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List of Profitable Garlic Processing Projects. Garlic and Garlic based Products. Production of Garlic Powder and Garlic Oil.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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Garlic is consumed in every home and use in processing industry has a fairly constant market demand. Bulbs are easily stored for 5-6 months after harvest which favors long marketing season. Garlic is used in varied food preparations like chutneys, pickles, curry powders, curried vegetables, meat and meat product preparations, tomato ketchup, etc., The raw garlic is also used in second generation products like garlic powder, garlic salt, garlic vinegar, garlic cheese croutons, garlic potato chips, garlic bread etc. It has also been extensively used as a popular remedy for various ailments and psychological disorders since vedic period.

Garlic is procured from different parts of the state (Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh) and also as imports from China through Nepal. Farmers also bring their produce to this market for sale. Wholesalers get seven per cent commission from the farmers and help them to sell their produce. Trucks are the main sources of transportation and in general trucks with 16 tonnes of capacity are employed for economic handling. India is having 21 important organized assembling wholesale markets. Among these organized wholesale markets, large number of private and unorganized markets is functioning in all the major garlic producing states.

Some portion of garlic produce (surplus) is subjected to processing especially dehydration i.e. drying under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. The dehydration is important because of the concentrated form, low cost convenience and easy transportability and dehydrated garlic in the form of powder etc., has become highly popular among the civilians, military forces, besides export. Garlic export makes excellent dehydrated products and it is used dry form has great scope particularly in foreign countries where there is scarcity.

In the first quarter of the year India exported 18,000 tonnes valued at Rs 123.84 crore, a staggering increase of 169% in quantity and 107% in value, the highest growth among the spices exported from India including the usual top performing ones like chilli, cumin and spice oleoresins.

China is the world leader in production (120.88 lt) contributing to 77.07 per cent of world tonnage followed by India at 5.29 per cent (8.3 lt), S.Korea at 2.08 per cent (3.27 lt) and Russia at 3.98 per cent (2.54 lt). India is the second largest producer of garlic in world.

Garlic is the second important bulb crops grown after onion. Indian garlic production in world is very huge quantity and it generally ranks the second following China. The main garlic producing areas in India are Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. These four areas can respectively produce garlic of above 200,000 Mt. The garlic bulbs are generally white and big in size-about 4.5-5.0cm in diameter. Average yield is about 17-18 tonnes from a hectare. Indian garlic is well-known for its aroma with sweetness.


Here are few Garlic based Products:


The dehydration or drying of garlic is used for its preservation. Garlic powder is used in ayurvedic medicines for ailments for flavouring purposes. The exports of garlic powder are also picking up fast……..Read more


Garlic is one of the important bulb crops grown and used as spice and condiment throughout India. It possesses a high nutritive value and medicinal property. Allicin, the principle of garlic has antibiotic properties. The plant is a small herb and produces a group of small bulbs called cloves covered with a thin skin…….Read more


Garlic powder means garlic in powder form. Powder form means moisture less or dehydrated form. In other words, dehydrated garlic is in flour form. Due to the reduction in moisture content of the material its weight and volumes are reduced to a great extent. More important is that the dehydrated materials can be compressed thereby effecting further savings in the cost of packing and transport……..Read more


See more


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