List of Business Opportunities in Green Power and Renewable Energy Sector.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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List of Business Opportunities in Green Power and Renewable Energy Sector.

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The Indian renewable energy sector is the second most attractive renewable energy market in the world.1 The country ranks fourth in the world in terms of total installed wind power capacity.2 India added 11.788 GW of power generation capacity from renewable sources between January – November 2017. As India looks to meet its energy demand on its own, which is expected to reach 15,820 TWh by 2040, renewable energy is set to play an important role.

Green power is a subset of renewable energy and represents those renewable energy resources and technologies that provide the highest environmental benefit. EPA defines green power as electricity produced from solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, eligible biomass, and low-impact small hydroelectric sources.

With a potential capacity of 363 gigawatts (GW) and with policies focused on the renewable energy sector, Northern India is expected to become the hub for renewable energy in India.3

‚ÄčIndia has the fifth largest power generation portfolio in the world and its current renewable energy contribution stands at 44.812 GW which includes 27.441 GW of Wind power and 8.062 GW of Solar power installed capacity in the country. (As on 31.07.2016).Fourth largest installed capacity of wind power. Third largest installed capacity of concentrated solar power (CSP) Renewable energy contributes 14.7% of the total installed capacity in the country as on 31.07.2016.Ambitious target of 175 GW of renewable power by 2022 which will include 100 GW of Solar power, 60 GW from wind power, 10 GW from biomass power and 5 GW from small hydro power.

With increasing focus of the government on development of renewable energy sector, solar power products market in India is on the verge of expansion. Target for solar power generation capacity in the country has been set at 100 GW by 2022 and this is anticipated to increase development of solar power products in India. Government provides incentives and subsidies for solar power products such as solar pumps and solar lanterns, thereby boosting their adoption across the country. Rising development of solar power generation projects is expected to aid in addressing the growing demand for electricity and in turn boost growth in the solar power products market through 2022.

The market for solar power products in India is forecast to grow at a CAGR of over 10% through 2022, on account of growing demand for power and increasing focus on reduction of greenhouse gases emissions from the power sector. Development of power transmission and distribution network is projected to increase adoption of grid connected rooftop solar plants in the country through 2022.


Here are few Projects for Startup:


Co-generation plant based on Bagasse is the need of the hour in the perspective of the power generation required and its demand is increasing considerably. There stands an imperative need for the setting up of power plant based on bagasse, which is a waste product from sugar industries. Read more


Solar thermal systems for generating electricity use tracking mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight on to a receiver, where, it is converted to high temperature thermal energy. The high-temperature heat in the receiver is then used to drive a heat engine and electric generator to produce electricity. Read more


Hydropower is a renewable energy resource that utilizes Earth’s water cycle to generate electricity. The movement of water flow downstream in lakes and rivers creates kinetic energy that id converted into electricity. The energy generated by running water has been utilized for many decades. Read more


Energy demand is fast increasing with rapid industrialization and urbanization in India. In a developing economy like India, generally energy demand is increasing at much faster pace than supply. Increasing demand also leads to increase in cost of energy, hence high power tariffs for consumers. Read more


Biogas plants have the ability to accept a wide variety of organic residues as primary fuel input. This includes Cow dung, agricultural residue, effluent discharge, food residue etc. Most agricultural / food production processes have significant amount of organic residues output as by-product. Read more


An effective biogas programme leads to efficient use of cow dung for gas recovery and partial supplement to plant nutrient requirement. Biogas programme leads to improvement in rural living including rural sanitation. Biogas fermentation a process occurring widely in nature can be defined as a biological process, Read more


Bio-gas power plant is one of the sources of non-conventional energy. The biomass fuels are solid carbonaceous materials derived from living plants and animals. There is availability of waste material in our country, producer gas can be easily converted to energy. It can be used for providing electricity in nearer or furthest area. Read more


Robust power generation and an effective delivery model determine the bullish economic growth of a country. A weak power infrastructure impedes the growth potential and pulls back the growth initiates. Captive power plants are essentially non-utility power plants. Read more


Managing waste is the collection and ultimate disposal of the waste without causing environmental damage. Power generation from waste is one of unique thinking of country growth. It is prime need in all over our countries as well as mostly under developed country and developing countries. Read more


Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. In the context of biomass for energy this is often used to mean plant based material, but biomass can equally apply to both animal and vegetable derived materials. Biomass is a plant matter used to generate electricity or produce heat, usually by direct incineration. Read more


Non-conventional and renewable sources of energy have come to assume tremendous significance both as alternative or substitute and also as viable supplement to conventional sources of energy. The need for development of non-conventional sources has been strengthened in view of the increasing population, Read more


A solar cell, sometimes called a photovoltaic cell, is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy. Solar panels generate free power from the sun by converting sunlight to electricity with no moving parts, zero emissions, and no maintenance. Read more


Solar cells are the devices where solar energy is directly converted into electricity. Solar cells are made of naturally available semiconductors such as silicon and germanium. The resistivity of these materials is between those of conductors and insulators. Therefore they are called semiconductors. Read more


The term biogases refer to gases created by the anaerobic fermentation of biological materials. Their main constituents are methane and carbon dioxide. Considerable quantities of biogases are produced by anaerobic fermentation of agricultural and organic waste (biogas), Read more


Solar cell is made from two words, solar & cell. The solar cell is the device, which converts the light energy into the electric energy. Solar cell is widely used as small power sources & is used in the electronic watches, calculators & other many electronic goods. Read more


Ethanol has been known as fuel for many decades. Production of ethanol in the world is increasing very rapidly and has grown. There is a vast scope to use it as Automobile fuel. There is proposal come from the government agencies as well as from the public agencies also. Read more


See more


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