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Monday, July 17, 2017

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Aluminium is a silvery-white, ductile metallic element, the most abundant in the earth's crust but found only in combination, chiefly in bauxite. Aluminum occurs naturally in many foods in low concentrations and is also present in many pharmaceuticals and drinking water. Refer to Aluminum Reaction for its reaction to Water, Oxygen & Acids. High levels in the body can be toxic. Having good conductive and thermal properties, it is used to form many hard, light, corrosion-resistant alloys. Aluminium is non-toxic (as the metal) nonmagnetic and non-sparking. The Atomic Number of this element is 13 and the Element Symbol is Al.

Aluminium is a tin-white metal which melts at 640° and is very light, having a density of 2.68. It is stiff and strong, and with frequent annealing can be rolled into thin foil. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity, though not so good as Copper for a given cross section of wire. It is a tin-white metal which melts at 640° and is very light, having a density of 2.68. It is stiff and strong, and with frequent annealing can be rolled into thin foil. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity, though not so good as copper for a given cross section of wire.

Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil is one of the most versatile packaging medium. The growth of this industry has been in the recent past, owing to the growing application of foil in a variety of products. Aluminium foil is regarded as unique material amongst flexible packaging materials. This is because of the characteristic of the foil to retain all metallic characteristics of aluminium. Aluminium foil is a thin sheet of metal. As such it can be an absolute barrier to moisture, gases, odours, bacteria and moulds….Read more

Aluminium Alloy from Virgin Metal

Aluminium is second most plentiful metallic element on earth become an economic competitor in engineering applications. The aluminium industry growth was not limited to these developments. The first commercial application of aluminium were novelty item such as mirror frames, house number and serving trays….Read more

Automized Aluminium Powder

Aluminium is a versatile non-ferrous metal having around 3000 identified uses. Powder metallurgy have being defined as the Art and Science of manufacturing useful article from metal powders and producing those powder. Powder metallurgy technique can be broadly into two section: - 1. Preparation and conditioning of the powder (2) processing of powder….Read more

Aluminium Furniture

Term furniture is used for articles of daily use in hospitals, public building, business places, and house-etc and also include various items like chairs, table of various sizes, sofa sets, towel stands, T.V. antenna and T.V. stands etc. The use of metal like aluminium for the manufacture of aluminium furniture is however a modern development….Read more

Aluminium House Hold Utensils

This is hardly a family in India where glittering aluminium utensils occupy significant place. Aluminium utensils of domestic use are of three broad categories- (1) cooking food, (2) storing and service utensil, (3) Table pot and utensils are used for eating food and drinking water, tea, coffee, milk and juice. Aluminium utensils are longer lasting; require less maintenance costs, these are light and hence handy, unbreakable, economical and attractive in appearance….Read more

Aluminium Extrusion Plant

Good Scope for Aluminium Extrusion Plant Extrusion is a process equally suitable for the simplest shapes and for the most complex for the wide range of large and the small items for structural members or for decorative trim. Some sections produced by extrusion cannot be made by other process economically. The two main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes are its ability to create very complex cross-sections and work materials that are brittle, because the material only encounters compressive and shear stresses….Read more

Aluminium Alloy from Scrap and Virgin Metal

Aluminium, the second most plentiful metallic element on earth, became an economic competitor in engineering applications as recently as the end of the 19th century. It was to become a metal for its time. The emergence of three important industrial developments would, by demanding material characteristics consistent with the unique qualities of aluminium and its alloys, greatly benefit growth in the production and use of the new metal. ….Read more

Aluminium Wire Drawing / Wire Mesh Plant

Aluminium is one of the metal, which is widely available in many countries. There are various uses of aluminium metal of which manufacturing of aluminium wire and wire mesh is one of them. Aluminium wire is largely used in the cable industry as well as alone it is used for electrical transmission. Aluminium is non-corrosive, light and cheap metal, for making aluminium wire, (as conductor) it is required to draw the aluminium thick wire to suitable diameter….Read more

Aluminium Beverage Cans

Today the food containers that are being used in our daily living extend over the widest range, from those which are raw material of new materials such as plastics the fruit of modern technology innovation. Aluminium cans are most typical among metal containers. Canned foods are found in great abundance all around us, and include processed fisheries products such as crab, tuna and sardine….Read more

Aluminium Building Hardware

Aluminium is most abundant metallic element is used on earth. Various section of aluminium is used in building are rods, wires, channel etc are the starting material for manufacturing these products, by a set of metal working operations like bending, drilling, grinding, welding etc. in small scale industries. Hinges are used for connecting doors. Windows/ventilator flaps to their respective frame in building….Read more

Anodic Aluminium Labels

Anodic Aluminium Labels used as an industrial, metallic labels and are widely used on industrial machinery and domestic appliances for supplying the specifications, operating procedures and name of the manufacturer. Also nameplates are seen on the houses and buildings. In offices Anodic Aluminium Labels are used to indicate the room numbers and designation of the official etc….Read more

Aerosol Cans

The aluminium aerosol can has been one of the most popular packaging materials for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and household items for decades. In addition to its ability for recycling in 100%, this modern packaging material meets all relevant European Standards. The indisputable advantage of the aluminium aerosol can is that it is light and strong at the same time; it excludes the possibility of corrosion and its packaging provides hermetical protection for the completed products….Read more

Market Outlook

India is considered to be the fifth largest producer of aluminium in the world with a tremendous bauxite reserve of about 3 billion tonnes. While the major consumption of aluminium in India is done by the electrical (31%) and B&C sectors (13%), the future growth is envisaged to happen in the solar power and industrial sector.

India's per capital consumption of aluminium extrusion is amongst the lowest in the world.

The primary aluminium consumption increased by 23 per cent and total aluminium consumption increased by 13 per cent in last one year.

Aluminium consumption in India to grow from 3.3 million tonne to 5.3 million tonne.

India’s aluminum demand was expected to go up to 3.5 million mt by 2017-18 against 2.85 mmt in 2014-15.

The CAGR of Aluminium demand in India is expected to be around 7.5 %.

The global aluminum alloys market is largely fueled by the rapid growth of the transportation and construction industries.

In 2015, India exported an estimated 14,512 tons of aluminium foil and the total value of export stood at USD 3.1 billion which increased further to total at 16,448 tonnes in 2016.

The aluminium foil packaging market is segmented based on type and application. By type, the global aluminium foil packaging market is segmented as plain, laminated, lacquered, and printed. Based on application, the market is segmented into food and beverage packing, pharmaceutical use, technical use, container foil, household foil, heat exchangers, and strip and foils for tubes.

Global Aluminium Powder Market Outlook 2016-2021, has been prepared based on the synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of information about the global Aluminium Powder market collected from specialized sources.

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