Starting a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Business (FMCG). Fast Moving & Durable Consumer Goods Manufacturing Unit and Most Profitable FMCG Industry. List of Consumer Products and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Production Business Ideas.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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FMCG goods are popularly known as consumer packaged goods. Items in this category include all consumables (other than groceries/pulses) people buy at regular intervals. The most common in the list are toilet soaps, detergents, shampoos, toothpaste, shaving products, shoe polish, packaged foodstuff, and household accessories and extends to certain electronic goods. These items are meant for daily of frequent consumption and have a high return.

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry covers the household items that you buy when shopping in the supermarket or a pharmacy. ‘Fast moving’ implies that the items are quick to leave the shelves and also tend to be high in volume but low in cost items. Household products such as those used in cleaning and laundry, over the counter medicines, food items and personal care goods make up the majority of the FMCG industry. However, products such as plastic goods, stationery, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics are also placed in fast moving consumer goods.

Market Outlook

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) is the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy. There are three main segments in the sector – food and beverages which accounts for 19 per cent of the sector, healthcare which accounts for 31 per cent and household and personal care which accounts for the remaining 50 per cent.

The FMCG sector has grown from US$31.6 billion in 2011 to US$ 49 billion in 2016. The sector is further expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.6 per cent to reach US$ 103.7 billion by 2020.

Accounting for a revenue share of around 60 per cent, urban segment is the largest contributor to the overall revenue generated by the FMCG sector in India and recorded a market size of around US$ 29.4 billion in 2016-17. Semi-urban and rural segments are growing at a rapid pace and accounted for a revenue share of 40 per cent in the overall revenues recorded by FMCG sector in India. The rural FMCG market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.6 per cent from US$ 29 billion in 2016 to US$ 100 billion by 2020.

Growing awareness, easier access, and changing lifestyles are the key growth drivers for the consumer market.

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is an important contributor to India’s GDP. Fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) constitute a large part of consumers’ budget in all countries. India’s FMCG sector creates employment for more than three million people in downstream activities. It is currently growing at double-digit rate and is expected to maintain a high growth rate.

Globally, India is becoming one of the most attractive markets for foreign FMCG players due to easy availability of imported raw materials and cheap labor costs. The urban segment is the biggest contributor to the growth of India FMCG sector, accounting for around two-thirds of the total revenues. However, the share of semi-urban and rural segments in the country’s FMCG sector is anticipated to increase by the end of 2020.


Here are few Profitable Projects for Startups:


In a modern age people are more prone to sophisticated mode of maintaining health and hygiene conditions of their body through the contiguous of cosmetics and their allied measure. This is an elegantly achieved by the application of wet face freshener tissue. This is very economical item and portable…..Read more


Baby wet wipes and facial wet tissues are basically hygienic personnel care product. It is basically made by using tissue papers. Basic raw materials used tissue papers, liquid soap and glycerin. Wet wipes or moist toilets are small moistened paper towels that can be used to cleanse the hands, refresh the face, or commonly to clean up the diaper area when you are changing a baby……..Read more


Shoe polish (or boot polish), is a waxy paste, cream, or liquid used to polish, shine, and waterproof leather shoes or boots to extend the footwear's life, and restore, maintain and improve their appearance. Various substances have been used as shoe polish for hundreds of years, starting with natural substances such as wax and tallow…….Read more


Betel nut chewing has been practiced by natives in various countries since times. It is planted in Bengal, Mysore, Sri Lanka etc. It is found in various places and its yield is different due to changed climate. It is used to refresh the mouth and breathe with its flavour. It is chewed by all age group people……Read more


A disinfectant is basically an agent, which destroys pathogenic organism. A good disinfectant should also be a deodorant possessing good keeping qualities. Phenyl is being used since very beginning for killing insects grown in nallahas, lavatory and dustbins……..Read more


Soaps are the earliest form of detergents. Detergents are defined as complete washing or cleaning products, which contain among their ingredients an organic surface-active compound that passes soil-removal properties. Soaps, the alkali salts of long chain fatty acids, differ significantly in certain important performance properties from the synthetic surfactants…….Read more


Hair dyes are composed of basically combination of few dyeing chemical compounds. It may be in powder form or in solution form. Selection of chemicals should be non-toxic and non-corrosive to the skin as well as in the eyes. It is manufactured by some organized company with very good quality product in competitive price…….Read more


Fruit juices are health drinks; it is largely used throughout the society and popularity of fruit juices are gradually increasing. There is good scope of export of fresh fruit juices. Best food technologists are available in India who can provide the technology of fruit juices processing and bottling the same……..Read more


The powder commonly employed for the cleaning of household utensils is known as utensils cleaning powder. It is available in the market by the various trade names like Vim, Biz and many others. It can be employed for cleaning of Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel and Crockery’s etc……..Read more


It goes without saying that soap is indispensable to our daily life. Accordingly, the manufacturing industry should continue to develop as one of the most important industries. Soap may broadly be classified by use as soap household, industrial soap and special soap. Among them, the consumption of herbal soap is used for medical purposes…….Read more


Matchbox is one of the most important items. Though it is looked upon as small and insignificant, earlier it was a big problem. In the 17th century, people used phosphorous and sulfur together using flints or sticks of woods. It was then found in the 19th century that using non-provisions red phosphorous on the match head instead of white phosphorus……..Read more


Shampoo is a hair care product used for the removal of oils, dirt, skin particles, dandruff, environmental pollutants and other contaminant particles that gradually build up in hair. The goal is to remove the unwanted build-up without stripping out so much as to make hair unmanageable…….Read more


Bottled Water means water intended for human consumption and which is sealed in bottles and other containers with no added ingredients except that it may occasionally contain safe anti-microbial agent. Now-a-days safe and pure drinking water is major necessity for human being…….Read more


Biscuit industry in India in the organized sector produces around 60% of the total production, the balance 40% being contributed by the unorganized bakeries. The industry consists of two large scale manufacturers, around 50 medium scale brands and small scale units ranging up to 2500 units in the country, as at 2000-01……..Read more


Most bacteria, yeasts and molds are difficult to remove from food surfaces. Washing fresh food reduces their numbers only slightly. Peeling root crops, underground stem crops, and tomatoes reduces their numbers greatly. Blanching also helps, but the vital controls are the method of canning and making sure the recommended research-based process times, are used……….Read more


Sweetened gum used for chewing is a product made from gum and similar resilient substances. It appears in many forms and it chewed for its multi-flavored taste. Chewing gum is originally made of the prime raw material called "chicle gum" which was imported……..Read more


Aerated drinks are become part and parcel of the Indian lifestyle. Taste is the main factor which drives the demand of the product. Urban areas report a dramatically high consumption of aerated drinks as compared to rural areas. Be it children, the college kid or the middle aged Indian soft drinks are enjoyed by one and all in the country……..Read more


Paper bags manufactured from specially make strength kraft paper. Shopping bags are made by using fibre impregnated kraft paper in the bag making machine by using special type adhesive or by stitching machine. Paper shopping bags are now going to replace the poly bags now days……Read more


Chilli is cultivated mostly as a rain-fed crop, but in areas of low rainfall it is grown under irrigation. In the genetic area, it is a cold weather crop. The crop is raised on a variety of soil. For cultivation as a rain fed crop, well drained heavy soils which retain moisture should be selected. Chilli powder is a well-known name among the Indian people………Read more


The covering of chocolates was originally carried out solely by hand the process being known as hand dipping. Each piece or centre was handled individually, dropped into molten chocolate, covered and finally placed a plaque to set. The chocolate is conveyed by a series of rotating drums to the upper part of the machine, color it is scrapped off and falls into a trough……..Read more


In modern time ball pen refills are being produced from plastic materials and is having bright future in specially India. Ball pen refill is stocked by big stationery merchants, general merchants, and even road side small shops. The ball point pen refills are in extensive use in every home, industrial house, commercial establishment, school and every shop etc……..Read more


Due to Govt. emphasis for popularizing tourism, number of new hotels, holiday resorts, restaurants etc. have demand of paper conversion products like Paper Napkins, facial paper etc. Paper napkins, facial paper & toilet rolls obtained from tissue paper are absorbent, lightweight & hygienic, Paper Napkin is used in hotels, restaurants and as a substitute of handkerchief…….Read more


Talcum powder is naturally available as magnesium silicate of monohydrate. It is largely used in the cosmetic and soap industries. It is also known as soap stone. For making face powder it should be nontoxic to the skin. This is not only used by women but men also like to apply talcum powder or some specially compounded powder to the face…….Read more


The production of the mosquito coils dates back from the period around 1890. In the early stages the look and the shapes of an incense stick burned at house hold Buddhist altars, but later on these were gradually improved to the present spiral form, so that they could keep burning for as long as possible……..Read more


Exercise books are widely known & vastly used as day-to-day products. Note books are available in the market in various sizes, shapes & pages and having various types of covers paper bound, board and Rexene bound etc. Exercise book is of different types and is used for different purposes…….Read more


In view of the important of tomato either fresh or processed in the daily diet due to the high nutritive value, there are good potentials to develop this industry in the country in the small scale sector. This product contains total solids not less than 25%, but it can further be concentrated upto 33% solids. It is prepared by concentrating tomato juice or pulp without seeds and skin……Read more


There are few unorganized and private companies engaged in the manufacturing of Mayonnaise. It may be called the product is better substitute product. For the product manufacturing basic raw materials required vegetable oil, vegetable protein, milk protein, egg protein or fat emulsifier salt and water……….Read more


Pan Masala is widely used to remove bad odour of mouth and for scenting the breath in order to impart it a pleasant feeling. Now-a-days Pan Parag, Prince Gutka, Pan Mayur, Dabur, Pan Bahar types pan masalas are commonly used…….Read more


Soyabean is one of the most important agro based product, which has commercial value after rice, wheat, maize etc. It has commercial value in the field of vegetable oil and soyabean protein. Soyabean oil can be extracted from soyabean by solvent extraction process. Soya protein is extracted out from soyabean as soya paneer……..Read more


Wheat is grown in most parts of the world, from near-arctic to near-equatorial latitudes. It is the most important crop among the cereals by area planted and is followed in importance by corn, barley and sorghum. The amount of wheat traded internationally exceeds that of all other grains…….Read more


Banana can be preserved for 3 months or more by reducing the moisture in it by drying or frying. In India, food is preserved by sun-drying, mostly fruits, like figs, amla, mango, banana and coconut. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, bars, homes etc. To prepare banana wafers, green bananas are used which is cleaned, sliced and fried…….Read more


Generally, pencil sharpeners can be classified into electric pencil sharpeners and manual pencil sharpeners. Since the electric pencil sharpeners are not frequently used for sharpening pencils, they usually keep in a standby condition, which will consume powers of the batteries and is not environment protective…….Read more


A mattress is a large pad for supporting the reclining body, used as or on a bed. Mattresses may consist of a quilted or similarly fastened case, usually of heavy cloth, that contains hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, etc.; a framework of metal springs; or they may be inflatable……..Read more


P.V.C. coated cable and wire are extensively used in all electrical linings, domestic lighting and all other purposes. The demand for PVC coating electrical wires (with rapid electrification all over the country) is increasing at a rapid rate. Considering recent export market and increase in demand from Russia and other countries, it is estimated that the export demand will remain 25 % of total demand……..Read more


The Indian pharmaceutical sector has come a long way, being almost non-existent before 1970 to a prominent provider of healthcare products, meeting almost 95 per cent of the country's pharmaceuticals needs. The Industry today is in the front rank of India’s science-based industries with wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug manufacture and technology……..Read more


A toothpick is a small stick of wood, plastic, bamboo, metal, bone or other substance used to remove detritus from the teeth, usually after a meal. A toothpick usually has two sharp ends to insert between teeth. They can also be used for picking up small appetizers or as a cocktail stick……..Read more


Undergarments or underwear are clothes worn under other clothes, often next to the skin. They keep outer garments from being soiled by bodily secretions and discharges, shape the body and provide support for parts of it. Undergarments commonly worn by women include bra and panties, while men often wear briefs, boxer briefs are boxer shorts………Read more


Spices constitute an important group of agricultural commodities which are virtually indispensable in the culinary art. Spices are natural products widely accepted by consumers. Spices are most important constituents of Indian food and cuisines, and are used not only for household purpose, but also in hotels, restaurants, eateries and food processing industries……..Read more


The readymade garments industry in India owes its existence to the emergence of a highly profitable market for exports. The changes in the life style since the onset of the liberalization era, and given the base of the industry for the overseas market, Indian garments industry has taken big strides………Read more


Peanut butter is not butter but butter like product made from ground nut or peanut. It consists essentially of cleaned, graded, blanched, roasted and crushed groundnuts containing about 45 percent of oil and over 25 percent of proteins, being thus a highly nutritive food……..Read more


The various pulses are part of the normal diet of all vegetarians and are also used frequently by non-vegetarians too. They are the main sources of protein. The pulses are used for preparing hot dishes, sweet dishes and other varieties. Pulses are the most common diet part of Indian families…….Read more


A diaper or nappy is a kind of underwear that allows one to defecate or urinate in a discreet manner. When diapers become soiled, they require changing; this process is often performed by a second person such as a parent or caregiver. Diapers are primarily worn by children who are not yet potty trained or experience bed wetting…….Read more


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