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Friday, June 2, 2017

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An amusement park is a park that features various attractions, such as rides and games, as well as other events for entertainment purposes. A theme park is a type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes. Unlike temporary and mobile funfairs and carnivals, amusement parks are stationary and built for long-lasting operation. They are more elaborate than city parks and playgrounds, usually providing attractions that cater to a variety of age groups. While amusement parks often contain themed areas, theme parks place a heavier focus with more intricately-designed themes that revolve around a particular subject or group of subjects.

Indian Amusement Park Industry

·        The amusement industry in India is at a growing stage currently with more and more developments happening in this industry all across the country.

·        The size of the Indian Amusement Park business is estimated to be around Rs 4000 crores and is estimated to grow by 10% per cent per annum in next couple of years.

·        The amusement and theme park industry is deemed to be worth Rs. 10000 crores in India by 2020.

·        Currently for a population of 1.15 billion in the country, there are only 120 amusement parks and 45 Family Entertainment Centers. This indicates that the growth potential of Indian amusement and theme park industry is substantial.

·        Global leaders in entertainment parks and attractions like Universal Studios, Disney, Sony and Ripley Entertainment are mulling over investments of billions of dollars in India considering the vast potential in this region. Private equity funds are also aggressively dedicating resources towards this sector.

·        The Indian small and big players in the Amusement Industry are looking at the tremendous growth potential of this industry in the next 5 years.

·        Growth of India's retail sector had been the main driving force for the amusement industry in India.

·        The high growth potential of the industry in highly populated India will boost tourism, social infrastructural development as well as employment generation. The success and growth potential of this industry is resulting into the advent of new manufacturers of amusement parks' rides in India.

Recreation Industry - Amusement parks

Recreation Industry is currently one of the most exciting sectors in India. The current market for leisure is estimated to cross USD 1 bn in next few years. The leisure industry mainly consist of amusement park, malls family entertainment centers (FECs) and multiplexes. The present consumer base is estimated around 30 million people. At present there are around 200 FECs in the Country and the number is expected to grow to 400 in the next couple of years. Amusement parks contribute nearly 40% of the total leisure industry turnover.


• Currently for a population of 1.15 billion in the country, there are only 120 amusement parks and 45 Family Entertainment Centers. This indicates that the growth potential of Indian amusement and theme park industry is substantial.

• Transport corridors like expressways and the Metro line are bringing an increasing number of people closer to entertainment hubs.

• The Indian gaming market is on the path of maturity, income levels are rising and people want to have a fun life.

• The foreign companies reportedly interested in the Indian amusement parks market include Universal Studios, Time Warner and Disney.

• Growing tourism industry

Cost Estimation

Plant Capacity                 :   4000.00 ENT/day

Plant & Machinery          :  Rs.   1650 lakhs

T. C. I                               :  Rs.2041 lakhs                      

Rate of Return                : 27%

B.E.P.                             : 57%

Market Outlook

The Indian amusement and theme park industry is set to more than double revenues to Rs 4,000 crore from Rs 1,700 crore now in annual revenues by 2020.

Amusement Park Market Growing at a CAGR of 10.16% During 2017 to 2021.

America led the global market in 2016 and will continue its dominance over the next four years. The analysts forecast global amusement park market to grow at a CAGR of 10.16% during the period 2017-2021.

The Indian amusement-park segment is valued at `25bn, expected to register a 20% CAGR to `60bn over next five years. The ~150 amusement parks in India register more than 50m footfalls annually. Most Indian parks have infrastructure inferior to their global counterparts. However, the Indian amusement-park segment is on the verge of a transition, with several new parks being developed across the country. Footfalls are expected to register a 10-15% (CAGR) and are likely to touch ~`75m-80m in the next couple of years. New parks and new rides and attractions at existing parks are likely to enhance the amusement-park market in India in the next few years.

The global amusement-park industry is estimated at $25bn, expected to touch $32bn by FY17, a 9% CAGR. There are over 800 amusement parks worldwide with annual attendance of over 700m visitors. The US alone has 50% of the parks and annual visitors. Europe has ~330 amusement parks with annual visits of 165m. Parks in the US and Europe are near maturity levels, whereas Asia has seen rapid growth in visitors in the last seven years.

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