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Best Business to Start in Punjab, India (Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Gurdaspur, Patiala, Bathinda, Hoshiarpur, Pathankot, Batala, Barnala, Phagwara, Malerkotla, Moga, Abohar, Firozpur, Rajpura)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Punjab has been ranked first in India in terms of infrastructure facilities offered. Punjab’s road, rail and air transport network, connectivity, construction of bridges and infrastructure facilities are rated among the best. Punjab has easiest procedures to set up a business.

Project Opportunities in Punjab:

Food and Agro Processing

Punjab is a land of boundless opportunity for agro based industry. Punjab State with only 1.5 per cent geographical area of country produces 22 per cent of wheat; 12 per cent of rice and 12 per cent of cotton in the country. Priority is also being given to sugarcane, oil seeds, horticulture and forestry. The cropping intensity of the State is more than 186% and has earned it a name of food basket and granary of India.


The auto-components industry of India is likely to grow rapidly, given its global competitiveness, and this has strong implications for employment and income generation in Punjab. Punjab has an automotive component industry which caters largely to the lower value replacement market.


The primary source of milk and other dairy products in Punjab is the buffalo. The state ranks at the top in the country in the availability of milk after Haryana and Gujarat. Punjab plans 100 dairies to promote dairy farming. In an effort to promote dairy farming in the state, the Government of Punjab is planning to open 100 commercial dairies to increase milk production, thus paving the way for White Revolution.


Punjab's strong agricultural base presents an opportunity for leveraging it to develop the biotechnology industry in the state. The Government of Punjab has taken significant initiatives to promote biotechnology related R&D in the state. Two centres which form the nucleus of the biotech research in the region are the Institute for Microbial Technology (IMTECH) in Chandigarh which takes up research in microbial bio-processing and the Central same.


Punjab has one of the largest Indian pharmaceutical companies domiciled in the state and has several other companies engaged in the business. There are several colleges for training skilled manpower required for the pharmaceutical industry. The state government must focus on enlarging the pharmaceutical and personal hygiene industrial product space in Punjab.


Punjab is a major grower of cotton and has a long established industry of cotton spinning and weaving. The Textile Industry is also one of the largest provider of employment and accounts of almost 60% of industrial employment in the State of Punjab. It has been noted that even with high level of mechanisation, the chances of machine replacing human are minimum in the sector due to essential skill requirement. The textiles industry of Punjab already has wool and acrylic fibre base.


Punjab, the land of five rivers and yellow fields, is a favourite tourist destination. It has an integrated cultural history consisting of ancient monuments, religious places, museums and royal palaces like Quila Mubarak. It also has wild life sanctuaries with a rare site of migratory birds. The major places of tourist interest are:- Golden Temple, Durgiana Mandir, Jallianwala bagh in Amritsar; Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib and Khalsa Heritage Complex at Anandpur Sahib; Bhakra Dam, Qila Androon and Moti Bagh Palace at Patiala; Wetland at Harike Pattan Sanghol for archaeological importance and Sodal Temple at Jalandhar commemorative Maharishi Balmiki Heritage, etc.

Waste Management and Recycling

In Punjab, growth of population, industrialization and urbanization has resulted in generation of large volumes of solid waste. The total amount of collected solid waste from the districts includes 1108012.25 MT of municipal waste and 6695.57 MT of bio-medical waste (PPCB as cited in Statistical Abstract of Punjab, 2007).

Few Suggested Projects for Startups:

Wheat Flour Mill

Wheat is a grass, originally from the Fertile Crescent regions, but now cultivated worldwide. In 2007 world production of wheat was 607 million tons working it the third most produced cereal after maize (784 million tons) and rice (651 million tons)…..Read more

Cotton Ginning and Pressing

Gin implies a machine especially is for hoisting a cotton-gin. Ginning pertains to clear of seeds by a cotton-gin, where as ginner is one who gives cotton and ginnery or gin house refers to a place where cotton is ginned…..Read more

Fruit Processing (Mango, Lychee, Pineapple, Orange & Pomelo for Concentrates, Juice in Cans)

Fruit juice is a naturally contained liquid in fruit or vegetable tissue. Juice is prepared by mechanically squeezing or macerating fresh fruits or vegetables flesh without the application of heat or solvents…..Read more

LED Light Assembling

A light emitting diode (LED) is a device which converts electrical energy in to light. LEDs are preferred light sources for short distance (local area) optical fiber network because they are inexpensive, robust and have long life (the long life of an LED is primarily due to its being a cold device, i.e. its operating temperature being much lower than that of, say, an incandescent lamp), can be modulated (i.e. switched on and off) at high speeds….Read more

Precipitated Silica from Rice Husk Ash

Precipitated silica (also called particulate silica) is compound of aggregates of ultimate particles of colloidal size that have not become linked in massive gel network during the preparation process……Read more

Dall Mill (Pulse)

The various pulses are part of the normal diet of all vegetarians and are also used frequently by non-vegetarians too. They are the main sources of protein. The important dalls in the country are Channa Moong, Urad, Moth, tur dall and Masoor, Matar etc…..Read more

Dehydration and Canning of Fruits and Vegetables

Dehydration and canning of fruits and vegetables is done with a view to preserve surplus perishable foods. Although much of the food prouced all over the world is consumed in the fresh form, yet with the increasing urbanisation and continuous effort to provide a regular supply of acceptable and desirable food is increasing steadily…..Read more

Silicon Metal

Silicon is the most abundant elemental mineral on earth. Silicone are semi-inorganic polymers that are used in almost every industry as well as in practically every home in the country. There is only two organized units in India, to manufacturing of silicon metals….Read more

Pig Iron

Pig Iron is a raw material for all the iron and steel based industries and hence, required to be responsive to the requirements of pig iron users. Pig iron as hot metal goes to the integrated steels making plant for refining and conversion into steel of various types to cater to the downstream industries like Hot Rolling Mills, Forging Plant, and Extrusion Plant etc…..Read more

Biscuit Making Plant

Biscuit industry in India in the organized sector produces around 60% of the total production, the balance 40% being contributed by the unorganized bakeries…..Read more

Spinning & Carding of Wool into Yarns

Wool is the fibre of a living animal. It forms the protective covering of the sheep; insulates it against both heat and cold and maintains its body temperature. Chemically wool is described as a protein called keratin…..Read more

Manufacturing of Jeans, Trousers, T-Shirts and Kids Garments

Manufacture of Jeans & Shirts is one of the important product of readymade garments. The trend for using ready-made garment is increasing day by day. Ready to wear garments like jeans are finding more and more acceptance in the country as well as in export market mainly due to low cost of fabrication, saving of cloth as well as time…..Read more

Bread Making Plant

In modern days bread is now becoming one of the most essential food item in human diet due to its readymade availability and high nutritive value. It is the most consumable wheat based bakery product…..Read more

Bicycle Manufacturing

A bicycle, is a human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. A bicycle rider is called a cyclist, or bicyclist…..Read more

Tractor Manufacturing

Tractor is one of the most important farm machineries. We can say that tractor is the forehand of the farming industry. This is the blessing of god as well as science to get largest amount crops in the limited farming land with limited time…..Read more

Gypsum Plaster Boards

For a building being constructed the one and only thing which is to be considered is its strength of bearing load of both environmental artificial. But now-a-days not only strength but the look of the construction also matters…..Read more

Bakery Industry

Bakery is one of the oldest among the food processing activities. An estimated 78,000 bakeries operate in India. The production of bread is estimated at 11.5 lakhs tonnes and biscuits at 7.8 lakhs tonnes….Read more

Dairy Farm for Milk Production

Agriculture still continues to be the major sector in India economy. Indian agriculture is based on mixed farming i.e. crop production through irrigation and rearing livestock….Read more

Dolomite Bricks

Refractories are necessary in the metallurgical, cement, glass, and machine tools industries where kilns and furnaces are used for value addition process to materials. Dolomite refractories are currently in use in some countries such as China, France, and England India etc…..Read more

Pharmaceutical Industry

The progress of the pharmaceutical industry in India has been hampered by price and other controls. India?s pharmaceutical industry has made rapid progress in recent years. India is one of the world’s largest drug market…..Read more

Paper Napkins, Toilet Roll & Facial Paper from Tissue Paper Rolls

Hygiene is an essential component of healthy living, integral to achieving health and preventing disease. Not just selecting the right food choices but also cooking & consuming them in a hygienic way is equally important in preventing the infectious diseases. …..Read more

Bentonite Processing

Bentonite is essentially highly plastic clay containing not less than 85% clay mineral, montmorillonite. Bentonite is of a great commercial importance possessing inherent bleaching properties like fullers earth, hence, it is known as bleaching clay…..Read more

A.A.C. Blocks from Silica Sand & Lime Stone Powder

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a non-combustible, lime-based, cementitious building material that is expanding into new worldwide markets. As a single-component building material, AAC has achieved acceptance in new markets throughout the world…..Read more

Disposable Plastic Cups, Plates & Glasses

The plastic industry in India plays a very important and key role in Industrializations. A wide spectrum of plastics and articles manufactured by the industry has touched the life of every Indian in many ways through consumer plastics. The disposable plastic cups are manufactured by thermoforming technique…..Read more

Production of different grades of Lime from Limestone (Technical Grade Lime, Refractory Grade Lime, Agriculture Grade Lime, FCC Grade Lime)

Lime is manufactured from lime stone. Lime is mainly used for manufacture of hydrated lime. Hydrated lime is a dry powder obtained by treating quick lime with water. It consists essentially of calcium hydroxide and some magnesium hydroxide…..Read more

Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil is an important oil in soap industry. It is obtained from heat treatment of the fresh bran. Rice bran contain about 18-20% of oil other constituents are oleic Acid 40-50% and 29-42% saturated acid…..Read more

Goat & Sheep Farming

Goats are allied to sheep but are much harder and more active animals. Their males or billy goats have a tuft of hair (beards) under the chin. The present day goats are said to be discarded from one to more kinds of wild goats of Asia & Europe…..Read more

Poultry & Broiler Farming

Poultry farming has grown into a full-fledged commercial agro business. The demand for eggs and broiler meat are on the increase with growing population…..Read more

Rice Cultivation

Rice is the leading food crop in the developing world in terms of total world production. It represents the staple food for almost two-thirds of the world’s population. Rice provides 21% of global human per capita energy and 15% of per capita protein…..Read more

Sugarcane Juice Preservation

Sugarcane juice is a very delicious drink during summer, contains many minerals and has nutritive value. It is a major constituent of glucose and sugar. Glucose being a major stamina-enhancer, sugarcane juice is a pure and natural refreshment and is available in every town and city…..Read more

Thermocole (EPS) Cup, Glass & Plates

Thermocole or expanded polystyrene as the name suggests, is polystyrene expanded to more than two times the volume of polystyrene. Polystyrene foam is an excellent packaging material because of combination of various properties such as lightness, rigidity, shock absorption, thermal insulation, resistance to moisture, snow white colour etc……Read more

Readymade Garments

The readymade garments industry in India owes its existence to the emergence of a highly profitable market for exports. The changes in the life style since the onset of the liberalization era, and given the base of the industry for the overseas market, Indian garments industry has taken big strides…..Read more

Yeast from Molasses

There are two types of yeast as compressed yeast. It is convenient to use dry yeast powder for bakeries its handling is simple and its preservation easy. Dry yeast which can be contained in the form of pillets or flakes in packets or tins…..Read more

Solar Panel

A solar panel is a collection of solar cells. Lots of small solar cells spread over a large area can work together to provide enough power to be useful.…..Read more

Contract Farming of Fruits (Citrus Fruits, Orange, Tangarine Pineapple, Papaya, Watermelon and Mango)

Contract farming is most commonly practiced by food processing firms. These firms have an interest in keeping raw material inflows at a stable level, close to plant capacity…..Read more

E-Waste Recycling Plant

Electronic waste, e-waste, e-scrap, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a loose category of surplus, obsolete, broken, or discarded electrical or electronic devices…..Read more

Disposable Paper Plate

Disposable cutlery and containers are products that are a part of our day to day life. Disposable items like cups, plates, saucers are being increasingly used. Such disposables items are made with easily degradable materials which are manmade products like paper from wood pulp, biomass etc…..Read more

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