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Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Engineering is the largest among industrial sectors in India. It is diverse with a number of segments and can be broadly categorized into two segments: heavy engineering and light engineering. Engineering is relatively less fragmented at the top and more fragmented at the lower end in terms of technology and capital investment and is dominated by players.

The major end-user industries for heavy engineering goods are power, infrastructure, steel, cement, petrochemicals, oil and gas, refineries, fertilizers, mining, railways, automobiles, and textiles. Light engineering goods are essentially used as inputs by the heavy engineering industry.

The Engineering Components Includes the Following Product Categories:


Cast components like housings, shafts, covers, blocks etc. in cast iron as well as S.G. Iron.


Forged products including die-forging for the engineering sector.


Gears are critical part of the engineering industry.

Other Components

Draglines, Drill Pipes, Jigs and Fixtures for the Engineering, Mining and Other Core Industries.

Cooling Tower

Cooling tower is a chamber in which outdoor atmosphere flows through a spray of entering hot water, which is to be cooled. Cooling towers are used in large diesel engines, nuclear power stations and air-conditioning systems to absorb the heat generated during various processes and thereby maintaining the associated surface temperature within permissible limits….Read more

Super Enamelled Copper Wire

Enamelled copper wire is an essential material for motor and transformer winding. There is a heavy consumption of enamelled copper wire. Enamelled copper wire is available in different gauges ranging from 32 gauges to 18 gauges. The gauge of the enamelled wire depends upon the winding required for the specific motor or transformer….Read more

Inner Grooved Copper Tube

Ongoing rise of Air Conditioners and Refrigerators in the market and production in GCC and other part of the world and Heat Transfer Systems in engineering industries and automobile sectors all over the world, makes Copper tubes an essential and unmatched engineering material as Copper possesses superior heat transfer properties with excellent corrosion resistant….Read more

Automobile Brake Shoes

Automobile manufacturers do not produce each and every item in the factory. Since the automobile vehicles are comprising of more than 5,000 parts. They are wholly depending upon the ancillary articles manufacturers. Their units are come under this section. These industries are on priority. Break shoe is used in the brake of an automobile….Read more

Electrical Stamping

These stampings are used in electrical machines and equipments to form the ferromagnetic cores, which are subjected to cycles of magnetization. High silicon content steel, which shows much higher permeabilities at low densities is used to decrease the inducted e.m.f per lamina and to increase the resistance of the path in which the Eddy current flows since the Eddy-current loss varies directly to the square of thickness of the lamina….Read more

Aluminium Alloy from Scrap and Virgin Metal

Aluminium, the second most plentiful metallic element on earth, became an economic competitor in engineering applications as recently as the end of the 19th century. It was to become a metal for its time. The emergence of three important industrial developments would, by demanding material characteristics consistent with the unique qualities of aluminium and its alloys, greatly benefit growth in the production and use of the new metal….Read more

Electric Motors

The extensive utilization of many types of constructional variants of electric motors in industry, commerce and the home would make a comprehensive guide for their selection, application and maintenance runs into many pages. The determination of motor requirements for machine tools involves the assessment of loading to request resulting from speeds and feeds determined over a wide range….Read more

High Mast Poles

High mast poles are newly ventured high pillars for using high mast lighting, flood lighting, sports lighting, traffic signals, street lighting etc. It is machine made or moulded product. It is manufactured by M.S. plate with galvanized uniform coat. It has now largely growing market….Read more

Copper Powder by Electrolytic Process

The principal methods for producing copper powder is electrolytic deposition at high current densities and the atomization of molten metal. Copper powder is also formed by cementation or by pressured precipitation from acqueous solutions, but such precipitates are of little commercial interest….Read more

Tractor Manufacturing

Tractor is one of the most important farming machine. We can say that tractor is the forehand of the farming industry. This is the blessing of god as well as science to get largest amount crops in the limited farming land with limited time. It belongs to the automobile industry….Read more

ERW Steel Pipes

Electric Resistance Welded Pipe that is also known as ERW pipe and it is made of strips of steel that is hot rolled and passed through forming rolls and finally welded together. It is used for usually high diameter. ERW steel pipes and tubes are used in various engineering purposes, fencing, scaffolding, line pipes etc….Read more

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts are most commonly used items in the family of industrial fasteners and their demand is fast increasing due to expansion of industries in the country. Bolt is a piece of metal rod whose one end is upset and at the other end threading is done. Nut is device, which rolls on these threads. In nuts internal threading is done through the combination of nuts and bolts combination into appropriate sizes….Read more

TMT Bars

Steel is a generic name for a group of ferrous metals which due to their abundance durability versatility and low cost are most useful metallic material known to mankind. Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) process for reinforcement bars is opening up new vistas in composite RCC, the re-enforcing steel is the costliest constituent (30 To 40% Per Cu. M. of concrete)….Read more

Pig Iron Plant

Pig Iron is a raw material for all the iron and steel based industries and hence, required to be responsive to the requirements of pig iron users. Pig iron as hot metal goes to the integrated steels making plant for refining and conversion into steel of various types to cater to the downstream industries like Hot Rolling Mills, Forging Plant, and Extrusion Plant etc. Iron ores, coal/coke, limestone and dolomite are the main raw materials used in steel industries….Read more

Ceramic Foam Filters

Ceramic foam filters are commonly used for filling a variety of molten metals, including aluminium, copper & iron. As a whole there will be good market demand of ceramic filter. It can be assumed that there are few broad gaps of the product manufacturers and market demand….Read more

Market Outlook

India has a strong and diversified industrial base for the production of engineering goods and services, with the term engineering goods being used as a catch-all for all of the following: ferrous and non-ferrous materials used for producing other products and components, components manufactured from such materials, intermediate products such as bearings, valves, pumps and compressors that go into the production of other engineering machinery and systems, and such engineering machinery and systems themselves.

India’s rising engineering exports  include heavy engineering goods, transport equipment, capital goods, other machinery/equipment and light engineering products like castings, forgings and fasteners.

The Indian Engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the last few years driven by increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production. The engineering sector, being closely associated with the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, is of strategic importance to India’s economy.

The capital goods & engineering turnover in India is expected to reach US$ 125.4 billion by FY17.

India exports its engineering goods mostly to the US and Europe, which accounts for over 60 per cent of the total exports. Recently, India's engineering exports to Japan and South Korea have also increased with shipments to these two countries rising by 16 and 60 per cent respectively. Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh have also emerged as the major destinations for India's engineering exports.

Engineering exports from India grew 11.33 per cent year-on-year to reach US$ 65.23 billion in FY 2016-17.

Driven by amplified investments in infrastructure and industrial production, The Indian Engineering sector has observed a notable progress in recent past. This domain, being closely connected with the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors of the economy, is of great strategic importance to India’s economy.

The Growth is driven by various sub-sectors such as infrastructure, power, steel, automotive, oil and gas, consumer durables etc.

Compelled by resilient demand for engineering goods, exports from India recorded a double digit growth at 10.22 per cent to touch US$ 26.4 billion in June 2014 from US$ 24.02 billion in the corresponding month last year. This progress can be credited to the robust expansion in export of aircraft, spacecraft parts and automobiles.

The engineering sector has witnessed tremendous growth, led by significant investments in power projects and infrastructure development. In 2016-17, the share of engineering exports in India’s total merchandise exports stood at 23.75 per cent.

Engineering exports from India stood at US$ 65.23 billion in 2016-17.

Top ten importers of Indian engineering products during F2016-17 were US (US$ 7.06 billion), UAE (US$ 4.03 billion), Singapore (US$ 2.80 billion), UK (US$ 2.48 billion), Mexico (US$ 2.45 billion), Malaysia (US$ 2.39 billion), Germany (US$ 2.21 billion), Nepal (US$ 2.16 billion), Italy (US$ 2.08 billion) and Bangladesh (US$ 1.99 billion).

The capital goods and engineering turnover in India is expected to reach 125.4 billion USD by the fiscal year 2017.

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