Selected Formulary Handbook

Selected Formulary Handbook

Author: NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788190439848
Code: NI191
Pages: 576
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Published: 2007
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Formulation is a key process in the overall life cycle so that products are delivered that is of the right quality, at a competitive cost, and is made available within the specified time scale. A formula is an entity constructed using the symbols and formation rules of a given logical language. In science, a specific formula is a concise way of expressing information symbolically as in a mathematical or chemical formula. The chemical formula identifies each constituent element by its chemical symbol and indicates the number of atoms of each element found in each discrete molecule of that compound. If a molecule contains more than one atom of a particular element, this quantity is indicated using a subscript after the chemical symbol and also can be combined by more chemical elements. It is all in the formula, whose implications also remain undiscovered by modern economists. It plays a major role in every process whether it is manufacturing process or preservation. There is a big importance of formula in our life because formulas and equations deal with everyday things like shapes, investments, mixing things, movement, lighting, travel and a host of other things they provide information you can use in planning activities.
Some of the fundamentals of the book are foods, foods adulterants, beverages, flavours extracts, dried casein, its manufacture and uses, phosphate of casein and its production, preparation of edible emulsions of solid in fat, gelatin desert, lemon flavor gelatin dessert, cherry flavor, chocolate peanut bars, coffee caramels, butterscotch squares, Everton toffee, licorice drops, fruit jelly, candies, fruit caramels, sausage, American pork sausage, German mince meat, gravy aid kitchen bouquet type Sauer, kraut essential oils, imitation lemon flavor, non alcoholic lemon flavor, non alcoholic imitation lemon flavor, household root beer flavor, temperature readings for syrups, Swedish bitters, pharmaceuticals and proprietary, antiseptic inhalant, antiseptic for telephone mouthpiece, mentholated throat and mouth wash, zinc chloride mouth wash, sterilizing solution for oral mucous membrane, ephedrine nasal spray, antiseptic oil spray for nose and throat, aseptic and analgesic dusting powder for wounds hay fever ointment, etc.
This book present several hundred advanced product formulations for household, industrial and other applications. This book will be invaluable resource to development chemists looking for leads in the formulation of a wide range of products.

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Brewing Beer
Brick Stain
Buttermilk, Artificial
Fruit Preserving
Dried Casein, its Manufacture and Uses
Phosphate of Casein and its Production
To Render Shrunken Wooden Casks Watertight
Castings Out of Various Metals
Casein Preparation
Chewing Gums
Spruce Chewing Gum
Cholera Remedies
Sun Cholera Mixture
Squibb's Diarrhea Mixture
Aromatic Rhubarb
Rhubarb and Camphor
Blackberry Mixture
Chromo Making
Preparation of Edible Emulsions of Solid in Fat
Cottage Cheese Salad Dressing
Low Acid Rennet Cottage Cheese
Identification of Cold-Storage Eggs
Butterscotch Pudding Powder
Custard Type Dessert Powder
Chocolate Dessert
Caramel Dessert
Vanilla Dessert
Gelatine Desert, Lemon Flavor
Gelatine Dessert, Cherry Flavor
Chocolate Peanut Bars
Coffee Caramels
Butterscotch Squares
Everton Toffee
Licorice Drops
Fruit Jelly Candies
Fruit Caramels
Sausage American Pork
Sausage German
Gravy Aid Kitchen Bouquet Type
Sauer Kraut
Essential Oils
Imitation Lemon Flavor
Non-Alcoholic Lemon Flavor
Non-Alcoholic Imitation Lemon Flavor
Household Root Beer Flavor
Temperature Readings for Syrups
Swedish Bitters
Turbidity in Vermouth Bitters
Absinthe (Turin)
Anisette Liqueur
Lemon Liqueur
Tincture Spanish Saffron Sufficient
Cacao Liqueur (Chocolate)
Grand Chartreuse (Green)
Curacao (Triple Sec) Extra Finest Quality
Curacao (Good Quality)
Punch Richelieu Ice
Claret Punch Ice
Sherbet Using Ice Cream Mix
Sherbet Using Milk
Apricot Milk Sherbet
Banana Milk Sherbet
Cocoa Milk Sherbet
Orange Milk Sherbet
Peach Milk Sherbet
Pineapple Milk Sherbet
Prune Milk Sherbet
Strawberry Milk Sherbet
Mint Stick Sherbet
Three-in-One Sherbert
Raspberry Sherbet
Household Lemon Extract
Fortified Soluble Lemon Flavor
Soluble Essence of Lemon
Lemon Squash
Bottlers’ Soluble Lemon Extract
Soluble Lemon Extract with Citral
Spice Oil Extracts
Pure Vanilla Extract
Imitation Vanilla Flavoring Extract
Wintergreen Extract
Orange Flavoring Extract
Peppermint Extract
Imitation Wintergreen Extract
Artificial Fruit Flavors
Artificial Ceacord Grape Flavor
Biscuit Flavor
Brandy Flavor
Butter Flavor
Butterscotch Flavor
Butterscotch Flavor Base
Butterscotch Flavor Prepared from Above Concentrate
Maple Flavor
Pound Cake Flavor
Flavoring and Seasoning Composition
Sweetened Juices and Syrups
Orange or Grapefruit Squash
Removal of Sediment from Fruit Juices
Sterilization of Fruit Juices
Artificial Honey
Caffein Free Coffee
Cocoa Beverage Concentrate
Water Ice
Producing Various Tastes
Synthetic Grape Essence
Artificial Prune-Juice Essence
Imitation Fruit Flavors
Black Currant
Red Currant
Synthetic Apricot Flavor
Synthetic Pomegranate Flavor
Synthetic Raspberry Flavor
Strawberry Flavor, Imitation
Cherry Flavor, Imitation
Imitation Vanilla Flavor
Maple Essence
Essence Peau de Espange
Quality of Product
Meatless Soup Flavoring
Soup Cubes
Soup and Gravy Sauce
Processing of Strawberries in Sulphur Dioxide Solution
Preventing Discoloration of Cut Fruit
Soya Bean Nut Substitute
Concentrated Emergency Ration
Vanilla Sauce Powder
Cooking Salt
Rhubarb Juice
Foods "Wine" Gum Candy
Chewing Gum
Chewing Gum with Rubber Latex Base
Popcorn Coating
Commercial Candied Peel
Crystallized Fruits
Apple Chutney
Seville or Bitter Orange Marmalade
Preserved Orange and Lemon Pulp Skin and Juice
Changing Setting Rates of Pectin
Baking Powder
Household Baking Powder
Pyrophosphate Baking Powder
Diabetic Baking Powder
Shortening, Bakers
Yeast Nutrient, Alkaline
Fresh Marshmallow
Frozen Custard (Ice Cream)
High Freezing Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Mix
(Lemon) Ice Cream Powder
Diebetic (Sugar Free) Ice Cream
Ice Cream Thickener
Ice Cream Stabilizer
Stable Chocolate Milk
Food Colors Liquid
Food Colors, Powdered
Egg Coloring for Bakers
Easter Egg Dyes
Coloring Easter Eggs
Butter coloring
Cheese Coloring
Butter Flavor
Rice Flakes
Soybean Breakfast Food
Improving Odor and Taste of Soya Beans
Improving Coffee Flavor
Stable Soup Powder
Tilsiter Cheese
Rapid Curing of Strong Flavor Cheese
St. Louis Cream Cheese
Hot Pack Cream Cheese
Coloring Gouda Cheese
Wax Coating for Cheese
Stabilizing Sour Cream
Jewish Type Sour Cream
Devonshire Cream
Artificial Cream
Preserving Cream
Removing Garlic or Onion Flavor from Milk
Soybean Butter
Egg Yolk Substitute for Margarine
Cottolene (Imitation Lard)
Coating for Salamis
Coating for Sausages
Glaze for Smoked Meats
Sterilization of Meat Wrappings
Tongue Pickling Solution
Meat Pickling Brine Acid
Arresting Formation of Nitrite in Pickling Brine
Ham Brine for Injection
Meat Curing Salt
Meat Preserving Salt
Removing of Boar or Sex Odor fro Hog Meat
Mushroom Extract
Extracts of Kitchen Herbs
Vegetable Extract
Worcestershire Sauce
Tomato Ketchup
Celery Salt
Seasoning and Condiment
Preservation of Eggs
Dried Egg White
Thinning Egg Whites
Greek Type Olives
Preparing Green Olives
Green Tomato Pickle
Barbecue Relish
Bleaching and Sterilizing Dried Figs
Artificial Honey Combs
Storing Potatoes for Potato Products
Quick Freezing of Foods
Powdered Potatoes or Bananas
Packing and Shipping
Preventing Sticking and Softening of Canned Fish
Opening Oysters
Keeping Fish Fresh
Removing the Gum of Sticky Fly Paper
Foam Preparations
Food Adulterants, Simple Tests for their Detection
Examination of Certain Classes of Foods
Dairy Products
Flavoring Extracts
Food Colorants
Infant Foods
Meat Preservatives
Food Freezing
Packaging Materials
Fruit Freezing Methods
Essences and Extracts of Fruits
Essences and Extracts
Almond Extracts
Apricot Extract
Apple Extract
Cinnamon Essence
Chocolate Extract
Coffee Extracts
Coffee Essence
Cucumber Essence
Fruit Jelly Extract
Ginger Extracts
Lemon Essences
Raspberry Essences
Water, quantity sufficient
Sarsaparilla, Soluble Extract
Strawberry Juice
Strawberry Essence
Tea Extract
Tonka Extract
Kefir or Koumiss
Carbonated Milk
Malted Milk Powders
Manufacture of Buttermilk from Skimmed Milk
Food Products
Butter Substitute
Butter and Honey Cream
Candy, Yeast
“Non-Blooming” Chocolate Coatings
Spiced Chocolate
Spiced Chocolate—(Leipzig)
Spiced Chocolate—(Vienna)
Coffee Chocolate
Candy Jellies
Chocolate Pudding Desert
Gelatin Dessert Powder
Thickening of Jams, Preserves and Other Fruit Pastes
Imitation Jellies
Jelly (Non Sweating)
Guava Jelly
Kumquat Jelly
Fig Preserves
Fig Jam
Grapefruit Preserves
Peach Preserves
Orange Marmalade
Green Tomato Mince-Meat
Curry Powder (Spicing)
Indian Curry Powder
Coffee Extract
Pineapple Icing
Lemon Icing
Orange Icing
Maraschino Icing
Coffee Icing
Vanilla Icing
Chocolate Icing
Home Made Icing
Chocolate Fudge
Butterscotch Fudge
Cool to 120° F.
Light Meringue Icing
Royal Icing
Fruit Cake Shrine
Cocoa Icing
Baking Powder
Household Baking Powders
Bakers Baking Power
Mold on Food, Preventing
Fruit Prevention of Mold On
Eggs, Preservative For
Ice Cream Powder
Milk and Cream, Increasing Viscosity of
Cream, Artificial
Breast Milk, Artificial
Milk Products, Preserving
Manufacturing Cream Cheese (Hot Process)
Nuts, Removing Rancidity of
Lard, Preventing Rancidity in
Salt, Cooking and Fermentation
Directions if not pasteurizing
Directions if product is pasteurized
Sherbet (Water-ice)
Water Ices and Sherbets
Sherbet Using Milk
Sherbet Using Ice Cream Mix
Vanilla Bean Flavoring Powder
Vanilla Sauce Powder
Vitamin Concentrate
For Fancy Cakes, Tea Cakes, Macaroons Preparation of the Narobin solution
Sponge Cakes
Uses of Narobin in Connection with Eggs, in General Baking, Pastry Making, Sponge Cake and Other Cakes
Formula A and Variations
Can replace 10 litres of whole eggs
Formula B and Variations
Formula C and Variations
Formula D and Variations
Chocolate Margarine
Cheese, Pasteurizing
Cultured Milk
Essential to Have Good Starters
Preparation of S. Lacticus Starter
Preparation of L. Bulgaricus Starter
Preparation of L. Acidophilus Starter
Churned Buttermilk
Sour Cream
Brick Cheese
Brie Cheese
Brinza Cheese
Camembert Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Cheshire Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Cream Cheese
Edam Cheese
Emmenthaler (Domestic Swiss) Cheese
Gorgonzola Cheese
Limburg Cheese
Loaf or Process Cheese
Münster Cheese
Neufchatel Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Roquefort Cheese
Stilton Cheese
Cane Sugar—Invert Syrup Bleud
Cane Sugar—Molasses Blend
Sugar Cane Table Syrup
Chocolate Sauce
Apricot Flavor
Banana Flavor
Burnt Almond Flavor
Cream Soda Flavor
Kola Beverage Flavor
Maple Flavor
Rye Bread Flavor
“Cloudy”’ Orange Syrup Concentrate
Dried Blackberry Concentrate
Cherry Concentrate, Natural
Cognac Essence
Rum Essence
Rock and Rye Whisky Essence
Household Extracts (Alcoholic)
Pure Lemon Extract
Pure Orange Extract
Pure Almond Extract
Imitation Vanilla Extract
Imitation. Lemon Extract
Caraway Extract
Cardamom Extract
Cassia Extract
Extract Celery
Wild Cherry Extract
Cinnamon Extract
Clove Extract
Coriander Extract
Ginger Ale Extract
Extract Juniper
Banana Oil (Synthetic)
Blackberry Oil
Brandy Oil
Oil Wild Cherry
Cherry Oil (Synthetic)
Oil Cognac
Oil of Green Cognac
Cola Oil for Beverages
Curacao Oil
“Holland” Gin Oil
“Old Tom” Gin Oil
Oil Grape (Synthetic)
Oil Kummel Danzig
Oil Pear Ethereal
“Scotch” Whisky Oil
Oil Strawberry (Synthetic)
Oil Raspberry (Artificial)
Concentrated Foam for Beverages
Caffein-Free Coffee
Artificial Mineral Water
Lime Barley Water
Orange Barley Water
Tonic Water
Lemonade Crystals
Orangeade Crystals
Lime Juice Crystals
Sugar Table For Soda Waters
Aging Alcoholic Liquors
Berry “Wines”
Rhubarb Wine
Dehydration of Fresh Soya-Slime
Defoamer for the Sugar Industry
Preservation of Coffee
Denaturation for Food Salt
For the Chemical Industry
Non-Caking Salt
Non-Caking Sugar
Improving Liquid Honey
Non-Mottling and Non-Hardening Maple Sugar
Clarifying Cider
Curing Ripe Olives
Storing Walnut Meats
Vitamin B Concentrate
Detecting Cold Storage Eggs
Acne Cream
Acne Lotion
Acne Ointment
Analgesic Balm
Skin Ointment
Anesthetic, Local
Antiseptic Solution (N. F.)
Aspirin, Liquid
Antiseptic Cure for Poison Ivy
Aspirin Tablets
Asthma Remedy
Burn Treatment
Calamine Lotion
Camphor Ice
Cream, Catarrh
Pastilles, Catarrh
Contraceptive Jelly
Corn Remedy
Corn Removers
Cough Lozenges
Dental Preparations
Dentists’ Solution for Surface Anaesthesis
Antiseptic Toothache Drops
Toothache Gum
Plaster, Dental
Dental Plate Adhesive
Earache Oil
Acriflavine, Emulsion of
Agar-Petrolatum Emulsion
Castor Oil Emulsion, Laxative
Castor Oil Emulsion, Pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical Castor Oil Emulsion
Cod Liver Oil Emulsion
White Cod Liver Emulsion
Mineral Oil and Agar Emulsion
Laxative Mineral Oil Emulsion
Paraffin Oil, Emulsion of
Emulsion of Liquid Petrolatum with Agar
Eye Lotions
Eye Salves
Foot Powder
Solutions for Perspiring Feet
Gargle, Sore Throat
Haemorrhoidal Suppositories
Influenza Remedies
Cold and Influenza Mixture
Inhalants for Colds
Vaginal Jelly
Artificial Vaseline
Wart Remover
Iodine, Colloidal
White Liniment
Lubricating Jelly
Menthol Pencil or Crayon
Migraine Salve
Mosquito Cones
Mosquito Powder
Basic Formulae for Mouth Washes
Mouth Wash
Alkaline Mouth Wash
Chloro-Phenol Moth Wash
Resorcin Mouth Wash
Astringent Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash, Analgesic
Antiseptic Inhalant
Antiseptic for Telephone Mouthpiece
Mentholated Throat and Mouth Wash
Zinc Chloride Mouth Wash
Sterilizing Solution for Oral Mucous Membrane
Ephedrine Nasal Spray
Antiseptic Oil Spray for Nose and Throat
Aseptic and Analgesic Dusting Powder for Wounds
Hay Fever Ointment
Mustard Ointment
Zinc Ointment USP with Ethyl Amino Benzoate
Haemorrhoid Ointment (Pile Ointment)
Stainless Iodine Ointment (N.F.)
Decolorized Tincture of Iodine
Protective Coating for Pills
Poison Ivy Lotion
Pyorrhea Astringent
Refrigerant Counter Irritant
Granular Effervescent Cider Salt
Cider Flavor
Smelling Salts
Diabetic Tea
Tobacco Cure
White Liniment
Athletic Liniment
Tooth Paste (Salt
(Acid) Tooth Paste Formula Glycerin
Tooth Paste
Tooth Paste (Soapless)
Dental Cream
Tooth Powder Flavors
Tooth Powders
Tooth Paste Flavors
Athlete’s Foot Ointment
Mosquito Bite Ointment
Gelatine in Pharmaceutical Preparations
For Coating Pills
Gelatine Cells for Ultrafiltration
Bakelite, Adhesive
Box Toe Adhesive
Adhesive, Casein
Adhesive, Waterproof Casein
Casein, Liquid Adhesive
Adhesive, Moisture-Proof Cellophane
Adhesive for Celluloid to Celluloid
Celluloid and Rubber Adhesive for
Cellulose Ester Adhesive
Cellulose Ester, Adhesives for
Solvents as required
Cigarette Tip Adhesive
Decalcomania Adhesive
Glass to Cement-Adhesive
Glass to Brass Adhesive
Quicksetting Insulating Adhesive
Latex Adhesives
Adhesive, Leather Shoe
Adhesive, Mask
Mica Adhesive
Adhesive, Heat Plastic
Synthetic Resin Adhesive
Adhesive for Silk or Rubber
“Masking” Adhesive Tape
Grafting Adhesives
Latex Adhesive
Sticky Latex Adhesive
Liquid Glue
Glue Defoaming
Rubber Resin
Adhesive Tape
Tape, Coating for Adhesive
Tape, Masking
Adhesive, Tin
Adhesive, Vegetable
Adhesive Wax
Sticky Wax
Adhesive for wigs
Adhesive, Wood
Adhesive, Wood Veneer
Waterproof Adhesive for Wood
Adhesive for Fixing Wood, Tin etc. to Celluloid
Adhesive, Water-Resistant
Casein, “Dissolving”
Cork and Wood Flour, Binders for
Binder, Oilproof and Waterproof
Cement, Acid Proof
Adhesive Cement (For Fine Furniture)
Moisture-Proof “Cellophane” Adhesive
“Cellophane” Adhesive
Adhesive for Celluloid to Wood
Adhesive for Cellulose Acetate
Floor Crack Filler
Flexible Bindery Glue
Extra Flexible Bindery Glue
Flexible Machine Bindery Glue
Regular Bindery Glue
Tablet Binding Glue
Glue for Cellophane
Casein Glue, Water Resistant
“Dissolving” Glue
Cabinet Makers’ Glue
Case Making Machine Glue
Furniture Glue
Leather Sole Glue
Liquid Glue
Masking Tape Glue
Glue, Vegetable
Envelope Mucilage
Hard Wax Stopping for Filling Screw Holes in Wood
Cellophane Glue
Liquid Glue
Glue—Starch Paste
Flexible Bookbinding Glue
Flexible Paper Box Glue
Adhesives for Hard Rubber
Handling of Glue
Chipped Glass
Sizing of Paper
Sizing of Textiles
Adhesive Paste
Adhesives For Paper
Paper To Metal
Paper and Celluloid to Metal
For Bags
Cellulose Acetate Film
Celluloid to Metal Surfaces
Cellulose Acetate
Porcelain And China
Adhesive Tape Composition
Non-adhering Gummed Tape
Shoemakers’ Rubber Cement
Wood, Powdered Casein Cold Glues
Carpenter’s Veneer
Barrel Sealer, Odorless
Metal and Glass
Metal and Wood
Metal to Metal
Metal Foils to paper
Metal Foils
Container Seal
Plastic Cement
Tin Cans
Can Joint Seal
Pipe Jointings
Thermoplastic Adhesives
Universal Cements
Acid Proof Carboy
British Gum
Canary Dextrin
Resealing Envelope
White Corn
Tapioca Gum (Heavy)
White Potato
Dark Potato
Power Glue
Dextrin Adhesives
“Cold” Pastes
Casein, Preparation
Casein from Skim Milk
Casein Adhesives
Neutral Solutions
Bookbinders' (Gold) Size
Cold Sealing Waxes
Reducing Foam in Glues
Bleaching Glue
Soybean Glues
Tooth Cement
Transparent Cement
Strong Mucilage
Cold Sealing Mass
Printers’ Roller
Laminating Lumarith to Cardboard
Electrical Sealing Compound
Low Expansion Insulating Filler
Vacuum Tight Lute
Non-drying Adhesive
Vulcanizable Latex Adhesive
Non-penetrating Laminating Adhesive
Improved Cellulose Ester Adhesive
Flexible Adhesives
Base for Plastic Lettering
Glue for Ivory
White Glue
Black Albumen from Blood
‘’ Salamyn-Plant’’ Glue
Calcium Saccharate Glue
Linoleum Glue
Painters’ Glue (Cold)
Wall size
Painters’ Size
Paperhanger ‘s Paste
Flour Paste
Sinclair’s Glue
Marine Glue
Preserving Glue
Casein Glue
Cold Glue (Casein)
Impregnation Glue
'Pastel' Glue
Modern Casein Adhesive Powders
Wood veneer Adhesive
Cement for Filling Cracks in Wood
Wood Veneer Glue
Sealing Preparation for Wine-Barrels
Impregnating “Green” Wood
Gum Arabic Glue
Cold Water Paste
Pasting Paper on Metal Surface
Vegetable Mucilage
Library Adhesive Paste
Carton Glue
Cardboard Glues
Padding Glue
Tabbing Compound
Label Gum
Less Fluid
Label Glue
Library Mucilage
Less Fluid
Paper Mucilage
Adhesive for “Gumming” Papers
Paper Bag Glue
Carton Glue
Waterproof Adhesive
Non-Caking Dextrin Adhesive
Mucilage for Paper, Photos Printed Matter
Gummed Labels for Brass, Tin
U. S. Postage Stamp Glue
Adhesive for Waxed Papers
Celluloid Cements
Tapes for Pharmaceutical Use
Defoamer for Glue
Increasing Strength of Silicate Binders
Waterproof Silicate Cement
Veneer Cold Glue Powder
Casein-Silicate Furniture Adhesive
Alkalized Casein Powder
Sealing Mass
Waterproof Special Adhesives
Resin Solution
Chrome Glue Solution
Museum Adhesive
Highway Joint Filler
Hard Stopping Cement
Plastic Refrigerator Joint Seal
Adhesive, Water-Soluble
Adhesive for Oiled or Inked Surfaces
Strong Adhesive
Waterproof Adhesive Coating
Adhesive, Blood Albumin
Vegetable Albumin
Preservation of Adhesives
Animal & Vegetable Substance Preservative
Adhesive Tapes
Heavy Type
Light Type
Free of Fillers
White Tapes for Wrapping
Hints on Gluing
Special Adhesive
Painter‘s Guide
Fish-Glue Substitute
Waterproof Glue
Caterpillar Catching Glue
Paraffin Cement
DIP Seal For Corked Bottles
Cement for Safety “Movie” Films
Movie Film Cement
Pyroxylin Cement
Methyl Cellulose Adhesive
“Cellophane” Adhesive
Cigarette Paper Adhesive
Primer for Wall Paper Paste
Mailing Tube Adhesive
Sealing of “ Transparit,” “Helioglas or “Cellophane” Packages
“Cellophane Adhesive”
Cardboard and Nitrocellulose Sheet Cement
Liquid Sealing Wax
Elastic Sealing Wax
De Khotinsky Type Laboratory Cement Improved Type
Leather Sole Cement
Cement for Leather or Leather on Rubber
Leather Cement
Cement for Stone and Leather Porcelain and Leather, Glass and   Leather
Concentrated Rubber Cement
Rubber Cement
Shoe Repair Cement
Porous Leather Sealer
Leather Belt Cement
Belting Cement
Canvas Awning Cement
Textile Glue
Jute or Burlap Sheet Binder
Upholsterer’s Paste
Fine Bookbinder’s Paste
Bookbinder’s Paste
Adhesive Paste for Rubber-Cloth on Cardboard
Mending China, Pottery and Casts
Universal Putty for Wood, Stone, Glass, Porcelain
Preserve Jar Sealing Wax
Paraffin Bottle Cap Adhesive
Seal for Bottles
Cement for Vacuum Tubes
Glass to Metal Seals
Safety Glass Adhesive
Mastic Seal for Oil Drums
To Plug Holes in Metal
Metal Glue (for Tins Etc.)
Pipe Joint Lute
Premolded Expansion Joint
Sulphur Thiokol Cements
Refractory Cement
High Temperature Luting Compound
Nitric Acid Resistant Putty
Asbestos Binder
Acid-Proof Dental Cement
Dental Cement
Boiler lagging
Non-Efflorescing Concrete
Keying Plaster to Concrete
Plaster Cement, Patching
Refrigerator Display Case Caulking Compound
Cement “Wash” Hardener
Colored Caulking Cement
Pliable Glazing-Caulking Cement
Glazing Putty
Cement for Pestle Handles
Mortar Cement
Joining Stainless Steel in Knife Handles
Metal Adhesive
Rubber to Metal Cement
Pyroxylin to Metal Adhesive
Aluminum Foil to Leather or Paper Adhesive
Thermoplastic Cement
Fusible Adhesive Cement
Shellac Sealing Composition
Adhesive Sealing Compound
“Syndetikon” (Universal Adhesive)
Acid Resisting Cement
Aquarium Cement
Adhesive Foil
Adhesive for Casein Plastics
Quick Hardening Putties
Red Lead Putty
Slate Color Putty
White Putty
Black Plastic Putty
Electrical Lamp Circuit Paste
Electrical Heater Unit Cement
Metal to Glass Cement
Adhesive to Join Metal Letters to Glass
Bituminous Cement
Cement, Dental
Glass Cement
Cement, Safety Glass
Waterproof Glass and Metal Cement
Iron Cement
Iron Cement (for castings)
Linoleum Cement
Cement, Linoleum and Tile
Cement, Linoleum Backing
Cement, Oxychloride
Cement, Pipe Thread
Lute, Chlorine Resistant
Pipe Cement, Plastic
Rubber Cement   (For Use on Leather Shoes)
Raincoat Rubber Cement
Cement, Rubber to Metal
Cement, Rubber Tire
Cement for Repairing Shoes
Pipe Joint Compound
Filler, Expansion Joint
Pastes for Paper and Fine Fancy Articles
Paste for Fixing Labels (Machines)
Paste for Joining Leather to Pasteboard
Cement for Attaching Metal Letters to Glass, Marble, Wood
Strong Paste
Venetian Paste
Label Paste
Glue for Cementing Glass
Sausage Casing Glue
Wood Coating Glue
Glue for Hectograph
Liquid Glue
Glue for Joints in Leather Driving Belts
Jeweler’s Cement
Stratena—Household Cement
Banknote or Mouth Glue
Paste for Cardboard
Paste for Pads
Waterproof Glue
Mounting Paste
Mucilage, Stick Form
Decorators’ Paste
Flour Paste
Library Paste
Library Paste—Photo Mounting
White Library Paste
Starch Paste
Elastic Putty
Non-Shrinking Putty
Whiting Putty
White Lead-Whiting Putty
Metal Cap Seal
Plastic Seal for Glass Jars
Sealing Wax
Sealing Wax — Red
Sealing Wax— Brown — Cheap
Acid or Neutral Casein Solution
Casein “Solution”
Casein Binder for Cork
Casein Adhesive
Liquid Casein Glue
Adhesive for Photographic and Optical Lenses
Optical Glass Cement
Adhesives for Glass and Porcelain
Cement for Wood, Porcelain etc.
Masking Tape Adhesive
Adhesive for Metal
Newspaper Agglutinant
Non-Slip Compound for Rugs
Enamel to Paper Adhesive
Adhesive for Bonding Paper to   Moistureproof "Cellephone"
Wax Paper Adhesive
Paper Hanging Paste
Cement for Paper and Fabrics
Low-Temperature Curing Rubber Cement
Rubber Cement
Adhesive for Vulcanized Rubber
Acid Proof Cement
Aquarium Cement
Can Sealing Cement
Cement, for Celluloid or Movie Films
Electrode Cement
Cementing (Cellulose Acetate to Copper)
Cements for Correcting Faults of Foundry Pieces
Counter Cement
Counter Cement—Quick Drying
Dekhotinsky Cement
Cement for Glassware
Dental Cement
Dental Model Plaster
Furnace Cements
Identifications of Resins
Rosin Resins419
Sealing Waxes
Wax-Containing Formulas All parts by weight)
Bottle Sealing Wax
Non-Wax-Containing Formulas All parts by weight)
Pigments and Mixtures
Oil-Soluble Dyes for Sealing Waxes
Pressure Sealing Adhesives
Heat Sealing Adhesive
Plastic Adhesive
Acid-Proof Cements
Plastic Fireproof Adhesive
Diene Resins
Molding Powder Resin
Synthetic Resin
Synthetic Plastic Resin
Synthetic Resin Plasticizers
Synthetic Sugar Resin
Synthetic Terpene Resins
Thermoplastic Resin Compound
Refining of Rosin
Artificial Beeswax
Dental Wax
Electrotyper’s Wax
Modelling Waxes for Engravers
Sculptors’ Modelling Wax
Upholsterers’ Wax
Wax-Like Emulsifiable Materials
Hard White Wax
White Hard Wax
Slow Flowing Wax
Soft Elastic Wax
White Carnauba Wax
Modelling Wax for Brass Foundries
Beeswax Candles
Dripless, Rigid Candle
Improved Candle
Colored Flame Candles
Plugging Composition
Screw Putty
Packing for Fluid Seals
Gasket & Packing Composition
Packing Composition, High Temperature
Packing for Stuffing Boxes
Friction Brake Lining
Fireproof Film Container
Acid Proof Composition (“Haveg” Type)
Printing Matrix Compound
Revetment Mat
Preserving Cellulose Bottle Caps
Polyvinyl Acetate Solvents
“Soluble” Waxes
Carnauba Wax (“Soluble”)
Paraffin Wax ("Soluble")
Japan Wax (“Soluble”)
Purifying Lignite, Ozokerite or Montan Waxes
High Melting “Wax”
Master Record Wax
Sealing Wax
Wax   Molds
Parting Wax for Molding Work
Modelling Wax
Jewelers’ Molding Wax
Dental Molding Wax
Shoemaker’s Thread   Wax
Shoemaker’s   Polishing   Wax
Shoemaker’s Brushing Wax
Polishing Wax for Lacquered Heels
Filler Wax for Soles
Shoemaker ‘s Pitch
Tailor’s Wax
Ironing Wax
Bed Wax
To Tighten the Cover Cloths of Feather Beds
Wax Composition To Protect Parts of   Surface of Painted   Tiles Against the   Adhesion of Glaze
Engraver’s Transfer Wax
Fixed   Electrical   Condenser Wax
Electrical Are Resistant   Insulation
Cable Wax
Wax Strings for Foundry Work
Wax Imitation   for   Figures
Bottle Sealing Wax
Hand   Dipped Candles
Colored Light—Candles
Candle Strings
Candle   Decoration Wax
Candle   Wick   Impregnant
Extraction   of   Sugar   Cane Wax
De-Oiling Beeswax
Colored Liquid Wax-Emulsions
Cementing Vinylite
Natural Resin-Wax Compounds
Ion Exchange and Acid Removing Synthetic Resin
Bottle Cap Liner
Molded Cartridge Cases
Injection Molding Plastic
Corn Gluten Plastic
Water Resistant Zein
Colored Molding Composition
Soybean Casein Plastic
Simple Bakelite Type Resin and Plastic
Para Red, Lake Toner Pigment—enough to tint to color of gums
Plastic Tooth Filler
Resilient Dental Impression Mass
Increasing Melting Point of Petroleum Asphalt
Cheep Plastic Made from Wood
Plastic Wood Mass
Molding Composition
Modeling Clay
Imitation Chocolate for Display
Electrical Potting Composition Condenser Wax)
Pencil Eraser
Spinning Machine Rollers
Synthetic Mass for Stamping Rollers
Coating Machine Rollers
Gelatin Foil
Modeling Wax
Dental Modeling Wax
Dental Impression Wax
Shoemaker’s Sewing Wax
Black Brush Grafting Wax
Disinfecting Fluids
Disinfecting Powders
Blue Sanitary Powder
Pink Carbolized Sanitary Powder
Disinfectant Solutions For Household Use
Deodorants for Water-Closets
Formaldehyde for Disinfecting Books, Papers, etc.
General Disinfectants
For the Sick Room
Atomizer Liquid for Sick Rooms
Non-Poisonous Sheep Dips.—Paste
Odorless Disinfectants
Insecticides, Exterminators, Disinfectants
Fly Spray
Odorless Fly Spray
Scented Fly Spray
Odorless Insecticide for Vaporizing Machines
Fly Poison
“Injun Jo’s” Fly Dope
Carpet Beetle Control
Roach Spray
Rodent Poison
Rat Poison
Rat Extermination
“Tuma’s” Insecticide
Bed Bug Spray
Bed Bug Fluid
Mothproofing Composition
Mothproofing Fluid
Fireproof Moth Spray
Tineol Moth Preventive
Treating Textile Materials To Proof them Against Moths and Mildew
Compound for Repelling Moths from Garments
Moth Briquette
Fumigation with Propylene Dichloride Mixture
Mosquito Larvae Killer
“Nash’s” Mosquito Repellant
Fumigating Cones
Rotenone Emulsion Insecticide
Extracting Rotenone
Soluble Pine Oil Disinfectant
“Soluble” Cresylic Acid Disinfectant “Milky Disinfectant” for Cleaning Glassware
Disinfecting Solution
Coal Tar Disinfectant
Cresylic Disinfectant (B.P.)
Cesspool Deodorant and Disinfectant
Insulating and Electrical Specialties
Electrolytic Condensers, Semi-Dry
Electrolytic Condensers British Patent 399,762
Electron Emitting Body
Resistance Rods
Electrical Resistor Rod
Electrical Resistances
Furnace Jacket
Furnaces, Fireproof Cement
Furniture For Gardens
Gardens, Chemical
French Gelatin
Decolorizing, Deodorizing Disinfecting
Refrigerator Deodorant
Garlic, Deodorizing
Deodorant Spray
Pine Deodorizing Spray
Spray for Movie Theatre
Theatre Sprays
Disinfectant, Deodorizing
Disinfectant Bleach
Household (Cresol) Disinfectant
Cresol Disinfectant
White Cresol, Disinfectant
Disinfecting Laundry
Household Disinfectant
Pine Oil Disinfectant
Pine Oil Disinfectants Active Ingredients
Inert Ingredients
Insect, Rodent and Weed Destroyers
Agricultural Insecticide
Insecticide, Agricultural
Insecticide Spray, Agricultural
Agricultural Spray
Larvicide, Agricultural
Pyrethrum Extract
Seed Disinfection
Insecticide Spray
Insecticidal Dust
Insecticide, Nicotine
Floatable Powdered Insecticide
Weed Killer
Vegetable Weevil, Insecticide for
Weevils, Killing Corn
Spray, Horticultural
Bordeaux Mixture
Treeband Composition
Tree Spray
Pine Oil Insecticides
Fungus Killer
Fumigation Composition
Fruit Spray Residue, Removing
Green Lead Arsenate
Argentine Ant Poison
Ant Repellent
Moth Proofing
Ant Destroyer
Ants, Carpenter, Destroying
Ants, Preventing Entry of
Ant Powder
Fire Ant, Insecticide for
Ant Poison
Insecticide (Bed Bugs)
Bed Bug Exterminator
Bed Bug Killer
Insecticide for Mexican Bean Beetle
Insecticide, Cabbage Maggot
Insect and Mildew-Proofing Canvas
Cattle Spray
Cattle Louse Insecticide
Cattle Parasiticide
Pine Oil Cattle Sprays
Cockroaches, Exterminant for
Insect Powder (Cockroach)
Roach Poison
Roach Powder
Earthworm Poison
Fly Spray
Fly Catching Mixture
Fly Paper
Fly Paper Composition
Beet Fly, Spray for
Warble-Fly, Control of
Bracken, Eradication of
Moth Spray
Mothproofing Solution For textiles—non-staining
Mothproofing Composition
Textile Mothproofing
Codling Moth Bands
Codling Moth Spray
Nematodes, Spray for Combating
Peach-Borer (lesser), Control of
Rodent Poison
Non-Poisonous Rat Destroyer
Mouse Exterminator
“Silverfish,” Poison for
Snail Killer
Field Mouse Poison
Bed Bug Spray
Moth Killer
Insect Exterminator

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