List of Profitable Business Ideas for Production of Industrial & Engineering Products, Manufactured Goods, Industrial Engineering Products.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

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List of Profitable Business Ideas for Production of Industrial & Engineering Products, Manufactured Goods, Industrial Engineering Products.

(Mechanical, Engineering, Automobile Industries, Metal, Metallurgical, S.S. Utensil, Wire, Aluminum, Brass, Copper Products, LPG Cylinder and Valves)


The Indian Engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the last few years driven by increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production. The engineering sector, being closely associated with the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, is of strategic importance to India’s economy.

India on its quest to become a global superpower has made significant strides towards the development of its engineering sector. India exports transport equipment, capital goods, other machinery/equipment and light engineering products such as castings, forgings and fasteners to various countries of the world. The Indian semiconductor industry offers high growth potential areas as the industries which source semiconductors as inputs are themselves witnessing high demand.

The capital goods and engineering turnover in India is expected to reach US$ 125.4 billion by FY17. India exports its engineering goods mostly to the US and Europe, which accounts for over 60 per cent of the total exports.

Recently, India's engineering exports to Japan and South Korea have also increased with shipments to these two countries rising by 16 and 60 per cent respectively. Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh have also emerged as the major destinations for India's engineering exports.

Engineering exports from India grew 11.33 per cent year-on-year to reach US$ 65.23 billion in FY 2016-17. Exports of electrical machinery rose to US$ 4.6 billion in FY 2016-17 from US$ 3.7 billion in FY 2015-16.

India’s engineering exports recorded a growth of 22.75 per cent to reach US $ 56,091.89 million in April-December 2017. Exports during December 2017 grew 25.41 per cent year-on-year to US$ 7,133.93 million from US$ 5,688.32 million in the same period a year ago.

Engineering exports from India stood at US$ 65.23 billion in FY17. During FY08–FY17, engineering exports from India registered growth at a CAGR of 7.61 per cent. Engineering exports include transport equipment, capital goods, other machinery/equipment and light engineering products such as castings, forgings and fasteners

During the fiscal year 2016-17, the exports have touched US$65.23 billion, which exceeds the total shipments of US$58.8 billion in 2015-16.

Power sector contributes almost 70-75% to the engineering companies' revenues. Engineering is by far the largest segment in the Indian industry, employing approximately four million skilled and semi-skilled workers. The engineering sector has witnessed tremendous growth, led by significant investments in power projects and infrastructure development.

Top ten importers of Indian engineering products during F2016-17 were US (US$ 7.06 billion), UAE (US$ 4.03 billion), Singapore (US$ 2.80 billion), UK (US$ 2.48 billion), Mexico (US$ 2.45 billion), Malaysia (US$ 2.39 billion), Germany (US$ 2.21 billion), Nepal (US$ 2.16 billion), Italy (US$ 2.08 billion) and Bangladesh (US$ 1.99 billion).

The EU, ASEAN+2 and North America recorded the highest shipment of engineering products from India, with a share of 21 per cent, 16 per cent and 15 per cent respectively in total engineering exports in 2016-17.

Automobile Industry

The automotive industry in India has been on a growth trajectory with impressive spikes in sales, production, and exports over the last two years. With an average production of around 24 million vehicles annually and employer of over 29 million people (direct and indirect employment), the automotive sector in India is one of the largest in the world.

The Indian auto industry is one of the largest in the world. The industry accounts for 7.1 per cent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Two Wheelers segment with 80 per cent market share is the leader of the Indian Automobile market owing to a growing middle class and a young population. Moreover, the growing interest of the companies in exploring the rural markets further aided the growth of the sector. The overall Passenger Vehicle (PV) segment has 14 per cent market share.

India is also a prominent auto exporter and has strong export growth expectations for the near future. Overall automobile exports grew 13.01 per cent year-on-year between April-December 2017.

Production of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, three wheelers and two wheelers grew at 11.27 per cent year-on-year between April-December 2017 to 21,415,719 vehicles. The sales of passenger vehicles and two wheelers grew by 5.22 per cent and 40.31 per cent year-on-year respectively, in December 2017.

Indian automotive sector today is a $74 billion industry and by 2026, the industry is expected to achieve a turnover of $300 billion- clocking a CAGR of ~ 15 percent.

The Indian automobile industry seems to come a long way since the first car that was manufactured in Mumbai in 1898. The automobile sector today is one of the key sectors of the country contributing majorly to the economy of India. It directly and indirectly provides employment to over 10 million people in the country. The Indian automobile industry has a well-established name globally being the second largest two wheeler market in the world, fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world, and eleventh largest passenger car market in the world and expected to become the third largest automobile market in the world only behind USA and China.

The growth of the Indian middleclass along with the growth of the economy over the last few years has resulted in a host of global auto giants setting their foot inside the Indian Territory. Moreover India also provides trained manpower at competitive costs making the country a manufacturing hub for many foreign automobile companies. India proves to be a potential market as compared to most of the other countries which are witnessing stagnation as far as automobile industry growth is concerned.

Automotive sector is regarded as an important driver and indicator of economic growth. In recent years automobile sector has rapidly increasing its market share. The business strategies adopted by automobile manufacturer has focused on small cars and fuel efficient cars with low market price to target maximum market. This article will identify growth factor and significant factors that have led to the growth of automobile industry. It will help to indentify the contribution of other states that have led to the growth of automobile industry globally.


Here are few Projects for Startup:


Piston is one of the most important item in the automobile industries. There are mostly disc like structure of the piston. Now a day’s piston are made of cast iron or by aluminium in presence of 10% sand in it. There is a vast demand of piston and it is directly related to the two-wheeler production. Read more


The automobile is unique technological achievement which makes the distance shorter. With this a far distance is covered in very short time. Automobile brakes require more attention than any other system in the vehicle. Equal emphasis is given to the clutch but it comes next. Read more


Aluminium is an abundant, slightly blue-white metal of high strength-to-weight ratio. It is used when high strength with lightweight, corrosion resistance and easy machinability formability etc. properties is desired. Aluminium alloys suitable for processing with all major metal-working processes are available. Read more


Welding is an efficient method of making permanent joints between two or more metal parts. Welding electrodes are used in welding various metals in the fabrication of equipment for chemical & Allied industries, construction of steel structures such as bridges, factory sheds, in the manufacture of ships, Vehicles and engineering equipment. Read more


Silicon is the most abundant elemental mineral on earth. Silicone are semi-inorganic polymers that are used in almost every industry as well as in practically every home in the country. There is only two organized units in India, to manufacturing of silicon metals. Read more


Ongoing rise of Air Conditioners and Refrigerators in the market and production in GCC and other part of the world and Heat Transfer Systems in engineering industries and automobile sectors all over the world, makes Copper tubes an essential and unmatched engineering material as Copper possesses superior heat transfer properties with excellent corrosion resistant. Read more


Nuts and Bolts are most commonly used items in the family of industrial fasteners and their demand is fast increasing due to expansion of industries in the country. Bolt is a piece of metal rod whose one end is upset and at the other end threading is done. Nut is device, which rolls on these threads. Read more


Sponge iron is the product created when iron ore is reduced to metallic iron, usually with some kind of carbon (charcoal, etc.), at temperatures below the melting point of iron. This results in a spongy mass, sometimes called a bloom, consisting of a mix of incandescent wrought iron and slag. Read more


Aluminium is most abundant metallic element is used on earth. Various section of aluminium is used in building are rods, wires, channel etc. are the starting material for manufacturing these products, by a set of metal working operations like bending, drilling, grinding, welding etc. in small scale industries. Read more


The forging industry as it known today, make use of various type of forging equipments for the practical duplication of forged part for commercial use services. The era of modern growth in India has its first foot print on automobile industry. Read more


Think of a water jet as something with about 30 times the pressure of power washer wand at your local car wash. Power washing at car washes in an everyday example of dirt film being cut off the body, wheels and tires of automobile. Read more


Forging is the name for processes whereby the work piece is shaped by compressive forces applied through various dies and tools. It is one of the oldest metalworking operations. Forging was first used to make jewellery, coins, and various implements by hammering metal with tools made of stone. Read more


These stampings are used in electrical machines and equipments to form the ferromagnetic cores, which are subjected to cycles of magnetization. High silicon content steel, which shows much higher permeabilities at low densities is used to decrease the inducted e.m.f per lamina and to increase the resistance of the path in which the Eddy current flows since the Eddy-current loss varies directly to the square of thickness of the lamina. Read more


The production of G.I. Wire from H.B. wire is not complicated. In case of H.B. wire drawing from H.B. bars, certain mechanical process is used. An important difference between bar drawing and wire drawing is that the bars must remain straight. The length of the bars, which can be drawn, is limited by the maximum travel of the carriage, which may be from 50 to 100 feet. Read more


The rubber rollers used in printing machineries are of different sizes and as per requirement. These can be manufactured by using different dies and moulds. The raw material is rubber for rubber rollers. White and black type rollers are used in paper printing machinery. It depends on the colour of ink. Read more


A lifting hook comprising a suspension part fitted with a suspension shaft, which supports a hook part provided with a slot. A safety latch is pivotally journalled in the hook part. When the safety latch is swung down, the suspension shaft moves into said end portion, whereby the safety latch is locked. Read more


Piping may represent as much as 25 percent of the cost of a chemical-process plant. The installed cost of piping systems varies widely with the materials of construction and the complexity of the system. The economics also depends heavily on the pipe size and fabrication techniques employed. Read more


Casting is the oldest form of metal shaping and is still the basic engineering process since most metals are melted and cast from ores. Casting are made of iron, steel, various brasses and bronzes, aluminium and its alloys and the various white metal alloys. Read more


Stoneware pipes are used in sewerage lines. It is covered under the heading Structural Clay Product, which include the various items like building bricks, facing brick, industrial floor brick, chemical resistant bricks etc. Salt glazed pipes are used in chemical industry for transporting the highly corrosive chemical in addition to their use in sewerage lines. Read more


Electrical power cables used for transmission and distribution purposes consist of conductors stranded from plain high conductively annealed copper wires insulated with oil impregnated paper tapes. Underground construction is necessitated in the more density built up portions of cities by the heavy transformers and lines required and by the multiplication of service connections to buildings. Read more


Although the lead acid cell was developed by B. Gaston in 1860, it was not until much later when it was adopted by the automobile industry in term of maintenance free rechargeable battery that is gained popularity. The maintenance free rechargeable battery lead acid type can also be floater nickel charged when it is continuously connected to an electrical system. Read more


The extensive utilization of many types of constructional variants of electric motors in industry, commerce and the home would make a comprehensive guide for their selection, application and maintenance runs into many pages. Read more


Inverter is a circuit which converts the D.C. input voltage to an A.C. voltage of specified limit. As soon as electrical technology got developed it become very clear and evident that production transmission and utilization of electrical energy is more economic if it is used in form of A.C. voltage than with conventional D.C. voltage. Read more


Pump industry in India has over 500 manufacturers valued over Rs. 15 billion. There has been an annual growth of 8% in the last decade. This annual growth is expected to be around 9-10% keeping in view of the economic growth in the country. Read more


Tyre is rubber shielded wheel of metal. The maximum use of tyre is captured by the automobile industry, because the automobiles cannot perform their work without tyres. So as the need of automobiles is increasing rapidly the use of tyres increases proportionally. Read more


There is competitive growth of rubber gaskets in market. Gasket should be smooth, inert -towards water and normal chemicals, physically strong and should not be corrosive. It is mainly used between the pipelines to make leak proof alignment or joint. Read more


Hot dip galvanizing is a process in which an adherent, protective coating of zinc compounds is developed on the surface of iron and steel products by immersing them in a bath of molten zinc. The protective coatings usually consists of several layers. Read more


High mast poles are newly ventured high pillars for using high mast lighting, flood lighting, sports lighting, traffic signals, street lighting etc. It is machine made or moulded product. It is manufactured by M.S. plate with galvanized uniform coat. It has now largely growing market. Read more


Hydraulic filters higher demands are made upon the hydraulic systems of aircraft. It is also used in Engine Oil lubricating system, in the drive system of gas turbine engine and in the pre lubricating system. Its demand has increased about 3% per annum from the previous year. Read more


Wire nail is a common product, which is normally used in daily life. It is manufactured from low carbon and high carbon, hard or soft drawn steel wires. It is used in putting up papers, paintings etc. on the wall. It is also used in all industries, residential and commercial buildings. Read more


Conduit pipe is a product through which electric wiring is passed in order to keep it safe. It is manufactured from hot rolled or cold rolled sheets. It is used in cycle industry and for lower end applications such as plumbing, in irrigation projects and low fluid pressure applications. Read more


When a metal is rolled, extruded or drawn at temperature below the recrystallization, the metal is cold worked. The cold rolling mills use hot rolled strips as their raw materials in widths according to the full sizes. Read more


Pig Iron is a raw material for all the iron and steel based industries and hence, required to be responsive to the requirements of pig iron users. Pig iron as hot metal goes to the integrated steels making plant for refining and conversion into steel of various types to cater to the downstream industries like Hot Rolling Mills, Forging Plant, and Extrusion Plant etc. Read more


To think of steel first of all a rod or a bar as you may call it comes to the mind of a common man in India. Steel rods are required even for making a Chulah, an earthen over based on coal firing widely used in our villages for domestic cooking. Read more


Tractor is one of the most important farming machine. We can say that tractor is the forehand of the farming industry. This is the blessing of god as well as science to get largest amount crops in the limited farming land with limited time. It belongs to the automobile industry. Read more


The leather lining applied to the male of female cones of friction clutches to provide a higher friction than that of metallic surfaces. An automobile is an unique and unbeaten achievement which reduces the distances with the speed. It is a marvelous surface transportation media. Read more


The automobile uses three basic types of spring is coil, leaf and torsion bar. Regardless of the type of spring, all springs work in a similar manner. Springs are placed between the frame and the wheel axles. Leaf springs are of two types: Multi-leaf and Single 2. Leaf. An industry mfg. Read more


Rubber Auto Parts are amongst the important automobile ancillary industries. They are used in various parts of the automobiles. The rubber auto parts comprise tyres, tubes, flaps, fan belts, bulb horn, weather strip, door buffers and similar rubber bushes etc. Read more


Shovel is one of the most familiar gardening tools. Primarily used for digging holes or moving loose soil or other material. Round pointed blades are used for digging, square blades for scooping. Handles vary in length from 26 to 30 inches with D grip handles for use in tight quarters where maneuvering is limited or where control is important. Read more


The demand of the bushing is dependent on the various sectors like automobile, motors, home appliance etc. The Indian automobile market can be divided into several segments viz. two-wheelers (motorcycles geared and ungeared scooters and mopeds), three wheelers, commercial vehicles (light, medium and heavy), passenger cars, utility vehicles (UVs) and tractors. Read more


Lead acid batteries are rechargeable batteries made of lead plates situated in a bath of sulfuric acid within a plastic casing. They are used in every country in world, and can commonly be recognized as car batteries. Read more


Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a term describing a group of hydrocarbon-based gases derived from crude oil and or natural gas. Natural gas purification produces about 55 percent of all LPG, while crude oil refining produces about 45 percent. Read more


Steel is a generic name for a group of ferrous metals which due to their abundance durability versatility and low cost are most useful metallic material known to mankind. Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) process for reinforcement bars is opening up new vistas in composite RCC, the re-enforcing steel is the costliest constituent (30 To 40% Per Cu. M. of concrete). Read more


The safety razor is providing with guards on both sides of the cutting edges, which restrain the age from digging into the skin. Development in razors and improvements in the quality of the blades resulted in a large acceptances of safety razors as the instrument for the shaving and today it is a commodity of everyday use in all part of the civilized world. Read more


Hand pumps are the most economical means of providing water supply in rural and out laying urban area. The conventional hand pumps are being used in developing countries, are made from cast iron and have several draw backs, e.g. low discharge, inefficient operation requiring greater manual efforts, short life span and inability to work at depth beyond eight meters. Read more


Wire mesh is known as wire netting, which is supplied in various types of meshes and for various purposes. It is used by the builders i.e. fencing light, fencing poultry forms, tennis court and court yard fencing, concrete highway anchorage etc. It is also used in number of industries i.e. grain, coal sieving, machinery guard etc. Read more


Cooling tower is a chamber in which outdoor atmosphere flows through a spray of entering hot water, which is to be cooled. Cooling towers are used in large diesel engines, nuclear power stations and air-conditioning systems to absorb the heat generated during various processes and thereby maintaining the associated surface temperature within permissible limits. Read more


Solar cell comprises by two words. Solar means sunlight & cell is the device to provide the current supply and as the whole solar cell is device, which converts light/solar energy into electric energy. Market of solar cell show that solar cell is largely used in small scale units having power requirement about some hundred killo-watts in rural, remote & un approachable areas having no normal power supply. Read more


The consumption of coolant is mainly estimated on the basis of automobile industry which has experienced a technological revolution in car manufacture. At present there are 2.5 million car running on Road and is expected to reach more 3.7 million number by 2000 A.D. Read more


LPG valves are made from brass by forging. The total production of valves has been established 9 million numbers per annum in the country. Against this production, the demand for valves has been worked out 470.50 numbers during 2000-2001. Read more


See more


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