60 Potential Project Profiles for new MSMEs. Highly Profitable Business Plan for New Entrepreneur. List of Manufacturing Business Ideas for Small and Medium Scale Industry.

Monday, January 29, 2018

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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises constitute the backbone of an economy in maintaining an appreciable growth rate and in generating employment opportunities. This sector has been regarded as engine of economic growth and social development in many developed and developing countries. Contribution of MSMEs to the Indian economy in terms of employment generation, containing regional disparities, fostering equitable economic growth and enhancing export potential of the country has been quite phenomenal. Despite some infrastructural deficiencies and challenges like flow of institutional credit and inadequate market linkages, this sector has registered remarkable success with regard to increase in number, quantum of investment, scale of production and overall contribution to national GDP.

MSMEs sector plays a major role in contributing to India’s export performance. This sector contributes 45%-50% of the Indian exports out of which direct export accounts for nearly 35% and indirect 15% to the total exports.


Here are few Projects for Startup:

Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Sauce and Tomato Soup

Fruit and vegetable production is labour intensive, as every plant and its products need to be looked after and greater human intervention is needed at the time of harvest, to ensure right size, maturity, colour, ripeness and so on. The fruit and vegetable group is the single largest item in the national statistics on private final consumption expenditure in domestic market………Read more

Mango Pickles

Mango is one of the best fruits in India. There are number of products produced from mango like mango juice, mango pulp, mango flavour, mango kernel oil, mango pickles and powder etc. which are well accepted throughout India and in aboard. There are some manufacturers in organized sector and some are in unorganized sector……….Read more

Poha (Rice Flakes)

Poha or rice flakes are basically breakfast food. Rice flakes are derived from paddy, which is partially precooked and converted into form of flat flakes. Rice flakes have very good shelf life. It is a nutritive product as no polishing is done on rice. It has medium thickness and crisp texture. Poha is cheap and convenient breakfast foods……………Read more

Puffed Rice (Muri)

Puffed Rice is a commonly consumed commodity as a pastime snack. It can be used in combination with nuts such as groundnut or roasted and salted cashews; with fried gram; with Jaggery and coconut gratings, or dusted with salt and spices after enrobing with oil…………Read more

Roller Flour Mill (Maida & Suzi)

The plant will have facility to produce, maida, suzi, atta and bran. These products will be sold as per the guidance issued for food and civil supplies department of the concerned state. The same plant can be used to process other cereals such as rice, gram, dal etc……..Read more

Namkeen (Dalmotth, Bhujia, Chana Chur, Khatta Meetha)

Dal Moth, Chanachur,Bhujia and khattameetha are the important names signifying flavour and taste as processed foods. These are food products having no historical background but have established popularity in the market over many years…………Read more

Sewing Thread Reels

Sewing thread is a common household item and is the prime material for stitching purpose. Capren and lavsan used for the manufacture of sewing threads exhibit high chemical & physical properties. Now polypropylene yarns have replaced polyester threads………Read more

Undergarments (Men & Women)

Undergarments or underwear are clothes worn under other clothes, often next to the skin. They keep outer garments from being soiled by bodily secretions and discharges, shape the body and provide support for parts of it. Undergarments commonly worn by women include bra and panties, while men often wear briefs, boxer briefs are boxer shorts…………..Read more

Paper Shopping Bags

Paper bags manufactured from specially make strength kraft paper. Shopping bags are made by using fibre impregnated kraft paper in the bag making machine by using special type adhesive or by stitching machine. Paper shopping bags are now going to replace the poly bags now days………..Read more

Photo Emulsion for Rotary Screen Printing

The invention of printing in the western world is credited the Johannes Gutenberg in 1450 A.D. however, movable type was used to print on a press as early as 1941 A.D. by the Chinese & later by the Japanese and Koreans………Read more

Battery Operated Ride on Car for Kids

A toy is an item that is used in play, especially one designed for such use. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life in society. Different materials like wood, clay, paper, and plastic are used to make toys. The origin of toys is prehistoric; dolls representing infants, animals, and soldiers, as well as representations of tools used by adults are readily found at archaeological sites………Read more

Non Woven Fabric

Non woven fabric is a fabric like material made from long fibres, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. The term is used in the textile manufacturing industry to denote fabrics, such as felt, which are neither woven nor knitted. Non woven materials typically lack strength unless densified or reinforced by a backing………Read more

Sweat Free and Antibacterial Socks

A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet and often covering the ankle or some part of the calf. The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body, as it can produce over 0.12 l of perspiration per day; socks help to absorb this sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration……….Read more

Mosquito Coil and Mats

Mosquitoes not only suck human blood but also transport disease like malaria. Mosquito coil is used for repelling and killing of insects like flies, mosquitoes etc. It protects human bodies from mosquitoes without coming into direct contract of human body. It has great demand in India as well as outside India…………Read more

Saw (Spiral & Longitudinal) Pipes

SAW pipe is Submerged Arc Welded pipe. They are the pipes formed by the process called Submerged Arc welding. There can be two types of SAW pipes: 1. LSAW-Longitudinal SAW and 2. HSAW- Helical SAW. (aka Spiral SAW). LSAW pipes are basically pipes formed by bending rectangular steel plates and are subsequently welded longitudinally (internally and externally) along the seam to form a pipe……….Read more

Wooden Furniture

The furniture making is an ancient art in India before centuries. The expertise of India in manufacturing furniture was accepted by all the parts of the world. Wooden furniture is made in cottage and households industries. It is also made in small to large scale sectors………..Read more

Card Grey Board

From pulp & waste paper card board and grey board are important grades of paper boards. The importance of paperboard as an essential among the people. Further, in a progressive society, the consumption of paper is closely linked to its economic, social & cultural activities……….Read more

Automatic Book Binding Unit

Book binding is an art and science. There are so many points which have to keep in mind when we are binding the book. There are so many advantages of bindings unit under one roof such as quality improvement, reduction in cost, saving of time (most important) reduction in transport charges and easy handling of plant………..Read more

Paper Cups, Plates and Boxes

Paper cups and glasses are made in a variety of sizes and shapes according to the amount of material to be filled. They are designed and processed in many ways. Wax coated paper cups are used cold foods and drink. Simple paper cups are used for hot food and Drinks, prepared meat, vegetable and quick frozen food……….Read more

Printed Paper Envelopes

Paper envelopes play an important role as a stationery material in any type of correspondence. The basic raw material is paper. Mostly, white or brown papers are utilized for this purpose. These are used in post offices, commercial centres, advertisements and in sampling…………Read more

Composite Cans from Paper Tube

Composite can is composed of a can body; - a top closure; and - a bottom closure. It is also sometimes called a Combi container. It has a convolute wound, spiral wound or linear draw formed rigid body, involving several layers of materials, including recycled and virgin paper, foil and plastics in various combinations,……..Read more

Paper Board

Paper board is made in wide variety and grades to serve many functions, writing, printing papers constitute approximately 30% of the total world production. It is used primarily for packaging. The main grades of paper board are container board, carryated, shipping containers, folding box board and food board……..Read more

Computer Stationery

Computer stationery is normally defined as the papers pre-printed or otherwise used to communicate data to computer or to user; such communication normally is being done continuously by computer and so requires stationery in huge amount. Computer stationery many a times is known as continuous stationery……..Read more

Hair Dye (Godrej Type)

Hair dyes are composed of basically combination of few dyeing chemical compounds. It may be in powder form or in solution form. Selection of chemicals should be non-toxic and non-corrosive to the skin as well as in the eyes. It is manufactured by some organized company with very good quality product in competitive price……….Read more

Polypropylene Measuring Cup

Polypropylene measuring cup of 10 ml. size is largely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Polypropylene is one of the thermoplastic polymer. 10 ml measuring cups are used in the analytical and also in research laboratory for measuring. Accurately chemicals also attractive………Read more

Canning of Fruits (Pine Apples slices, Litchee, Cherries, Straw berries in syrup)

The present level of annual production of fruits in India is about 60 million tones. Hardly 20% of the fruits produced in the country are used for processing for their consumption in the off season as also for export. Hence there is a vast potential of this industry to develop which will go a long way to improve the national economy………..Read more

Soft Drink (Aerated Water)

Aerated drinks are become part and parcel of the Indian lifestyle. Taste is the main factor which drives the demand of the product. Urban areas report a dramatically high consumption of aerated drinks as compared to rural areas. Be it children, the college kid or the middle aged Indian soft drinks are enjoyed by one and all in the country………..Read more

Jam, Jelly, Chutney, Pickles & Squashes

Among preserved fruits, jam, jellies, pickles and squashes forms an important class of products. Apart from fruit juices, squashes are also used in the form of drinks. These are found as attractive items in the functions. Sauces, ketchup, jams and jellies are used with breads etc. during snacks……….Read more

Instant Noodles

Instant noodles is a ready to cook and serve snack food which has become very popular in India in the recent years after its introduction on mass scale of machine. The instant noodles are manufactured in two kinds, namely seasoned noodles and plain noodles with soup bag………Read more

Fruit Pulp, Mango, Guava, Pomegranate, Papaya

Fruit pulp is prepared from selected varieties of fruits. Fully matured fruits are harvested and quickly transported to the fruit processing plant. The fruits are ripened in controlled ripening chambers or natural ripening in open yard. Fully ripened fruits are washed, pulped, deseeded, centrifuged, homogenized, thermally processed and filled hot to maintain sterility……..Read more

Fruit Juice in Aseptic Packaging

Fruit juice in aseptic packaging is basically used to quench the thirst and to get refreshment. In aseptic packaging juice can be preserved for 6 months or more. It is convenient to use, easy to sip and a source of minerals and vitamins. There is good domestic as well as international demand………Read more

Trousers Fabrication Unit

As the name itself implies the readymade garments are garments ready for wearing. Ready to wear garments have been finding more and more acceptance in the indigenous as well as export markets mainly due to low cost fabrication. Sewing of cloth as well as saving of time……….Read more

Pomegranate Farming

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is an ancient favorite table fruit of tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. The fruit is symbolic of plenty and very much liked for its cool, refreshing juice and valued for its medicinal properties. It retains its flavor and as such can keep well for over a year if it is properly filtered, bottled and preserved by using 0.1 per cent sodium benzoate………Read more

Ginger Products (Ginger Paste, Powder & Oil)

Ginger is the most important and one of the oldest spices used in every kinds of food preparation. It is one of the agro-based products, which has good commercial as well as industrial value. It is used mostly in all of the houses as spices. It is processed by making paste and sterilized to keep it for long time………Read more

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid & Kernel Processing

Cashew was introduced in India by the Portuguese four centuries ago mainly to prevent soil erosion. It has been cultivated in several countries for a long time, but the credit for launching into commercial production and export of cashew kernels goes to India………Read more

Papaya Cultivation

Papaya is a wholesome fruit used mostly as desert. Unripe fruit are consumed as vegetable preserves of various kinds and marmalade are made from ripe fruits and considerable quantities are used in USA for making of soft drinks. The papaya contains considerable amount of papain, which finds various applications and uses in a number of industries……….Read more

Tuti Fruity from Papaya Fruit

Papaya is second most nutritive food to Mango. Tuti fruity is made by impregnating fruits with flavour & taste along with attractive colour. It is useful in the preparation of other food items such as toppings. It provides attractiveness as well as nutritive value too many food items……..Read more

Tamarind Pulp from Tamarind

Tamarind is widely used in vegetable preparation or producing sour taste in different kind of foods, snacks etc. It is generally used as paste forms or water extracts and produces good sour taste. Generally it contents tartaric acid, red colour pigment, fruit sugars, minerals etc……..Read more

Bricks from Fly Ash

Bricks may be made from a no. of different kinds of materials but they must usually possess a certain amount of plasticity. Fly ash is one of them. Fly ash is an industrial waste of thermal power station using pulverized coal. Fly ash generally contains about 5% to 6% unburnt carbon……..Read more

Vitrified Floor Tiles

Vitrified tile is a tile which has been processed in such a way that it has very low porosity (and water absorption) which make it stain resistant and very strong. Vitrified Tiles have far superior properties compared to marble or natural granite because being a manufactured product; their quality is controlled whereas in naturally occurring marble and granite good quality is just a coincidence………Read more

Cotton Seed Delinting, Crushing and Refining of Oil

Cotton plant is cultivated mainly for fibre. Cottonseed is an important by- product of cotton which is a rich source of protein and edible oil. Its oil has so many applications varying from medicinal to technical purposes. Other uses are for cosmetic creams, glycerol, lubricants, soap stocks, etc……….Read more

Stone Crusher

There are various uses of crushed stones, in rail road ballast, laying of roads, in concrete, plastering etc. The reduction of materials such as stone, slag or coal to suitable size for their indented use is done with equipments called crushers and pulverizes. Every year new roads are layed, old roads repaired and many new buildings are coming up, so there is great demand for crushed stones………..Read more

Mushroom Cultivation & Processing

The high nutritional value of mushroom makes it is an ideal source of protein, vitamins and minerals. This alone should be reason enough for the government to encourage its widespread cultivation, let alone the benefits occurring from its export. Mushroom can be grown in different climatic conditions……..Read more

Cold Storage

Cold storage industry is a very important and essential industry. The temperature is maintained low with the help of precision instruments. Cold storage is used to preserve fruits and vegetables. Once they are kept in the cold storage, they do not get spoiled even after many months………..Read more

Bakery Industry

Bakery is one of the oldest among the food processing activities. An estimated 78,000 bakeries operate in India. The production of bread is estimated at 11.5 lakhs tonnes and biscuits at 7.8 lakhs tonnes. In this sector 25-30 percent of production is from organized sector units...........Read more

Curcumin from Turmeric

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is native to Asia and India. The tuberous rhizomes or underground stems of turmeric are used from antiquity as condiments, a dye and as an aromatic stimulant in several medicines. Turmeric is a very important spice in India, which produces nearly the whole worlds crop and uses 80% of it………..Read more

Flour Mill

Wheat is grown in most parts of the world, from near arctic to near equatorial latitudes. It is the most important crop among the cereals by area planted and is followed in importance by corn, barley and sorghum. The amount of wheat traded internationally exceeds that of all other grains………..Read more

Tamarind Juice Concentrate

Tamarind is a fruit of highly soured nature having big trees all over India. Tamarind cultivation is used for the extraction of its fruit juice and pulp. The tamarind pulp is the chief agent for souring curries, sauces, chutneys and certain beverages and stored for marketing in a number of ways……….Read more

Instant Tea

Instant tea is manufactured in a several countries but production and consumption in the United States is greater than in the rest of the world. The basic process for manufacture of instant tea as a soluble powder from dry tea leaf includes extraction, concentration and drying……..Read more

Herbal Extracts

Herbs are grown in large number of verities in our country due to vast and wide variation in soil and climate. The extracts of these can be used as raw material for various food, cosmetics and medicinal formulation……..Read more

Protein Bar

Good nutrition practices help to fuel physical activity, in addition to sustaining normal bodily functions and the growth, development and repair of human body tissue. For those serious about their sport or exercise it is a well-accepted concept that diet can significantly affect performance……….Read more

Mango Fruit Bar

Mango is one of the best fruits in India. Mango bar can be prepared from green mango, ripe mango and mango juice. Mango currently accounted 39% of the total fruit export from the India. There is very good domestic and export demand of mango products. The growth rate of mango fruits bar is 20 %.........Read more

Dehydrated Onion

Dehydrated Onions have been produced in small quantities since the nineteenth century. A 100 percent export oriented unit is one, which would export its entire production, except for the permitted levels of rejects. The main advantages of dehydrated onions are that they are easy to store, being lighter in weight and smaller in bulk than fresh or other processed onions………Read more

Pickles (Various Types)

Pickle is a general term used for fruits or vegetables preserved in vinegar or brine, usually with spices or sugar or both. Pickle producing businesses are engaged in producing pickle in different varieties. Natural fruit and vegetable items are used as raw material for producing various types of pickles i.e. mango, beet, cabbage, cauliflower etc……….Read more

Curry Powder

Curry powder is a well-known name among the Indian people. Curry powder is the combination of finely powdered spices. For each dish there is different curry powders but the ingredients are more or less the same. Now a day’s most of the housewives are using this ready-made curry powder instead of using them individually………Read more

Papad Plant (Automatic)

These days demand of papad is growing immensely. At present papads are in short supply in the market. It is estimated that demand of papads will keep on multiplying. Exports of papads from India to various countries over world have been quite substantial………Read more

Corn Flakes

Corn flakes being one of most nutritious foods and is consumed as breakfast food not only in India but elsewhere in the world. Corn flakes have very good taste. Though several other breakfast cereals are also available in the market but they are still to gain popularity……….Read more

Potato Chips Wafers in Different Flavours

Potato is widely consumed as food all over the world. Potato chips are basically used for snacks purposes. They are produced by rapid dehydration of potato slices by direct contact with hot oil. Its crispiness and special palatability makes it the favourite of people of all age groups………Read more

Medical Diagnostic Centre

Modern diagnostic centre provides a wide scope for detection of ailments and afford facilities for a detailed medical check-up through diagnostic procedures. To accomplish this objective a modern diagnostic centre should be well equipped with most modern instruments. Which help in the requisite measures for diagnostic purposes……….Read more

Fruit Concentrate like Rasana

Fruit concentrate is the product of fruit juice or fruit pulp in dry form or dry powder form mixed with sugar, natural flavour or synthetic permitted food colour. In India, growth rate is about 7-8%...........Read more


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