - Osteopath
Doctor - Paediatricians
Doctor - Pathologists
Doctor - Physiotherapists (Muscle)
Doctor - Plastic Surgeon /
Cosmetic Surgeon
Doctor - Plastic Surgeons
Doctor - Practologists
Doctor - Proctologists
Doctor - Psychiatrists
And Psychotherapists
Doctor - Psychiatrists / Psychologists
Doctor - Radiologists
Doctor - Radiologists (X-Ray)
Doctor - Rehabilitation Medicine
Doctor - Sexologist
Doctor - Skin (Dermatologists)
Doctor - Specialists
Doctor - Speech Therapist
Doctor - Surgeons
Doctor - Ultrasonologists
Doctor - Urologist Mephrologists
Doctor - Urologists
Doctor - Venereal / Sexologists
Doctor - Veterinary
Doctos - Asthma
Documentaries / Short Film Makers
Domestic Item
Door And Window Frames /
Fittings Suppliers
Doors And Gates Automatic
Doors Gates And Fences
Doors Windows And Gates
Drafting Machines Boards Eqpt
Drawing Instruments
Graphics And Material Suppliers
Drawing Materials
Drawing, Designing And Tracing Jobs
Driling And Boring Equipment Services
Drilling And Tapping Machiens
Drilling And Boring
Eqpt And Accessories
Drilling Contractors
Driving Schools
Drums Mfrs
Dry Cleaning And Dyeing Services
Dry Fruits And Sweets
Dry Ice
Dry/Dye Stuffs And Intermediates
Dryfruit Wholesalers And Retailers
Drying Equipment Industrial
Dubbing Instruments
Dyes And Dyes Intermediatries
Dyes And Intermediates
E-Mail Services
Ear Tags
Earth Moving Machinery
Eqpt Parts And Spares
Earthmoving Machinery
Edible Oil
Edible Oil And Allied Products
Edible Oils And Fats
Edible Oils And Ghee
Editorial And Proof Reading Services
Editorial Aids Suppliers
Editorial Institutions
Educational Aids
Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions And Services
Educational Trusts
Effluent Treatment Plants
And Accessories
Effluent Treatment Plants And Eqpt Mfrs
Elastic Goods
Elastic Products
Electric Cables And Wires
Electric Eqpt Industrial
Electric Furnaces - Indl
Electric Goods Showrooms
Electric Motors
Electric Motors Rewinding And Spares
Electric Motors Geared
Electric Motors
Manufacturer And Distributors
Electric Motors Repairs And Servicing
Electric Motors Rewinding And Spares
Electric Poles
Electric Relays And Timers
Electrical Appliances -
Incl Lamps,Tubes Fittings
Electrical Cables Machinery
Electrical Contractors And Electrical Consulants
Electrical Control Panels
And Terminal Boards
Electrical Distribution Equipments
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Equipments /
Instruments - Mfrs And Dlrs
Electrical Fittings
Electrical Goods
Electrical Harmonic And Analysis
Electrical Heating Elements
And Thermostat
Electrical Insulation Material
Electrical Materials And Components
Electrical Measuring And
Testing Instruments
Electrical Power Plant And Eqpt
Electrical Stamping And Lamination
Electrical Switches
Electrical Switchgear
Electrical Transmission Line Goods
Electrical Transmission Material
Electrical / Lighting Products
Electronic Equipments /
Components / Supplies
Electro Mechanical Products
Electro Technical
Electronic And Electrical
Goods Services And Repairs
Electronic Components Kits And Tuners
Electronic Controllers
Electronic Data Processing Units
Electronic Display System
Electronic Eqpt Assemblers And Manufacturers
Electronic Equipments /
Components / Supplies
Electronic Goods Repairs / Services
Electronic Instruments And Controls
Electronic Measuring And
Testing Eqpt. And Instrument
Electronic Products
Electronic Testing Equipments
Electronic Weighing Machines
Electronic Wires And Cables
Electropalating Galvanising And
Anodising Services
Electroplating Chemicals
Electroplating Chemicals And Material
Electroplating Machinery
Eletricial Power Tools
Electricial Stamping And Lamination
Elite Foundry And Foundry Eqpt
Embassies, Consultates And
High Commission
Emergency Light
Emergency Power Breakdown Systems
Energy Conservation
Products Processes
Engine Bearing
Engineering - Architectural
Engineer - Automotive
Engineering Consultant And Professionals
Engineering Equipment And
Material Suppliers
Engineering Goods And Equipments
Engineering Machinery Workshops
Engineers - Chartered
Engineers - Architechtural -
Engineers - Electrical
Engineers - Civil
Engineers - Contracting
Engineers - Design
Engineers - Electrical
Engineers - Electrical -
Exhibitions And Trade Fair Organisers
Engineers - Electronics
Engineers - Metallurgical
Engineers - Structural
Engineers - Electrical -
Exhibitions And Trade Fair Organisers
Engines Machinery Workshop
Engravers Equipments
Entertainment Electronics And
Amusement Devices
Entertainment Services
Epabx Systems
Eqpt For Non Ferrous Foundries
Essence Flavouring Food Colour And
Presentative Suppliers
Essential Oils And Aromatics
Exhaust Fans And Systems
Exhibition Equipments And Installation
Exhibition Organisers And Expo-Centers
Exhibitions And Trade Fair Organisers
Expansion Joints
Explosives And Fireworks
Export Houses Exporters And
Promotion Councils
Exporters - Handicrafts
Exporters - Jewellery
Exporters - Leather Garments
Exporters - Leather Goods And Shoes
Exporters - Marble Granite
Exporters Canned / Processed Foods
Exporters Chemicals
Exporters Coffee
Exporters Computer Software
Exporters Electronics
Exporters Food Agricultural And
Forest Products
Exporters Garments
Exporters Garments And Cloth
Exporters General
Exporters Marble - Granite -
Exporters - General
Exporters Paper And Paper Products
Exporters Silk And Silk Products
Exporters Spices
Exporters Textiles
Exports Medical And Surgical Items
Exports Agriculture
Exports Building Material
Exports Chemicals And Dyestuff
Exports Automobile
Components And Parts
Exports Computers
And Computer Software
Exports Crafts And Handicrafts
Exports Consumer
Products And Durables
Exports Engg
Products And Industrial Eqpt
Exports Food Products And Beverages
Exports Gems Precious Stones And
Exports Leather And Leather Goods
Exports Medical And Surgical Items
Exports Packaging Material And Services
Exports Pharmaceuticals And Drugs
Exports Plastics And Rubber Products
Exports Textile Clothing And Yarn
Express Cargo Services
Extrusion Machines
Eye Banks
Fabric Nonwoven
Fabric Printing Machines
Fabricators Engineering And Mfrs
Fabricators Plastic
Fabricators Stainless Steel
Fabricators And Machine Shops
Fabricators Chemical Plants
Fabrics Nonwoven
Factory Shelting
Family Planning Centres
Fans Industrial And Domestic
Fans And Exhaust Fans
Fans Industrial And Domestic
Fashion Accessories
Fashion Clothing
Fashion Textile Designers
Fast Food Centers
Fasteners (Industrial)
Fax Machines Services
Feed Conveyor System
Felt And Felt Products
Fencing Manufacturers Suppliers
Fencing Materials And Machinery
Ferro Alloys
Ferrous And Non - Ferrous Metals
Fertilizer And Soil Conditioners
Fertilizer Chemicals
Fibre Glass Sheets Fabricators
Fibreglass And Fibreglass Products
Fibreglass Processing Eqpt
Fibreglass Reinforced
Plastic - Mfgs Eqpt
Fibreglass Reinforced
Plastic Products Frp
Fied Research Assistants
Film And Video Distributors
And Producers
Film Processing Labs
Filter Air, Gas, Liquid
Filter Cartridge
Filter Cloth
Filter Cloth, Filter-Industrial
Filter Filtration Eqpts And Supplies
Filter Material Suppliers
Filters Air Gas And Liquid
Finance Investment
And Leasing Companies
Financial Consultants
Financial Leasing And
Credit Organisations
Finished Leather
Fire Brigade
Fire Equipments
Fire Extinguishing Eqpt
Fire Protection Equipments And Suppliers
Fish And Sea Foods
Fishing Nets
Flame Proof Material
Flameproof Electrical
Eqpt Switchgear And Material
Flat Metal Processing Equipments
Flavours And Food Additives
Flexible Metal Hoses
Floor Covering And Flooring
Floor Material - Household
Floor Polishing And Cleaning Eqpt
Flooring Vinyl
Flour Mills And Merchants
Flour Mills Machinery And Eqpt
Flower Growing Eqpt And Supplies
Foam And Rexine
Foam / Rexine, P.U. Products
Foam Manufacturers And Wholesalers
Foil And Foil Products
Food And Food Products
Food Essence / Flavouring
Colours And Preservatives
Food Extracts
Food Processing Equipment Suppliers
Food Processing Machinery
Footwear And Footwear Accessories
Footwear Domestic
Footwear Indl
Foreign Exchange Dealers
Forestry And Forest Machinery And Eqpts
Forged Products / Equipments
Forging Plants And Eqpts
Foundries Aluminium
Foundries Cast Iron
Foundries Copper Bronze And Brass
Foundries Non Ferrous
Foundry And Foundry Eqpt
Foundry Chemicals And Raw Materials
Foundry Equipment Suppliers
Freight And Forwarding
Agencies And Services
Freight Forwarding Agents And Brokers
Frozen Foods
Frozen, Processed Food And Meat
Frequency Meters
Fruit And Vegetable Merchants And Dlrs
Fruit Juices And Concentrates
Fruit Derivatives
Fruit Merchants
Fruits And Vegetables
Fuel Injection Systems
Fuel Injection Systems And Components
Furnace Manufacturers
Furnaces And Accessories
Furnishing Material / Furnishers
Furniture - Baby
Furniture Computer
Furniture Designed
Furniture Domestic
Household And Kitchen
Furniture - Fittings / Fixtures
Furniture General
Furniture Hardware Fittings
Furniture Hospital And Clinics
Furniture Moulded
Furniture - Office
Furniture Office Steel
Furniture Renting And Leasing
Furniture Repairs
Furniture Wooden
Galvanised Sheets
Galvanising Machinery
Games Suppliers
Garden And Lawn -
Equipment And Other Inputs
Garden And Lawn Ept And Suppliers
Garment Accessories
Garment Fabricators
Garrage And Service Station Equipments
Gas Appliances
Gas Burners
Gas Conversion Vehicle
Gas Cylinder And Lpg Agents
Gas Cylinder
Manufacturers And Suppliers
Gas Detectors
Gas Distributor
Gas Pipeline - Services Eqpt And Materials
Gas Pressure Regulators
Gas Stoves And Appliances
Gas Turbines
Gas Welding Equipment
Gases Industrial
Gases Natural - Domestic And Indl
Gauges And Gauge Glasses
Gear And Bevels
Gear Boxes
Gear Boxes Reduction Gears
And Gear Cutting
Gear Cutting Machinery
Gear Cutting Tools, Broaches, Cutters
Gems And Gemmologists
General Kirana / Provision Stores
General Services
Generators - Manufacture /
Dealers / Hirers
Generators - Rewinding And Spares
Generators - Spares Suppliers And Repairs
Geo Technical Services
Gift And Novelties Manufactuers /
Supplers / Shops
Gift Articles
Gifts Toys Souvenirs And Novelties
Glass And Glasswares
Glass - Raw Material Suppliers
Glass Blowing And Glass
Working Machinery
Glass Containers Bottles
Glass Fibres
Glass Industries
Glass Grinding And Cutting
Glass Products / Glassware Mirrors
Glazed Tiles
Gloves Industrial
Gloves, Bcycling, Horse Riding,
Golf, Sports
Glue And Gelatine
Gluing Machines
Gold And Gold Jewellery
Goldsmith Mfg M/S
Grain Merchants / Canvassing Agents
Granite And Marble
Granite Marble And Slate
Granite Polishing And Cutting Machinery
Granite Slabs And Tiles
Graphic Arts Material Suppliers
Graphic Design Studios And Supplies
Graphite And Graphite Products
Grass Cutting Machines
Grating Contractors And Suppliers
Grating Manufacturers
Grease Guns And Oil Feeders
Green House - Eqpt And Installation
Greeting And Wedding Cards
Greeting Cards Cards
Diaries And Calendars
Grills Railings And Balustrades
Grinding And Super Finishing Machines
Grinding Machine Services
Grinding Machinery
Grinding Media Ball
Grocers And Provision Stores
Guar Gum
Guest House
Gummed Paper / Paper Tape
Gunny Bags Suthli Dealers
Hand Tools And Allied
Handicap Aids And Eqpt
Hand Tools Unpowered
Handicraft And Handlooms
Handicraft Emporiums
Handicrafts Handlooms Manufacturers Wholesellers And Retailers
Handloom Fabrics, Garments,
Made Ups, Furnishings
Handmade Paper
Handwoven And Hadspun Articles / Fabric
Hardware Products Mfrs And Dealers
Hdpe Pipes And Fittings
Health Centres
Health Club Equipmetns And Supplies
Health Equipments
Hearing Aids
Heat Exchangers
Heat Pumps Industrial
Heat Treatment Metals
Health Equipments
Heaters And Heating Equipments
Heating Elements
Heating And Controls Indl
Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Herbal Products
High Density Polyethyene Bags And Sheets
High Voltage Suction Control Boxes
Hire Purchase
Hobby Centres And Shops
Home Appliances
Home Appliances Repairs And Service
Home Delivery - Provisions
Home Furnishings
Homoeopathic Medicines / Consultant
Honey And Jams
Honing (Abrasives)
Horticultural / Garden Tools
Hoses And Tubings
Hospital Eqpt And Supplies
Hotel Eqpt And Supplies
Hot Forming Machines
Hotels And Beach Resorts
House Keeping Products
House Keeping Services
Housing Finance
Human Hair Accessories
Humidification / Ventilation
Eqpt And Services
Hydraulic Machine Tools And Accesories
Hydraulic Products And Equipments
Hydro Pneumatic Plant Eqpt And Services
Ice Cream And Sorbets
Ice Cream - Making Machinery
Ice Making Plants
Ice Suppliers
Identity Cards
Imitation, Artificial, Fashion Jewellery
Import / Export Licences
Import-Export Consultants
And Licence Traders
Incense And Agarbathies
Indenting Agents
Indicator Systems And Installation
Induction Coils
Induction Heating Machines And Eqpt
Industrial Automation
Industrial Belts
Industrial Brakes And Clutches Mfrs
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial Cleaning
Equipment And Supplies
Industrial Computers
Industrial Designers
Industrial Development Agencies
Industrial Eqpt Suppliers
Industrial Fabrics
Industrial Flooring
Industrial Garments
Industrial Gases
Industrial Gloves, Clothing
And Related Items
Industrial Knives
Industrial Linings
Industrial Machinery And Parts
Industrial Ovens
Industrial Presses
Industrial Photographers
Industrial Safety And Security
Industrial Services
Industrial Testing Samplers
Surveyors And Analysts
Industrial Tools
Industrial Waste-Recovery
And Recycling-Eqpt
Industrial Vibration Control Equipments
Information Retrieval
Services And Bureaus
Injection Moulding
Injection Moulding And Blow Moulding Machines
Inron Works
Instant Foods
Instrumentation And Control Equipments
Insulating And Ducting Contractors
Insulation Material
Insulation Materials-Thermal
And Acoustic
Insurance Companies / Agents /
Surveyors / Consultants
Integrated Circuit Testing Eqpt
Integrated Circuits And Components
Intercom Systems
Interior Decorators
Interior Decorators Designers And Landscapers
Interior Designers And Consultants
International Trade And Finance
Internet Systems And Services
Investment Casting
Investment Consultants
Iron And Steel Castings
Iron And Steel Metallurgical
Eqpt And Plants
Iron And Steel Mfrs
Iron And Steel Sections Sheets Ingots
Iron And Steel Traders
Ironing And Cloth-Pressing
Machinery And Services
Irons - Household
Irrigation And Sprinkler Systems And Eqpt
Irrigation Machinery
Jewellers And Goldsmiths
Jewellery - Silver
Jewellery Boxes
Jewellery Making Tools
Jig And Fixture Mfrs And Designers
Job Workers
Journalists And Press Reporters
Jute And Jute Products
Jute Mill Machinery
Kindergarten / Nursery Schools
Kitchen And Canteen Equipments
Kitchen Machinery Hotels
Kitchen Utensils And Household
Knit Good Mfrs
Knitting Machinces And Materials
Knitwear And Hosiery Goods
Labelling And Marking Inks
Labelling Machinery
Labels And Sticker Mfrs
Labels And Stickers
Labels And Stickers Mfgs
Eqpt And Supplies
Laboratory And Quality Control
Laboratory Glassware And Equipments
Labour Contractors
Lace Makers
Laminated Glass
Laminating Machines
Lamination Materials

Lamps And Lampshades
Lamps And Luminaries
Lamps, Bulbs And Tubes
Landscaping Eqpt And Supplies
Laser Eqpt And Systems
Laser Printing
Latex Products
Laundry Eqpt Industrial
Laundry Equipments
Leather And Leather Products
Leather - Finished
Leather Chemicals
Leather Footware And Components
Leather Garments
Leather Goods
Leather Goods And Accessories
Leather Tanners
Lens Manufacturers
Leather Industry Suppliers
Liaison Agents
Level Indicators And Instrumentation
Libraries Circulating And Public
Lift Maintenance
Lifting Tackles And Appliances
Lifts And Lifting Systems And Eqpts
Lime And Lime Stone
Linen - Mfrs
Liquid Packaging Machines
Liquor And Beverages
Liquors, Mineral Water And Beverages
Looms - Powerlooms And Handlooms
Lpg Equipments
Lottery Ticket Agents
Lubricating Equipments And Devices
Machine Foundation
Machine Tool Accessories
Machine Tools
Machinery And Parts Mfrs
Machinery Repairs And Reconditioning
Machinery Spare Parts
Magazines And Journals
Magnets And Magnetic Devices
Mail Message Services
Mailing Lists
Mailing Services
Maintenance Products
Industrial And Commercial
Maintenance Services
Plant And Machinery
Malt Spirit
Management Aids
Management Consultancy
Mango And Mango Products
Mannequins And Dummies
Manpower Consultants
Manpower Exporters (Recruitment)
Marble Granite And Stone Suppliers
Maps And Globes
Marble Processing,
Polishing And Cutting Machinery
Marble Slabs And Tiles
Marine Equipments
Marine Exporters
Marine Engines, Accessories And Parts
Marine Paints
Marine Products
Marine Surveyor
Marine Winches
Market Research Bureau
Marriage Bureau
Marriage Halls
Mat Makers And Suppliers
Match Boxes
Material Handling Containers And Eqpt
Maternity Apparel
Maternity Homes
Mattress, Cushions And Cover Makers
Measuring And Testing Equipment
Meat Shops / Dealers
Mechanical Seals
Mechanical Surface Treatment Machine
Mechanical Workshops
Medical And Diagnostic Eqpt And Kits
Menthol Crystal And Menthol Oil
Medical Service Organisations
Merchant Banks
Merchant Exporters
Metal Bending And Straightening
Metal Caps And Closures
Metal Containers And Cans
Metal Cutting Machines Electronic Beam
Metal Detectors
Metal Enamelling
Metal Finishing Chemicals And Eqpts
Metal Forming Machines
Metal Labels
Metal Powders
Metal Products And Powder
Metal Spectacle Frames
Metal Removing Machines
Metal Stamping
Metallizing Eqpt And Supplies
Metallurgical Chemicals
Metallyzed Polyester Film
Metals Ferrous And Non Ferrous
Metals And Alloys
Meteorological Instruments
Mica And Mica Products
Microwave Communications
Microfilming Services Eqpt And Suppliers
Milk Powders
Milk Product Distributors
Mill Store Machinery
Millgin Stores
Mineral Water
Mineral Processing And
Beneficiation Plants
Milling And Boring Machines
Mineral Water Carbonated
Drinks Machinery
Minerals And Ores
Minerals And Refractories
Mining Companies
Mining Engineers
Mining And Quarrying
Machinery And Eqpt
Mining Equipments
Mining Industry
Mirror Manufacturing
Miscellaneous Chemicals
Miscellaneous Handicrafts,
Gifts And Decoratives
Miscellaneous Home Furnishings
Mixers Industrial
Monica Sales Colours And Pigments
Mobile Phone Services
Model Makers And Mock Ups
Mosaic Tiles Machinery
Mosquito Nets
Mosquito Repellents
Motion Picture Eqpt And Supplies
Motor Training Schools
Motorcycles And Scooters
Moulds And Moulding Machinery
Motorcycles Accessories And Parts
Multimedia Equipment / Services
Music Clubs Bands And Orchestra
Music Training Centres
Music Shops
Musical Instruments
Name Plates
Natural And Precious Metals
Nature Cure
Navigational And Other
Electronic Controls
Neon Signs And Plastic Glow Signs
Needles And Pins
Newspaper Printing Machinary
Newspapers And Magazine
Dlrs Distributors Shops
Newspapers And Magazine Publishers
Noise Control
Non Destructive Testing -
Services, Eqpt And Materials
Notary Public
Number Plate Makers Painters
Non Alcoholic Drinks Mfg M/C And Eqpt
Nurserie Plants
Nurses Bureau
Nursing Homes
Nurseries Kindergartens
Nuts And Bolts
Nylon Products
Nylon Products
Office Automation Equipment
Office Eqpt Supplies
Offshore Equipment Services
Oil And Grease Absorbents
Office Leasing And Rental
Oil And Oil Products
Oil Engine And Spares Mfgs And Dlrs
Oil Field Equipments
Oil Filtration Plants And Accessories
Oil Additives
Oil Mill Machinery
Oil Mill Machinery Vegetable Oil
Oil Refineries And Mills
Oil Seals And Gaskets
Oil - Mineral
Oilfield Equipment And Supplies
Oils Industrial
Oils Eucalyptus
Old Books - Buyers And Suppliers
Opthalmic Instruments
Optic Fibres
Optical Eqpt And Instruments
Optical Goods / Sun Glasses
Order Handling Equipment
Orthopaedic Appliances And Equipments
Other Miscellaneous
Building And Construction Material
Outboard Motors
Ovens Industrial And Incubators
Oxygen Medical And Industrial
Paan Masala
Packaging And Crating Services
Packaging And Lamination
Material And Supplies
Packaging And Wrapping Machines
Packaging Bulk Solids
Packaging Machinery
Packaging Material Plastic
Packaging Materials
Packers And Movers
Packaging Printing And Lamination
Pad Printing
Padding Machines
Pagers And Paging Systems
Paint And Allied Products
Paint Brushes, Rollers And Machinery
Paint Indl Building And Marine
Paint Manufacturing Machinery
Paint Protective
Painting Contractors
Paintings And Sculptures
Paints Enamels And Varnishes
Paints Raw Material
Paper And Cardboard
Mfgs And Suppliers
Paper And Cardboard Mfgs
Machinery And Eqpt
Paper And Paper Boards
Paper And Paper Products
Paper Box Board Cardboard
Making Machines
Paper Cellulose Pulp And Paper Mills
Paper Conversion
Machinery And Products
Paper Cutting And Binding Machinery
Paper For Technical Use
Paper Mache
Paper Mill Machinery
Paper Napkins Rolls Cups And Plates
Paper Printing And
Book Binding Machinery
Paper Recovery And Recycling
Paper Shredding Machines
Paper Wrappers Treated Paper Wrappers
Party Plots
Passenger Cars
Patents Trademarks
Pattern Designers And Makers
Pearls And Natural Pearls
Pen Mfrs
Perforated Sheets
Perfumes And Fragrances
Personal Products Shampoos
Soaps Hair Oils Etc
Pest Control Equipments
Pest Control Services
Pesticides Insecticides Fungicides
Pet Products
Petrochemical Products
Petrol Pump
Petroleum Products
Pharmaceutical Formulations
Pharmaceutical Industry
Machinery And Eqpt
Pharmaceutical Machinery
Pharmaceutical Raw
Materials And Formulations
Pharmaceuticals Capsules -
Empty Gelatin
Pharmaceuticals Mfrs
Retailers And Wholesalers
Photo Albums / Frames
Photo Bank
Photo Composers And Typesetters
Photo Copier Machine
Photo Copying
Cyclostyling And Lamination Svces
Photo Electric Cells And Equipment
Photographers Photographic
Studios Labs
Photographic Developing Eqpt
Photographic Developing Products
Photographic Film
Processing Laboratories
Photographic Products
Eqpt And Suppliers
Physically Handicapped Mobility Products
Pickles And Murrabba
Picnic Spots
Picture Frames - Wholesalers
Mfrs And Retailers
Pig Iron
Pigments And Dyes
Pipe Fittings
Pipe Line Co S And Pipe Line Eqpts
Pipes R C C Hume
Pipes And Tubes Pvc
Pipes Tubes And Fittings
Piping Contractor
Piston And Piston Rings
Pistons Cylinders And Pison Rings
Plant Machinery And Heavy Equipment
Plantations Raw Material
Plantations Coffee
Plantations Rubber
Plantations Teak Wood
Plantations General
Plants, Flowers And Dried Flowers
Plastic Raw Material
Plastic Acrylic Transparent
Rigid Foam Corrugated
Plastic Fabricators Moulders Suppliers
Plastic Containers And Bags
Plastic Colouring Compound And Coating
Plastic Fabrics Films And
Sheets Manufacturers
Plastic Leather Cloth
Plastic Moulded Furniture And Goods
Plastic Moulding
Plastic Processing Machinery
Plastic Products
Plastic Products Household
Plastic Products Indl
Plastic Raw Material
Plastic Sealing Devices
Plastic Working Machinery
Playground Eqpt
Playing Cards
Plumbing Eqpt And Fixtures
Ploughs And Ploughing Eqpt
Plywood Pneumatic
Pneumatic Machine
Tools And Accessories
Pneumatic Products
Police Stations
Pollution Control Environment
Pollution Control Equipments
Pollution Testing Services
Poultry And Hatchery Products
Poly Carbonate Sheets
Polyethylene Materials And Products
Polyster - Film
Polypropylene Materials And Products
Polyurethane Products
Polyurethene Surface Coating
Portfolio Managers
Pot Pourri
Poultry / Cattle Feed Supplements
Poultry Equipments
Powder Coating And Powder Paints
Powder Coating Equipment And Supplies
Powder Making Machinery
Power Tools
Power Transmission Equipment
Precious And Semi-Precious Stones
Precious Stones
Precision Measuring Instruments
Precision Tools And Components
Press Parts And Presses
Pressure Cookers
Press Tools Components And Accessories
Pressure Die Casting
Pressure Vessel
Printed Circuit Boards
Pressure Gauges
Printer Link Services Photocopiers
Printers And Binders
Printers And Stationers
Printing Coaching Classes
Printing Eqpt And Suppliers
Printing Ink
Printing Machinery
Printing Machinery And Equipments
Printing Material
Printing Press Processing
Printing Press And Printers
Process Control Instruments
Process Valves
Process Plants
Profile Cutting
Project Export
Protective Covers / Coating And Supplies
Public Address Systems
Public Relations
Pulp Preparation Machinery
Pumps And Pumping Equipments
Pumps And Spares
Pumps Repairs And Services
Pvc Hdpe Containers And Products
Pvc Leather Cloth
Pvc Pipe And Sleeving
Pvc Pipes
Pvc Products
Quality Surveyors
Quarrying Machinery And Eqpt
Quilts And Blankets
Radios And Transistors Mfrs
Radios Dlrs Repair And Service
Railway Components
Railway Equipment And Supplies
Railway Overhead Fittings
Raw Cotton
Raw Silk
Raw Wool
Readymade Garments
Real Estate Exchange Services
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Consultants
Ribbons - Textile
Reception Halls Open Air
Recording Studios
Recording Services
Records Gramophone
Reed Relays
Rectifiers And D/C Converters
Refrigeration And Equipments
Refrigeration Equipment Indl
Refrigeration Gases
Refrigerators Greezers Domestic
Rehabilitation Centres - Blind
Rehabilitation Centres
Children/Old People
Religious Articles
Religious Associations
Religious Trusts
Religious Book Shops Publishers
Resin Products
Restaurant And Bars
Rice Mill Machinery
Road Construction
Machinery And Eqpts
Roller Chains And Sprockets
Road Rollers And Spares
Roller Metal And Wooden
Roller Mills
Roller Mills And Smelting Plants Eqpts
Rolling Machine For Goldsmiths
Rolling Shutters
Roofing Materials And Contractors
Rope And Rope Products
Rubber And Rubber Derivatives
Rubber Goods
Rubber Diaphragms
Rubber Hoses Pipes And Gaskets
Rubber Industries
Rubber Lining And Coasting
Rubber Machinery
Rubber Raw Material
Rubber Roller Manufacturers
Rubber Sales And Stamps
Rubber Sheets
Rubber Transmission Belting
Rubber Synthetic
Sacks - Pp / Hdpe
Sacks Hdpe And Jute
Saddlery And Harness Goods
Safe Deposit Vaults And Lock Mfrs
Safety Eqpt And Clothing
Safety Eqpt For Welding
Safety Equipments
Safety Matches
Sales Promotion And Training
Sand And Shot Blasting Material
Sand Stone
Sand Suppliers
Sandalwood Products
Sandblasting And Shotblasting
Machines And Services
Sanitary Contractors / Engineers
Sarees - Mfrs And Wholesalers
Sarees - Retail
Satone Cutting And Polishing Eqpt
Saw Mills
Scaffolding And Centering Materials
Scaffolding And Ladders
Scarves, Stoles, Made-Ups
And Handkerchieves
Scientific And Laboratory
Eqpt - Suppliers And Mfrs
Scientific And Research Institutes
Scientific Eqpt Kits / Instsruments
Scientific Instruments
Scientific Instruments
And Laboratory Equipments
Scrap Dealers
Screen Industrial Perforated
Screen Printers
Screen Printing Eqpts And Supplies
Seals Hydraulic And Pneumatic
Seals Oil And Mechanical
Secretarial And Typing Schools
Security Control Equipment
Security Services And Consultants
Security Services / Agencies
Seed Sowing Machines
Seed Suppliers
Seeds-Buds Plantation Exporters
Self Adhesive Tapes - Industrial
Self Adhesive Tapes / Labels
Sequin Garments
Service Station Eqpt
Sewing And Knitting Machines Household
Sewing Machine Indl
Sewing Machines And Components
Shaping And Slotting Machines
Share Brokers And
Consultant Otc Exchanges
Shaft Collars
Sheet Metal Fabricators
Sheet Metal Working Machinery
Sheet Metals
Ship And Naval Supplies
Ship Breakers
Ship Builders And Repairers
Ship Building And Shipping
Ship Chandlers
Ship Owners
Shipping Agents
Shipping Agents And Ship Charterers
Shipping Cranes And
Material Handling Eqpt
Shipping Companies Inland Ocean Going
Shoes Components And Accessories
Shoes/Footwears And Uppers
Shopping Centres / Complexes
Short Films And Documentaries
Shroffs And Money Lenders
Silica Gel
Silica And Allied Products
Silicon Products
Silk - Yarn And Fabrics
Silk Garments
Silk Products
Silver Jewellery
Sintered Bushes And Parts
Slate And Sand Stone
Slotted Angles
Slotted Angles And Sorage Systems
Soap Stone
Soap Plant Machinery
Soaps And Detergents
Social Clubs
Social Service Centres
Social Welfare Organisations
Soda Making Accessories
Soda Making Machinery
Soft Drinks Mfrs And Supliers
Soil Testing
Solar Products And Equipments
Solar Energy Eqpt And Systems
Solid Waste Handling Plants
And Accessories
Solvent Mfrs
Solders And Soldering Eqpt
Solvent Exporters
Sourcing Agents
Special Purpose Machine Tools
Spark Erosion Machines
Spectacle And Spectacle Frames
Spirit Mfrs
Sports Clubs
Sports Goods Mfrs And Suppliers
Sports Trophies And Souvenir Mementoes
Sports Wears
Spray Drying Plant And Equipment
Spring Washers
Springs And Coils
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Fabricators
Stamping And Wrapping Machines
Stamps Philatelic
Staple Making Machine
Steam Boilers
Steel Alloy
Steel Balls
Steel Furniture
Steel Pipes / Tubes
Steel Processing
Steel Products
Steel Re-Rollers
Steel Rolling Mills Machinery
Steel Sheet And Strips
Steel Tubes And Pipes
Stereos And Music System
Sterile Area Designing And Consultancy
Sterile Fluid Handling System
Stone And Non Metallic Mineral
Storage Systems
Stove Burners Manufacturers
Structural Engineering Firms
Sugar Machinery
Sugar Plant Machinery
Surface Textures
Surgical Dressings / Disposables
Surgical Equipments
Surgical Instruments Suppliers Mfrs
Survey Instruments
Sweetmeats And Farsan Shop
Sweets And Namkeen
Swimming Pool Equipment And Supplies
Switches Electronics
Switchgears And Allied Products
Synthetic Fibres
Synthetic Floor Materials
Synthetic Industrial Diamonds
Tailoring Material Suppliers And Eqpt
Tailors - Men
Tailors - Women
Tapes - Industrial And General
Tapes Measuring
Tar Products
Tassels And Trimmings
Taxi Services
Tea And Coffee Exporters
Tea And Coffee
Tea Chest Packing
Tea Estates
Tea Machinery
Teflon Fluon Ptfe
Teflon Lined Components
Teflon Sheets And Rods
Telecommunication Cables / Equipments
Telecommunication Equipment
And Supplies
Telecommunication Industries
Telephone Instruments
Television Components And Tubes
Television Accessories
Television Dealers, Repairers
Television Manufacturing
Television Programme Products
Temperature Indicators Controllers
Tents And Tarpaulins
Tents And Tent Houses
Terry Towel
Testing Laboratories
Testing Machines Mechanical
Textile / Garment Machinery
Textile Auxiliaries
Textile Dyeing Printing And Processors
Textile Dyers
Textile Dyes And Intermediates
Textile Machinery Spares / Parts
Textile Mfrs And Textile Mills
Textile Testing Equipments
Textile, Garment Machinery
And Equipments
Textiles Wholesalers And Retailers
Thermal Fluid Heaters
Thermocole Packaging
Thermostatic Bimetals
Thread Manufacturers
Ties And Bow Ties
Tile Making Machinery
Time Recorders
Tin Products
Timers And Timing Devices
Tin - Printers
Tobacco Exporters
Tobacco Processing Machinery
Tobacco Products
Tool And Alloy Steel Suppliers
Tool Grinders
Tool Room Svces
Tools Portable
Tooth Brush
Tour Operators
Tourism Departments
Toy And Games
Tractor And Tractor Spare Parts
Tractors And Trailers
Parts And Accessories
Trade And Labour Unions
Trading Houses
Trailers Earth Moving Eqpt
Training Institutes
Transfer Printing
Transformer Material
Transformer Oils
Transformer Winding Machines
Transformers And Voltage Stabilizers
Transistors Mfrs
Translators And Intepreters
Transmission Chains
Transmission Gears
Transporters Trailers
Transporters, Transport Agents
Travel Agencies And Services
Travel Agents And Tour Operator
Travel Goods
Travelling Goods And Equipments
Truck Components
Trunk Manufacturers
Tubes And Tubes Fittings
Tubes Industrial
Tubing Metal
Turneky Projects
Tv Picture Tube
Twine Rope And Fishnet Mfrs.
Two Wheeler Parts
Two Wheelers And
Three Wheelers
Type Machinery And Accessories
Type Retreading And Repairs
Typewriter - Manual Electric Electronic
Typewriter Repairs
Typing School / Services
Tyre Repair And Retread Materials
Tyre Tube Valves
Tyres And Tubes
Ultra Marine Blue
Ultrasonic Equipments
Umbrellas Sunshades
Uniforms And Fabrics
Uninterrupted Power Supply (Ups)
Universaltesting Machine
Hardness Testing Machine
Ups Equipments
Utility Services
V Belts
V Belts Industrial
Vaccines And Anti Sera
Vaccum Cleaners
Vaccum Equipments And Systems
Vacumm Plants
Valuers And Appraisers
Valves And Cocks
Vastu Shastra Consultants
Venetian Blinds
Vending Machines
Venetian / Vertical Blinds,
Drapery Rods / Fixtures And Supplies
Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
Vibrators And Strainers -
Industrial /General
Video Cassette Conversion
Video Cassette Libraries
Video Games
Video Projector
Video Shooting Recording
Video Software Eqpt. And Services
Video Tapes And Discs Mfgs Whlsrs
Video Tv Recording Services And Eqpt
Voltage Regulators
Voltage Stabilizers
Vocational Guidance Centres
Wall Paper
Ware House
Warehouse Agents
Washers And Fasteners
Washing And Drycleaning Machinery
Washing Machines - Household
Waste And Refuse
Treatment Systems And Eqpt
Washing Plants - Food Containers
Waste Paper Supplier/Dealer
Watch Straps And Bands Mfrs Supl Rtlrs
Watches And Clocks
Manufacturers And Dealers
Water Coolers
Water Beds
Water Filters
Water Heaters

Water Meters

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NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES (NPCS) is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy services. NPCS is manned by engineers, planners, specialists, financial experts, economic analysts and design specialists with extensive experience in the related industries.

Our various services are: Detailed Project Report, Business Plan for Manufacturing Plant, Start-up Ideas, Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs, Start up Business Opportunities, entrepreneurship projects, Successful Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, project report, Cost and Revenue, Pre-feasibility study for Profitable Manufacturing Business, Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Market Study, Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities, Business Opportunities, Investment Opportunities for Most Profitable Business in India, Manufacturing Business Ideas, Preparation of Project Profile, Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Study, Market Research Study, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Report, Identification and Section of Plant, Process, Equipment, General Guidance, Startup Help, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial project and Most Profitable Small Scale Business.

NPCS also publishes varies process technology, technical, reference, self employment and startup books, directory, business and industry database, bankable detailed project report, market research report on various industries, small scale industry and profit making business. Besides being used by manufacturers, industrialists and entrepreneurs, our publications are also used by professionals including project engineers, information services bureau, consultants and project consultancy firms as one of the input in their research.

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