Business Opportunities in Water Sector in India.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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Business Opportunities in Water Sector in India. List of Profitable Business Ideas in Mineral Water, Bottled Water, Distilled Water and Packaged Drinking Water Industry.


Water is an incredibly important aspect of daily lives. Bottled water is a necessary and reliable way to deliver safe drinking water. There are various types of bottled water such as spring water, purified water, mineral water, ground water and others. Bottled water is packaged in plastic or glass bottles. Bottled water can be carbonated or not. Bottled water offers a good taste, quality, and convenience.

Bottled water industry, colloquially called, the mineral water industry, is a symbol of a new lifestyle and health-consciousness emerging in India.

Mineral Water

Demand : Past and Future


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Bottled water is drinking water that has been treated to make it clean and packaged in plastic or glass bottles meant for sale. Bottled water industry caters to one of the most thriving markets within the country. The consumption of smaller bottled water units of 500 ml capacity has increased by around 140% perceptibly. The 20-liter bulk water jars have found phenomenal acceptance in households and at workplaces.

The bottled water industry is also witnessing rapid global market growth owing to rising health concerns of the ever-increasing population. India is a country that has witnessed one of the fastest rates of growth in Asia, at more than 20% per annum.

With growing urbanization and industrialization, demand of water for municipal and industrial use has been increasing accordingly. This presents a great opportunity for innovation and solutions in water market, especially in the fields such as infrastructure, technologies, and services.With a rise in health awareness, increase in tourism and the easy availability of bottled water, the per capita consumption of bottled water in India is on the increase.

The bottled water market in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 22.3% through 2020. Bottled water in India is essentially purified water that may contain added minerals.

The global bottled water market is mainly driven by increased health awareness and changing consumer lifestyle. The bottled water market is expected to witness rapid growth fueled by strong demand for clean, flavored and hygienic drinking water. Other important factors driving the bottled water market are an advancement in user-friendly packaging. Strong growth of tourism industry and portability of hygienic bottled water is also expected to trigger demand for bottled water. However, stringent regulations regarding packaging of water and bottled water standards are expected to hamper the growth of the market to some extent. Moreover, easy availability of tap water and rising concerns with regarding increasing plastic waste is expected to present a challenge for industry participants.

The global market for bottled water has gained significant momentum in the past few years, chiefly owing to the increasing global demand for convenient, safer, healthy, and refreshing beverages. Rising concerns regarding the adverse effects of the high-sugar content of carbonated soft drinks and increasing disposable incomes of the population in Asia pacific, Latin America, and Eastern Europe have also significantly contributed to the increasing demand bottled water in the global market.

Flavored Wateris not just a new phenomenon, but it is likely to take the Indian beverage industry by storm. It serves a refreshing alternative to sodas, colas, juices and other sweetened beverages. Flavored water promotes healthy lifestyle as the flavors propel people to consume more water, which will make them healthy. These days, even the dietitian’s recommends people to intake minimum of 64 ounces of water a day, potentially depending more on rehydration needs.

Liquid flavor market, the size was over USD 7.5 billion in 2015 and is projected to exceed USD 11.5 billion by 2024, at more than 4.2 per cent CAGR. Rise in processed food and beverage consumption is expected to fuel global liquid flavors market demand. India has a huge market for flavored water.


List of Small and Medium Businesses You Can Start Today


The mineral water is one of the important items, which is directly consumed by people all over the world. Mineral water is bottled under very hygenic conditions under strict quality control being market. Its major use in 5 star hotels and hospitals where good quality pure water is required for potable purposes. Read more


Flavoured water is the new phenomenon that is likely to take the Indian beverage industry by storm. It is expected to serve as a refreshing alternative to sodas, colas, juices and other sweetened beverages. Read more


Bottled water industry, colloquially called, the mineral water industry, is a symbol of new life style emerging in India. While a large segment of the population is struggling to get access to potable water supply, a new generation - especially in the urban areas - is getting accustomed to bottled water paying handsome prices. Read more


Bottled Water means water intended for human consumption and which is sealed in bottles and other containers with no added ingredients except that it may occasionally contain safe anti-microbial agent. Now-a-days safe and pure drinking water is major necessity for human being. Read more


Sterile products are dosage forms of therapeutic agents that are free of viable microorganisms. Principally these include parenterals, ophthalmic and irrigating preparations. Of these, parenteral preparations are unique among dosage forms because they are injected through skin or mucous membranes into internal body compartments. Read more


Water is an abundantly available as a precious gift of nature. However, natural water many times contains dissolved impurities such as Carbonates of Calcium and Magnesium. This is commonly termed as Hardness in water chemistry. This hardness ions causes scaling and corrosion in equipments like boilers & cooling towers. Read more


There has been a dramatic increase in the number of reverse osmosis and nano-filtration plant over the past ten years. There has also been a proliferation in the variety of feed sources used, including seawater, surface waters and, increasingly, effluents of varying qualities. Read more


Plastic water storage tanks are used to store liquids and gases. High pressure HDPE tanks are used in aircraft and space industries. They are used in chemical industries to store chemicals as they are non-corrosive in nature. Also used in railway tank, cars, iconography at a depth of 20,000 ft etc. Read more


See more


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