Rice Syrup Processing Plant

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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Rice Syrup Processing Plant. Production of Liquid Glucose from Broken Rice. Rice/Broken Rice Liquid Glucose Syrup Processing Plant


Liquid Glucose is an aqueous solution of nutritive saccharide obtained by starch hydrolysis, by using Corn and Rice as raw material, which is purified and concentrated to required solids. It is usually odorless and clear yellow colored viscous liquid sweet syrup which is processed and stored under hygienic conditions. It has wide application and is particularly useful where high concentrations of invert sugars are required. It also has such advantages as anti-crystalline, a lower freezing point and high degree of sweetening power relative to sucrose. Liquid Glucose, Glucose syrup and Corn syrups are synonyms.

Broken rice is the by-product of rice mill. It has various uses out of which one use is to prepare liquid glucose from broken rice. It can be processed from the F.C.I. Godown also. By using broken rice, starch can used as filler in the different variety of food products. About 90% of the liquid glucose produced in India is consumed by the confectionery industry. Its preparation of sugar candy. It standard confectionery being about 33%. It is used also in textile printing and in biscuit and tobacco canning. The rest of this is used in leather, textile pharmaceutical and other industries. The domestic demand for liquid glucose had been estimated as 4000 MT/annum of which 3000 tonnes are used in the confectionery plants and are therefore widely distributed in their crude from. They can be found in almost all fruits, vegetables and corns. Different countries are known to be using different agricultural sources for production of starch.

Broken rice is damaged white rice, broken during processing. During the milling process grain fragments, the length of which does not exceed three quarters of the average length of the whole grain, are separated from the white rice, whose shape remains intact. This is classed as broken rice.


Liquid glucose or glucose syrup is a refined and concentrated non-crystallizable aqueous solution of D-glucose, maltose and other polymers of D-glucose, obtained by controlled hydrolysis of starch containing material. Glucose syrup is used in hard boiled sweets and many dairy products, as a granulating agent for tablet coating and as a vehicle for orally administered medical syrups in pharmaceuticals. Glucose syrup is used in the manufacture of canned foods, confectionery, bakery products, ice-creams, chewing tobacco, shoe polish and leather chemicals.

It is used widely used in

•        Making Candies

•        Making Chocolates

•        Making Chewing Gums

•        Making Ice creams

•        In Canned Fruits

•        Fruit Juices and beverages

•        Making breads and puddings

•        Making cold drinks and beverages

•        Making Jams, Jellies and other dairy products

•        For flavoring and dressing tobacco for cigarettes

•        Used in shoe polish prevents caking and also results in a quicker and better shine

•        Used in Leather industry as it gives pliability and weight to the leather.

Glucose is used in a wide range of applications including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and paper-making. Food & beverages was the largest market for glucose over the past few years and the trend is anticipated to continue over the forecast period on account of growing demand for bakery goods and confectioneries. Increasing demand of energy drinks which contains a significant amount of glucose on account of maintaining a healthy lifestyle also has been the reason for this rapid growth rate in the food & beverage sector. However, non-food uses of glucose including pharmaceutical, cosmetics and paper-making is likely to witness fastest growth over the next seven years owing to the expansion of these end-use industries.

Global glucose market is expected to witness a rapid increase in demand due to the rise in consumption of glucose syrup over the forecast period. Glucose syrup accounts for a majority share in the global starch derivatives market owing to its wide range use in the manufacture of candy products and is poised to grow at a very intense rate by the end of 2020.   Some other derivatives of glucose include maltodextrin, hydolysates and cyclodextrin. Glucose is primarily used along with sugar as it exhibits complimentary characteristics to natural sugar such as preventing sugar from crystallizing, reducing stickiness of sugar and retention of extra moisture. Glucose is extensively used as an additive in pharmaceuticals and nutrition foods owing to its high energy content. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing use of glucose in the form of tablets or medicine for patients having low blood sugar. Growth of the pharmaceutical industry is expected to augment demand for glucose over the forecast period.


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