List of Non Polluting Industries/ Projects

Friday, May 21, 2010

Motor Rewinding.

Workshop For Vehicle Repair.

Engineering Workshop, Machine Shop, Fabrication Shop, Press Shop, Smithy Shop, Turning Shop, Cutting Shop.

Pump And Motor Assembling Units.

Cycle Assembling Units.

Fabrication Of  Tractor Trailer


Fabrication Of  Agricultural Equipment

Fabrication Of  Vehicle Parts Without Electroplating And Heat Treatment.

Fabrication Of  Stove, Cooker, Kitchen Equipment Without Electroplating.

Fabrication Of   Nails, Pegs, Nuts, Bolts,

Manufacturing Of Utensils Of Aluminum, Steel, Copper And Brass.

Casting Units Using Pit Furnace.

Fabrication Of   Iron Doors And Shutters.

Fabricating Steel Furniture Without Electroplating.

Units Manufacturing Weighting Machines.

Units Fabricating Drawing, Surveying, And Scientific Equipment.

Units Making Music Instruments.

Units Making Sports Gear.

Units Making Toys.

Units Making Stationery Items Like Paper Pins, "U" Pins, Pencils, Etc.

Units Binding Books, Making File Covers, Card Board Boxes, Envelopes, Paper Bags From Paper Or Board.

Units Making Paper Napkins, Dishes, Labels, Tallow, Paper Rolls.

Units Making Wooden Doors And Windows.

Units Making Wooden Furniture.

Units Making Wooden Boxes.

Units Assembling Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, Water Coolers, Heater, Electric Irons, Etc.

Units Manufacturing Electric Fans, Tube Lights, Bulbs, Lamps, Fuses, Switches, Etc.

Units Casting Cement Concrete Spun Pipes, Mosaic Tiles, Cement Concrete Poles.

Units Casting Cement Concrete Grills.

Units Making Umbrellas And Rain Coats.

Units Making Garments By Stitching From Ready Cloth.

Units Making Hoisery Items.

Weaving Units With Handlooms And Power Looms.

Yarn Twisting, Crimping And Texturising Units.

Fibre Glass Moulding Units.

Units Manufacturing Plastics Items Like Buckets, Tumblers, Footwear, Brushes, Ropes.

Units Producing Plastics Items Through Fabrication, Extraction, Injection Moulding Methods.

Units Manufacturing Tubes, Pipes, Boxes, Tanks, Etc. From Plastics HDPE, LDPE, PVC.

Units Making Leather Items Like Bags, Purses, Wallets, Etc. From Ready Leather.

Units Making Tooth Powders, Tooth Pastes, Shampoos, Nailpolishes, Hairoils, Through Mixing Only.

Units Making Candles.

Units Making Agarbattis.

Units Making Detergent Powders, Soaps, Etc. Through Mixing Only.

Cold Storages.

Domestic Fluor Mills.

Units Grinding Corianders, Cummins, Tumerics, Salts, Spices.

Tobacco Drying Sheds.

Saw Mills.

Printing Presses.

Pulse Mills.

Oil Expellers.

Ice Factories.

Poultry Farms.

Units Manufacturing Glass Frames For Spectales.

Diamond Industries.

Induction Furnaces.

Units Manufacturing Tablets And Capsules By Mixing Only.

Units Manufacturing Biscuits Upto 100 Kg Per Day Only.

Units Manufacturing Pickles/Pappads Upto 500 Kg Per Day Only.

Assembling Units For TV, VCR, VCP, Radio Sets, Tape Recorders, Etc.

Units Retreading Tyres.

Units Manufacturing Rubber Parts, Rubber Corks, Surgical Gloves.

Units Involved In Cutting, Polishing And Finishing Of Stones, Marbles And Granites.

Units Involved In Finishing Of Printed Cloth By Felt Finish Or Rolls Process, Sentering.

Cotton Ginning And Pressing Units.

Steel, Rerolling Mills Where M S Bars, Angles, CTD Round Bars, Section Bars, Etc. Are Prepared Without Pickling Process.

Tyre And Rubber Industries.

Oxygen Gas Units.

Jaggery (Gur) (From Sugarcane) Producing Units.

Tobacco Gutka Manufacturing Units.

Ceramic Cup Saucers Making Units.

Glaxed Tiles Producing Units (Provided Water Is Recycled)

Units Manufacturing Ceramic Sanitaryware.

Units Producing White Coal/Biocoal From Agriculture Wastes.

Units Producing Biofertilisers Only From Agriculture Waste Mix.

Units Producing Cattle Fodder By Mixing.

Units Producing Acetylene Gas.

Salt Pans By Solar Evaporation.

Ceramic Units Using LDO/HSD/RFO Fuels At 1000 Litres/Day (But Not Using Coal/Lignite/Hard Coke/Husk) With A Condition To Instal A Chimney Of Minimum 11 Metres Height.

Computer Software Units

Perfumes (Attar) Manufacturing Units By Mixint Process

Units Producing Lime Stone Messonary.

Units Manufacturing Domestic Flour Mill.

Units Manufacturing Mamara.

Computer & Computer Stationery

Gems & Jewelry Units

Units Manufacturing Plastic Bags

Manually Preparing Silver & Golden Ornaments

Units Making Printing Blocks

Units Making Furniture From Bamboo

Units Assembling Domestic Electrical Appliances

Units Fabricating Aluminium Doors, Windows & Furnitures

Tailor Machine Repair Or Its Manufacturing Units

Ball Pen's Refill

Button & Hooks Manufacturing Units

Bicycle's Chain & Locks


Photo Frame, Mirror Frame

Flower Pot, Flower Vase

Units Fabricating Fork-Knife, Scissors

Unit Installing DG Sets Upto 50 KVA

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