BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 FN:Enoch Elia ORG:Invac Process TITLE:Ceo ADR;WORK:;;W74, M.i.d.c, Rabale, T.t.c, Industrial Area,Thane Belapur Road ;Navi Mumbai;Maharastra;400701;India TEL;WORK:+919702288400 EMAIL;INTERNET:[email protected] NOTE;In Vac Process Laboratory Short Path Distillation System Is A Small Molecular Distillation System For R&d Is Invaluable In Developing Formulations, Generating Products And Proving Process Separations Involving Molecular Distillation Technology.since Small Quantities Of The Materials Are Required,this Versatile Tool Provides The Means For Isolating Small Quantities Of Your Formulation For Evaluation.the Single Stage Distillation Plant Runs At 2 To 5liters Per Hour, With Shorter END:VCARD