How to Earn Money from Waste Rice Husk. Converting Waste Agricultural Biomass into a Resource. Particle Board from Rice Husk Project

Thursday, September 28, 2017

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Rice husk is the by-product in rice milling operation with an approximately 20 percent of the total weight of the paddy grain being processed. The components of this rice husk are therefore determined by the milling method employed. Despite the abundant nature of this waste products its unique physical chemical properties, it is however not being harnessed in Nigeria. Only a little portion of the rice husk produced is utilized in a meaningful way, the remaining part is burnt into ashes or dumped as a solid waste with little being used in animal feed formulation. Its proper used will therefore eliminate waste disposal problem experiences by rice milling industries provide an alternative use that will consequently improve the economic based of Nigeria among the committee of developing nations of the world. This research work will be limited to production of particleboard in small sizes using locally available rice husk adhesives within State, Nigeria. Rice husk utilization in this way is a waste to wealth project, since rice husk is not being in serious commercial/industrial usage.

Producing particleboard panels requires combining wood particles, such as wood chips, saw dust and rice husks with suitable binders while applying pressure in the presence or absence of heat. RH is quite fibrous by nature and requires little energy input to preparethe husk for board manufacture. RH density is less than 500kg/m3. Low density boards possess better thermal and acoustic insulation properties compared to medium-density boards. These boards are resistant to attack by termites, wood-boring insects andwood decaying organisms

There is huge demand of particle board in India and all over world. Particle board market growing very fast. Due to growing deforestation there is bright future of particle board.  Any entrepreneur can well venture in this project.

Demand of good quality of building materials to replace the traditional materials and the need for cost effective and durable materials for the low cost housing has necessitated the researchers to develop variety of new and innovative building materials. Construction materials of special requirements for the houses in different geographical region to overcome the risk of natural hazard and for protection from sever climatic conditions has also emphasised the need for development of lightweight, insulating, cost effective, durable and environment friendly building materials. Agricultural waste or residue is made up of organic compounds from organic sources such as rice straw, oil palm empty fruit bunch, sugar cane bagasse, coconut shell, and others. Rice husk from paddy (Oryza sativa) is one example of alternative material that can be potentially used for making particle board. Rice husk is unusually high in ash, which is 92 to 95% silica, highly porous and lightweight, with a very high external surface area. Its absorbent and insulating properties are useful to many industrial applications, such as acting as a strengthening agent in building materials. Rice husks are processed into rectangular shaped particle boards. Particle board is as the name suggests a board made of particles of wood obtained mechanically without destroying the inherent character of wood. This new industry initially was started primarily with a view to utilize wood waste. Wood that was left in the forest being unsuitable for lumber industry and wood that was thrown away as waste in various wood industries, (e.g. sawmills, furniture making plywood Industries) could be utilized in making particle board. It may be mentioned here that fiber board also utilizes the same wood waste; the wood is converted into pulp and pressed the bond being obtained mainly from the natural lignin present in wood. In case of particle board, the bond is obtained by using an organic binder-synthetic resin adhesive. The accepted definition of particle board is A sheet material manufactured from small pieces of wood on other lignocelluloses materials, (e.g. chips, flakes, splinters, strands, shives, etc.) agglomerated by use of an organic binder together with one or more of the following agents heat, pressure, moisture a catalyst etc. Uses & Applications The property of this board can be controlled. It has got better acoustic properties and hence better sound absorption. It does not support combustion, thus it is safe to use as it is fine safety measure. It is insect and termite resistant. It is water resistant. It is more economical. It is used in furniture making where cost economy is the main factor. It is used both for movable and built in furniture. Market Survey The large producers account for 15% of the total production, producing some 38 mn sq. m of plywood and block boards. The ecological considerations had, however, placed the industry in jeopardy owing primarily to the restraints put on the use of timber. Alternate materials from agricultural wastes like stalks of cotton and wheat, rice husk and bagasse are slowly getting into the industry as raw material feeds. Kitply Industries, Sarda Plywood, Century Plywood, Novapan, National Plywood, Green-ply and Jayshree Tea remain the main players in the organized sector of plywoods and particle boards, which has some 60 units. There are several SSI units and other informal sector units contributing around 60% of the total production. The Indian market for particle board and plywood is estimated in value terms, at over Rs 37 bn. Of the total market, particle board including medium density fiber board (MDF board) accounts for nearly a quarter of the market. Nearly 85% of the particle board is supplied by the organized sector. Western India has emerged as the leader in the particle board segment. Shirdi Industries (SIL) was setting up a plant for the manufacture of MDF and particle board. The project, which will be India's first and only integrated plant providing complete interior solutions, was being set up at Uttarakhand. It was mainly because of the state government granting the company a status, entitling the company to excise duty, income tax and sales tax exemption besides investment subsidy. The company is also producing pre-laminated board, decorative laminates, floorings, panel door and furniture components from the facility.


Few Major Players are as under:-

Archidply Industries Ltd.

Bajaj Eco-Tec Products Ltd.

Ecoboard Industries Ltd.

Feroke Boards Ltd.

Genus Paper Products Ltd.

Kitply Industries Ltd.

Novopan Industries Ltd.

Nuboard Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Rushil Decor Ltd.

Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd.

Shirdi Industries Ltd.

Western India Plywoods Ltd.

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