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List of 25 Small and Medium Scale Businesses, Project Opportunities in India: Start Your Own Industry

Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Small and medium scale industry sector in India is considered as a profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

In India Business itself is a profitable idea. You can start any business according to your knowledge and with the budget mentioned.

Following are some of the Best Small and Medium Business Ideas to Start:

Poultry Farming

The production of poultry throughout the world is carried out by a highly specialized, efficient poultry industry that has been a leader in trends of scale and industrialization that have taken place in American agriculture over the past half century…..Read more

Leather Garments

India produces fairly sizeable quantity of clothing leather. It is used for Footwear, Gloves, Handbags, and Garments etc. The Indian leather garments are by and large manufactured from sheep (Lamb) leather. The few factories that have come up in this line are indeed of excellent quality……Read more

Biscuit Making Plant

Biscuit industry in India in the organized sector produces around 60% of the total production, the balance 40% being contributed by the unorganized bakeries…..Read more

Calcined Bauxite   

Calcined bauxite is an important raw material for two main products, refractories and abrasives. Smaller volumes are consumed in other applications including proppant, welding fluxes and antiskid surface……Read more

Cement Plant

The general outlook for the cement industry is fulfilled the situation in a large body of Indian Industry, with a market rise in production failing to generate adequate profitability…..Read more

E-Waste Recycling Plant

Electronic waste, e-waste, e-scrap, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a loose category of surplus, obsolete, broken, or discarded electrical or electronic devices…..Read more

Thermocole (EPS) Cup, Glass & Plates

Thermocole or expanded polystyrene as the name suggests, is polystyrene expanded to more than two times the volume of polystyrene. Polystyrene foam is an excellent packaging material because of combination of various properties such as lightness, rigidity, shock absorption, thermal insulation, resistance to moisture, snow white colour etc……Read more

Tea Processing and Packaging

Tea is one of the most popular beverages and is consumed by nearly half of the world population. Tea growing & processing is one of the major plantation based industries in India & plays a vital role in India’s economy……Read more

Maize Processing Unit

Maize is one of the best cereals after paddy and wheat. It is largely cultivated in the north and west India, though there is cultivation of maize in the eastern and southern India. There are basic commercial product maize hull, maize oil, zein, maize starches are obtained directly from maize…….Read more

Dal Mill (Pulses)

The various pulses are part of the normal diet of all vegetarians and are also used frequently by non-vegetarians too. They are the main sources of protein. The pulses are used for preparing hot dishes, sweet dishes and other varieties……Read more

Sugarcane Juice Preservation

Sugarcane juice is a very delicious drink during summer, contains many minerals and has nutritive value. It is a major constituent of glucose and sugar. Glucose being a major stamina-enhancer, sugarcane juice is a pure and natural refreshment and is available in every town and city…..Read more

Disposable Plastic Cups, Plates & Glasses

The plastic industry in India plays a very important and key role in Industrializations. A wide spectrum of plastics and articles manufactured by the industry has touched the life of every Indian in many ways through consumer plastics. The disposable plastic cups are manufactured by thermoforming technique…..Read more

Coffee Plantation

The genus comprises 50-60 species of shrubs or small trees indigenous to tropical Africa and Asia. Among them 4 or 5 species are important as sources of commercial coffee……Read more

Latex Rubber Threads

The Rubber industry in the country is in the doldrums as it is unprepared to live and thrive under the present trade conditions. Rubber threads are generally made by extrusion of compounded NR latex is one of the important and widely consumed latex products…..Read more

Automobile Piston Rings

The piston is a cylindrical part that reciprocates in an engine cylinder. Piston rings provides a seal between the cylinder wall and piston. A good seal is essential between the piston and cylinder-bore wall to prevent blow-by, i.e…..Read more

Chilli Oil from Red Chilli

Chili is one of the abundantly domestically used as well as commercially used spices. Chili can be commercially exploited for extraction of chili oil and oleoresin afterwards it can be ground in Chili powders as used ground chili spices……Read more

Banana Products (Banana Powder, Banana Puree and Banana Concentrate)

Banana is the largest produced and maximum consumed amongst the fruits cultivated in India. India ranks first amongst the banana cultivating countries of the world. Banana when ripened is a soft and delicate fruit with a post-harvest shelf life of 5- 10 days……Read more

Paper Napkins, Toilet Roll & Facial Paper from Tissue Paper Rolls

Hygiene is an essential component of healthy living, integral to achieving health and preventing disease. Not just selecting the right food choices but also cooking & consuming them in a hygienic way is equally important in preventing the infectious diseases. Adopting hygienic practices and promoting hygiene in the community, schools and workplace prevents innumerable infectious disease…..Read more

Mango Pickles

Mango is one of the best fruits in India. There are number of products produced from mango like mango juice, mango pulp, mango flavour, mango kernel oil, mango pickles and powder etc…..Read more

Oil Palm Cultivation

Oil Palm cultivation is rapidly expanding within the tropical zone and South-East Asia is the leading producer of palm oil. Palm oil comes from trees grown in tropical areas of the world…..Read more

Coconut Processing Unit

Coconut is one of the important fruit having large uses starting from bakery, confectionery, pharmaceutical industries to beverage industry and many more industries. Coconut oil is extensively used for edible and industrial purposes……Read more

Charcoal from Coconut Shell

Charcoal and purity of any substances has now become a basic requirement of any chemical substance. So many products obtained by processing are dirty in colour and having so many impurities……Read more

Disposable Plates from Banana Leaves

Disposable cutlery and containers are products that are a part of our day to day life. Disposable items like cups, plates, saucers are being increasingly used. Such disposable items are made with natural materials like leaf as well as man made products like paper, plastics. Leaf cups, plates have greater hygiene value…..Read more

Precipitated Silica from Rice Husk

Rice husk is an agricultural residue easily available in rice producing countries. India is a major rice producing country, and the husk generated during milling is mostly used as a fuel in the boiler for processing paddy, producing energy through direct combustions or by gasification……Read more

Modern Rice Mill

Rice is the one of the most important food grains. It is used in almost all homes as eatables. It has good filling capacity as a food grains. Rice is grown in many regions across India. For about 65% of the people living in India, rice is a staple food for them…..Read more

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