List of Profitable Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables. Value Addition and Processing of Agri-Products. Dehydration, Canning and Preservation of Agricultural Produce.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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India's diverse climate ensures availability of all varieties of fresh fruits & vegetables. It ranks second in fruits and vegetables production in the world, after China. India is the world largest producer of many fruits and vegetables. India produced around 81.285 MT fruits and 162.187 MTs of vegetables which accounts for nearly 14.0% of country’s share in the world production of vegetables. Although, more than 70 types of vegetables are grown in our country, higher emphasis is given to more popular vegetables like tomato, brinjal, chilli, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, potatoes, onions and few common cucurbits and leafy vegetables. These also generate high income and employment, particularly for small farmers. Among the vegetables, potato is cultivated over large area followed by onion, tomato and brinjal whereas, in the case of production potato ranks first followed by tomato, onion and brinjal. Though India has lot many positives in the vegetable production and marketing sector. The total production of fruits and vegetables in the country was 255 million tonnes in 2014-15, which was 251.9 million tonnes the previous year.

Fruit and vegetable processing industry has taken a new direction and is growing gradually with strong growth rate annually. Infrastructure development for processing may take this industry to the new heights in the years to come with the help of sufficient exports and investments. Fruit and vegetable processing is done widely in the food and beverage industry. Fruits and vegetables are processed into a variety of products such as juices and concentrates, pulp, canned and dehydrated products, jams and jellies, pickles and chutneys etc. The extent of processing of fruits and vegetables varies from one country to another.

India has emerged as one of the largest consumer markets in the world. India's diverse climate ensures availability of all varieties of fresh fruits & vegetables. It ranks second in fruits and vegetables production in the world, after China. ndia is the largest producer of ginger and okra amongst vegetables and ranks second in production of potatoes, onions, cauliflowers, brinjal, Cabbages, etc. Amongst fruits, the country ranks first in production of Bananas (26.04%), Papayas (44.51%) and Mangoes (including mangosteens,and guavas) (40.75%).

The vast production base offers India tremendous opportunities for export. During 2016-17, India exported fruits and vegetables worth Rs. 10,369.96 crores/ 1,552.26 USD Millions which comprised of fruits worth Rs. 4,448.08 crores/ 667.51 USD Millions and vegetables worth Rs. 5,921.88 crores/ 884.75 USD Millions.

Mangoes, Walnuts, Grapes, Bananas, Pomegranates account for larger portion of fruits exported from the country while Onions, Okra, Bitter Gourd, Green Chilles, Mushrooms and Potatoes contribute largely to the vegetable export basket.

The fruit and vegetable processing industry in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10.8% between FY 2015 and FY 2020. The food processing sector is critical to India as it contributes to the economy, increases agricultural yields, creates employment and raises life-standards of people across the country, especially in rural areas.


Here are few Projects for Startups:


Gherkin, a cucurbitaceous crop grown for pickling of raw fruits, was introduced to India in 1990. The product has demand for exports. India has an advantage of being able to grow the crop throughout the year in contrast to other major producing countries, where it can grow only for three months……..Read more


Fruit juices are health drinks; it is largely used throughout the society and popularity of fruit juices are gradually increasing. There is good scope of export of fresh fruit juices. Best food technologists are available in India who can provide the technology of fruit juices processing and bottling the same……..Read more


Banana is a fair source of calcium iron and a rich source of potassium magnesium, sodium & potassium. Because aids in combating diarrhoea intestinal lesions. Pected leaf sheaths are used fresh or after drying as packaging materials for flowers, betal leaves, fruits, etc. India is the second largest producer of banana after Brazil…….Read more


There are thousands of frozen foods available. Before freezing, it is necessary to blend the product to destroy enzymes, which would result on off flavours and consequent quality deterioration. As frozen food preserves the vegetables, they don’t get spoiled even after months once they are kept in cold storage, some 250000 retail stores have frozen food departments and 75% of the industry output is sold through super markets………Read more


Most bacteria, yeasts and molds are difficult to remove from food surfaces. Washing fresh food reduces their numbers only slightly. Peeling root crops, underground stem crops, and tomatoes reduces their numbers greatly. Blanching also helps, but the vital controls are the method of canning and making sure the recommended research-based process times, are used………Read more


Fruit juice is a naturally contained liquid in fruit or vegetable tissue. Juice is prepared by mechanically squeezing or macerating fresh fruits or vegetables flesh without the application of heat or solvents. Many commercial juices are filtered to remove fiber or pulp, but high-pulp fresh orange juice is a popular beverage……..Read more


Potato is one of the important tuber vegetables, which is consumed throughout the year. Indian vegetable basket is incomplete without mentioning the king of vegetables-potato-a sustaining force and a culinary delight. The tantalizing taste of nutrient-rich potatoes makes it an essential part of every breakfast, lunch and dinner worldwide………Read more


India has a major agribusiness sector which has achieved remarkable successes over the last three and a half decades. India ranks first in the world in production of fruits and second in vegetables. The changing food habits of people are discernible. There has been a positive growth in ready-to-serve beverages, fruit juices and pulps, processed fruits and vegetables products, i.e., dried or preserved and dehydrated vegetables and fruits……..Read more


Kinnow has acquired commercial importance and popularity owing to its success under varied agro climatic conditions, response to inputs and high economic returns. Its unique features like gad tree vigor, high fruits yield, excellent fruits quality, higher juice and wider adaptability…….Read more


Coconut is one of the important fruit having large uses starting from bakery, confectionery, pharmaceutical industries to beverage industry and many more industries. Coconut oil is extensively used for edible and industrial purposes. Desiccated coconut powder is a foremost edible product and is used largely as the basic ingredients in the preparation of many South Indian dishes……..Read more


Strawberry is one of the delicious fruits. It contains vitamins minerals, enzymes, fruit juice etc. Our daily need of food is incomplete unless we take sugar. We can intake sugar by many means, one as fruit jam. Strawberry is one the fruits having high perishable character for making jam…….Read more


We all are familiar of the fruit called Amla (Gooseberry). It is very commonly found in India, Ceylon, Malaya and China. It is very important fruit from medicinal point of view. It has characteristics to maintain good health. It has capability to establish fighting system against diseases related to stomach. It is helpful in the growth of hairs and also good for skin…….Read more


Lychee is one of the tropical fruits which is mainly available in Bihar, and Eastern part of India. It is one of the healthy fruit juice. It will help to grow the health. It is sweet tasty with good flavour. It is used by the domestic people throughout the year. Sixty percent of the fruits is edible……..Read more


Garlic is one of the important bulb crops grown and used as spice and condiment throughout India. It possesses a high nutritive value and medicinal property. Allicin, the principle of garlic has antibiotic properties. The plant is a small herb and produces a group of small bulbs called cloves covered with a thin skin……..Read more


Ginger, one of the most important and oldest of spices used in every kinds of food preparation. The rhizomes known in the trade as hand or races reach the spice trade either, with the outer cortical layers intact (Coated unscraped ginger) or with the outer coating partially or completely removed. To improve their appearance some grades of ginger are bleached by various means by liming……..Read more


Karela is a vegetable which is grown in every part of India. Karela is especially grown in India in from April to August. In the session it is abundantly available. It is generally used as vegetable throughout India. It has also good medicinal value. It is generally bitter in taste. Karela powder is now special product which can be produced by spray drying process……..Read more


A pitaya or pitahaya is the fruit of several cactus species. "Pitaya" usually refers to fruit of the genus Stenocereus, while "pitahaya" or "dragon fruit" always refers to fruit of the genus Hylocereus. Dragonfruit stems are scandent (climbing habit), creeping, sprawling or clambering, and branch profusely……….Read more


Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is an ancient favorite table fruit of tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. The fruit is symbolic of plenty and very much liked for its cool, refreshing juice and valued for its medicinal properties. It retains its flavor and as such can keep well for over a year if it is properly filtered, bottled and preserved by using 0.1 per cent sodium benzoate……..Read more


Vegetables are available during specific seasons and they are perishable. Hence, majority of them are not available during off season. To overcome this problem, dehydration technique has been developed by which vegetables in dehydrated form are preserved for a longer period and are made available during off season…….Read more


The pea (Pisum sativum) is one of the oldest vegetable crops to be cultivated. Its culture reaches so far back into the past that the wild ancestor is unknown to us. The crop belongs to the legume family (Leguminosae) and is one of the most important vegetables in India. Peas are divided into two main groups according to their use, namely green and dry peas…….Read more


The ginger whole shall be the rhifume of ginger officinale rose in pieces irregular in stapes and size not less than 20mm. in length or in small cut pieces, pale brower in colour and fibrous with peel not entirely removed washed and dried in the sun. The material may be garbled by removing pieces that are too lighter and it may also be lime bleached.…….Read more


Grape is considered as a sophisticated fruit from the very old times. It is cherished as fresh fruit, stored as raising, drinks as wines and medicines from the time immemorial. During the ancient times grape were cultivated in European countries mainly for making wines……..Read more


Mango is one of the best fruits in India. Mango bar can be prepared from green mango, ripe mango and mango juice. Mango currently accounted 39% of the total fruit export from the India. There is very good domestic and export demand of mango products.……..Read more


Apple is one of the delicious fruits. It contains vitamins, minerals, enzyme, fruit juice etc. Apples can be preserved in the form of apple chips by drying it. In normal drying apples pieces changed its colour to brown. There is very good market of apple chips. It can be sealed in the aluminium foil. Apple chips are used as snack food……..Read more


India is one of the largest producers of potato. Besides being used as a daily food item in various vegetable preparations, potato today increasingly finds use in the form of chips or wafers as snacks food. The potato chips and wafers are popular processed food items that give considerable value addition to potatoes………Read more


Mango is one of the best fruits in India. There are number of products produced from mango like mango juice, mango pulp, mango flavour, mango kernel oil, mango pickles and powder etc. which are well accepted throughout India and in aboard. There are some manufacturers in organized sector and some are in unorganized sector…….Read more


Chili is an important cash crop in India. Its annual production is 8.4 lakh tonnes out of which only 10 per cent is being exported to other nations. The primary chemical constituents of chili fruit are (1) colour (2) pungency which are chiefly responsible for export demand. The chili colour is being used as a natural colourant in food stuffs in place of synthetic dyes which are harmful………..Read more


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