Indian Glass Industry

Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Indian Glass Industry

Glass is an inorganic product that is typically produced by melting a mixture of silica (sand, 75 per cent), soda (around 15 per cent) and calcium compound (lime, 10 per cent) with the desired metallic oxides that serve as colouring agents. The glass industry covers products such as flat glass (including sheet glass, float glass, figured and wired glass, safety glass and mirror), glass hollow wares and containers, vacuum flasks, laboratory glassware and fibre glass. Glass products are used widely in households, construction, laboratories and consumer items such as bangles, beads, pearls, etc

The glass industry represents a number of definable product segments: (a) flat glass including Float Glass, (b) glass containers and hollowware, (c) vacuum glass, (d) domestic and industrial glassware, (e) crystal glass, (f) fibreglass, (g) glass wool, (h) TV picture tube glass shells, and (i) laboratory glass. Most of the glass products have both industrial and consumer usages. Laboratory glass is a minor constituent. So are fibreglass and glasswool - although fibreglass is gaining momen-tum increasingly.

The Indian glass industry is pegged at $2.7 billion. Glass consumption growth is expected in construction (9 per cent), automotive (19 per cent), consumer goods (10-12 per cent) and pharmaceuticals (12-15 per cent) sectors.The flat glass market, at present, stands at 4,500 tpd and is growing at 16 per cent year-on-year while the container glass is at 7,000 tpd and contributes 55-60 per cent to the overall glass market. Other glass (lighting, bangles, beads) market is at 1,500 tpd.

The industry is growing at around 8% per annum. Consumption per capita of glass in India is only about 0.8 kg compared to 3.5 kg in China, 5.2 kg in Thailand, 12 kg in Malaysia and 2.5 kg in Indonesia. The major glass producing countries in the world are Germany, USA, UK, China and Japan. The major importing countries are USA, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and Australia. The main consuming regions are Europe, China and North America, that together account for 74 per cent of global demand for glass. Europe is the most mature glass market and has the highest proportion of valueadded products.

The global glass industry is quite concentrated, with four companies – NSG/Pilkington, Saint-Gobain, Asahi and Guardian, producing 67 per cent of the total high quality float glass in the world. Lower quality float and sheet glass production is gradually being replaced by high quality float glass across the globe.

Float Glass is a capital intensive process and the minimum economic size calls for a large investment. The segment witnessed the creation of large capacities in a very short time. The demand for float glass witnessed a phenomenal growth due to the comparative product quality at a relatively acceptable price.

About 83% of the glass produced is used in the construction industry, 15% in the automotive industry and 2% in miscellaneous industries, such as furniture and photo frames.

India exports about 13,000 tonne of glass per month to the Middle East, African countries, Europe and South America. The rapid increase in the demand for flat glass in the domestic market has resulted in a cutback in exports by as much as 60% in the last couple of years.  

Major Indian Players

Asahi India

Saint-Gobain Glass

Haryana Sheet Glass

Gujarat Borosil

Triveni Sheet Glass


Schott Glass

Jai Mata Glass


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